Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sea World!

Today we took Callie to Sea World. We figured it was a good time of year since it is decorated for the holidays and they offer their fun card promo where is you pay for one day you can go back as many times as you want through 2013. We figured since its in our backyard we should take her a few times a year and then it makes the cost worth it. It also was good because then we didn't feel bad about only going for a few hours. Callie cannot really be out for more than a few hours without a nap, so it worked out well. It was an overcast rainy day in the morning but we decided to go anyways. It was almost empty in the morning which was really good! Later in the afternoon as it was warm and sunny there were a lot more people, so it was good we went earlier.
We were not sure how much she would like it. She is too little for all the rides but figured she would like to look at things. We were surprised at how much she loved it. She was smiling and screaming in joy. She was just looking around constantly. She loved Shamu in his tank and the dolphins.

They also have a Sesame Street area with characters and Elmo and Zoe were there. She was very interested in them although not too sure about it.

They also have a Winter World where they make snow for kids to play with and try out sledding. This is obviously a huge hit on a 70 degree day in San Diego. We brought Callie in the snow so she could touch some for the first time. Although if you ask me it doesn't count. It wasn't like real snow, it was little ice balls. We will have to show her some real snow maybe this winter in the mountains.

All in all a very fun day and Callie really enjoyed it. We will be going back again for sure since we can go for free now :) We were thinking maybe the week after Christmas when we have vacation. If anyone else has a fun card and wants to go on a random weekday when I don't work, let me know!

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