Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas just keeps coming early

Callie got we second Christmas present and its not even December! She received a large box full of cool wooden toys and blocks from Taylor, Brad, and Miki. Thanks guys!!
Tay said she didn't have to wait til Christmas so I figured we would slowly go through the box so she can have an exciting new toy every few days.
Today I opened the wooden flower pot toy. It's so cute you plant the seed then build the flower in parts. Callie doesn't build but she takes it apart and loves to chew on the wood. She also really likes the tools that came with it. She couldn't stop herself from eating the shovel and the pruners.
I can feel good about her gnawing away on the wood as the company, Plan Toys, uses all natural dyes and wood with no chemicals or toxic glues. Yippie for green healthy companies.
Thanks again. We will have fun exploring each toy, who doesn't like a present very few days?!

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