Friday, February 28, 2014

Visiting more friends

Callie has been thrilled with the fact I keep taking her to play with other kids. This morning I finally got around to visiting my friend Kristen and her new baby Daphne that is now 3 weeks old. Her older son Dimitri is 2 years old and Callie and him finally play nicely together. Callie was surprisingly nice to the baby wanting to kiss her and hug her and was pretty gentle. I'm hoping she acts the same way towards Diego. She liked all Dimitris toys but she wasn't into sharing her snack I brought. I forced her to share as Dimitri was sharing everything so nicely with her and I knew she wouldn't finish it anyways. She wasn't as nice when it was time to leave and refused to accept a hug from Dimitri no matter how many times he tried. Poor kid. He was persistent but Callie was more stubborn and won out this time. We stayed until past her regular nap time then headed home in the crazy rain storm. Yes you east coast people you heard that right... Rain storm and I don't mean sprinkles. We have real rain here and all day.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Callie's first dinner date

This afternoon Callie and I went to visit some of my friends and their kids. We went to Amy's house and my friend Doris came with we daughter Isla as well. Callie loved having other kids to play with. She was most drawn to Matthew the oldest boy at 3 years old. They played play doh and trains and Callie was amazed with his trucks, basketball hoop and "boy" toys. We stayed late as Amy lives in Poway and the traffic at rush hour is really bad back to our house, which is pretty far. We got take out and Callie had her first dinner set sitting at a kids table with Matthew by herself. She did an excellent job besides getting rice all over the floor. The kids made me laugh as you may notice they both had utensils but were shoveling food with their hands. We stayed for cake, strawberries and whip cream as it was Amy's birthday this week too. Callie had such a fun time and she said thank you and asked Matthew if he would come over another day to her house. We didn't get home til 8 pm, 1 hour after bedtime. She fell asleep in the car. What a fun evening with friends :)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Daddy night

Callie stayed home with daddy tonight while I went out to a painting and wine night. Unfortunately no wine for me just painting but oh well. She played and had an ice cream sandwich and was well behaved which is impressive considering her behavior the last two nights. I tried to enjoy my time away as adult time but sitting for 2 hours isn't that easy for me anymore. Either way this is what I accomplished this evening. I'm not the best artist but it's not terrible either.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Exploring outside

Tia Nena took these photos of Callie playing out front today. She likes to kick the ball to play soccer and loves watering the plants with grandpa.
Tonight we had another meltdown at him at bedtime, full on screaming and kicking. I'm sticking to my guns, we don't scream and hit so she got no books at bed and I put her to bed screaming until she could calm down. Once she calmed down a bit I went back for a snuggle and to sing a song for regular bedtime but still no books just like I told her. I reminded her that we don't scream and kick and put her to bed quietly. I'm hoping my firm and simple method works but so far it's already challenging.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A crabby laundry Sunday

Callie woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. She started out crabby and ended even worse. I'm not sure if she was tired from all the excitement of the weekend or its the terrible twos starting early but she really challenged my patience today. In the morning we went to Grandma and Grandpas to visit, have a second breakfast and say bye to Carmen, Natasha, and Cole. Callie was somewhat crabby there although a little less. At home she didn't want to take a nap then when she finally did she woke up 45 min later because she pooped and I couldn't get her back to sleep after a change. She was obviously tired and even more crabby now after such a short nap. She did sit nicely with Juan and relax while watching some cartoons for a short while but besides that she was a real pistol. She had to be moved away from the dinner tale for throwing food and screaming and didn't eat barely anything even though we got her favorite takeout, she kept insisting she wold only eat chips. Then the crying continued to bath and bedtime. I am so glad she is finally asleep. I hate to say it but I was counting down the time til bedtime. I just needed a break. Besides that Juan and I finally got around to emptying Diego's closet and washing all his clothes. Juan did a total of 8 loads of laundry today and we have more boy baby clothes on sizes newborn to 6 months then I think Diego cold possibly wear. I doubt he will be seen in the same outfit multiple times. Taylor has passed on all her boy baby clothes now that her two boys are getting bigger so as baby Lincoln outgrows them she is just sending them to me. thanks Tay, you're a lifesaver :) if you read my blog this is also a hint hint not to buy me any more baby clothes for Diego.... We will be asking for diapers and wipes for my baby shower in March instead.
Now that my patience has been tested and I am ready for some "me" time, I am sitting down to a glass of milk and Girl Scout cookies as a treat.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jeana's Baby Shower!

Yesterday was a rough day for me. I woke up horribly ill and couldn't stop vomiting all day. I could barely get up from my bed to the bathroom and was exhausted. I couldn't watch Callie and Juan had to go to work but luckily Nena agreed to take her for the day and keep her occupied. Tia Nena, Carmen, Natasha, and Cole were all there and kept her having fun. Carmen even took all these photos of her :)
I thought I would be able to go get her by lunch but I was wrong. By then I was leaving for the hospital. I spent 5 hrs in the ER getting fluids and drugs to stabilize some of my blood levels from dehydration. They spent a bunch of time checking out Diego and I had a full ultrasound exam to be sure everything looked good for him and he checked out perfect. They had no idea why I was so sick but I got to go home by 7 pm. I was exhausted and didn't eat a thing all day.
Today was Jeana's baby shower. Since I was still recovering from yesterday I took a long nap when Callie did and we showed up very late for the party. Callie had a fabulous time and helped open most of the gifts. Jeana was showered with love and gifts and it was a nice afternoon. I didn't take any photos but Carmen sent me just a few.
Tonight Cole came home with us to hang out and Callie was thrilled to have him there. He played with her and read her bedtime stories before mimi time. She was exhausted after such a busy day and went right to sleep. And I'm still recovering and am exhausted too and am off to bed at 8 pm.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pool fun in February

I let Callie play in the pool and water table this afternoon since it was 75 and sunny. She doesn't mind cold water so why not? We had to wash it all out before we started since we haven't used them for 6 months. Callie loved it, even when the water splashed her and was so cold. Can you tell that's the cold face? Lots of smiles and fun from me and Callie this afternoon.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Say what?!

Callie woke up at 4:40 am today calling me. When I went to check on her and see what the problem was she said, "wet leg". I was like huh? What could she possibly mean? But then I picked her up and realized she literally meant her leg is wet, ha ha. She peed and her diaper leaked and got her clothes and leg all wet. Oh so you are smarter than me... Well thanks for the explanation. So I changed her and put her back to bed after a snuggle. She has also been waking up screaming in the middle of the night seeming scared and asking for a snuggle. I can't say no to a snuggle especially for a scared little girl. I am getting less sleep and am tired but I remind myself that all these nights I am up holding her and making her feel better will end sooner than I know it and so I welcome every snuggle she needs and try to be as patient as possible. 
I'll get some photos tomorrow on my short day at work ;)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Holiday time off

I had the day off today and spent the day with Callie. I wanted to be sure she had some fun since I felt like yesterday she was just on the side while we were busy building furniture. Today we went to get food for manny at the vet as he eats special food. It just so happens that our favorite frozen yogurt place is in the same plaza, so we stopped in. As soon as we left she asked to go to the park. What a smart kiddo! So we went since we weren't in a rush. Today was more about the field, the tennis court, the basketball court and bleachers than the actual playground. She was pointing out the circle on the basketball court and walking the bleachers like a balance beam. Everything was great until it was time to go. I think the terrible twos are setting in... I said it was time to go and she threw a for saying no. So I said ok mommy's leaving and started walking to the car. I walked pretty far, probably 70 yards but could still see her. Usually as soon as I start to leave she says mommy wait and comes chasing me down. Then she started climbing higher on the bleachers even though she knows better. She never came and I had to go back to get her and she threw a real fit all the way to the car, thrashing and yelling. Ugh.. What a terrible end to the park trip. She was tough for an hour after this but then settled back into lovable Callie. It was still a good day despite the small setback. And now back to work tomorrow... At least it's only 3 days this week.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Building Diego's room

Juan and I spent most of the day assembling ikea furniture for Diego's room. I didn't get any photos of Callie since we were mostly tying to get her to play independently, watch tv or play games on the iPad. She was much more interested in the tools and "helping". At one point I had Juan just take her to another room so I could finish the drawers for the dresser. It took us over 4 hours but it's done. I can say that I'm really glad we chose to do this early. Last time when we did Callie's room I remember being so large my belly was ways in the way and it was much harder. This time I could still manage pretty well. Juan did all the lifting and organizing and I mostly just read directions and put in the screws, and boy were there a lot.
No photos of the room until it's done... You are going to have to wait quite awhile as I have a long way to go.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Shopping for Diego at "kea"

Callie loves ikea or "kea" as she calls it since she can jump on the beds and try out all the pre-set up kids rooms displays. Today we took her to get all the stuff we needed for Diego's room. I know it's early but it's one more thing I can cross off my list and feel good about. Plus I have an overflowing suitcase full or clothes an a box full only up to 6-9 months. I figured if I had a dresser ready I could put them away :)
So anyways we knew what we wanted but stopped to play a bit in the kids rooms. Then while we were gathering the furniture, Callie was trying to help daddy but was more in the way, Tia Mari and Tio Bo showed up to visit. It was perfect because they babysat while we made sure we had everything and checked out. I need this personal babysitting when I shop with Callie everytime!
So now we just have to build everything which is always an adventure. Wish us luck!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! I snapped some Valentine's photos of Callie again this year using the same heart we used last year. I also dressed her in a nearly identical outfit. What a difference a year makes?! She looks so big to me! She sent Valentines out to her grandparents and aunts and uncles, but they may have not made it to the east coast in time. Sorry guys back east, not only are you stuck in the snow but the mail is late too. Juan and I don't do anything big for Valentine's Day usually, but this year we wanted to be sure to do something special for Callie. We got her Valentine's balloons, Minnie Mouse rings, a monkey pillow pet, and a bubble gun. I also wanted to be sure she had a fun day, so we made chocolate covered strawberries and apples in the morning for all of us after dinner and I took her to the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day, nearly 80 degrees and sunny. She was thrilled to be at the beach for the first time in over 6 months. She wore her fancy bathing suit with the tutu that Tia Eliana bought her last year as its the only one still big enough to fit her. It was quite fitting for Valentine's day although not too practical as the tutu got filled with sand. I snapped these photos when we first got there before she looked like a wet sandy mess. The water was so cold, but she didn't care. My feet were numb and tingly the water was so cold and Callie was in up to her waist at times. She would have gone further if i let her but the waves were strong and it was freezing! We only stayed an hour since we had dinner plans to go out with Jeana and Christian to Phils BBQ. And also Grandma and Papa came out to meet us there too. Callie wasn't too happy about the dinner, but I had extra snacks in my bag so she ate random things for dinner. Then we came back home to eat our chocolate covered strawberries and she got to stay up an hour late. I think she had a great day. And she got plenty of gifts too without any being candy which was great. Jeana and Grandma also brought her presents today. I would say she is one spoiled little girl and lots of people love her. I know I love that munchkin to the moon and back and Juan and I couldn't be happier than to have her as a daughter.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Crazy day

Today was a crazy busy day at work. There were several times I wanted to pull my hair out. I was even stuck there late which means less time with Callie :( but let me tell you.... Walking up to pick her up and having her run full force to the door yelling "mommmyyyyy!!" makes everything better. And the big hug that follows.
I didn't have enough time to go grocery shopping for dinner so we just made do with breakfast for dinner; waffles, fruit and bacon. And you know what, Callie was happy and so was I and that's all that mattered. Juan didn't complain either lol lets not forget him.
And here she is playing with her flashlight, which she thinks is just amazing fun.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

No more sleeping bag

I've been bragging about how I can keep Callie in her crib and she doesn't try to climb out as she sleeps in a sleep sack which we lovingly call the bag. Well just this week she decided she doesn't want to wear it anymore. She takes it off in the middle of the night and just doesn't want it. She is big enough and knows ow t cover herself with her blankets so I agreed to stop putting it on her and tell her to cover herself like a big girl. Now I'm just hoping that this transition doesn't mean she learns to climb out of the crib. I'm avoiding using the toddler rail because to be honest its nice to have her safe and secure in her crib. She can't get out and pull all the books off the shelf or open the dresser drawers and pull the clothes out. I'm just hoping she is satisfied with the big girl blanket and she stays put in the crib for awhile longer. I not ready for her to grow up to the big girl bed yet!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Fall leaves?

I know San Diego doesn't have seasons, but I didn't expect to be posting about fall leaves in February when it's nearly spring and 70 degrees out. We went to the park yesterday and Callie discovered a big pile of leaves. She went wild, throwing leaves, getting dirty. Oh what fun, and you thought this only happened on the east coast!
She also made a friend at the park, a little girl, maybe 5 years old. She invited her to play tennis with her and so we played tennis with real rackets and a ball for 15 minutes or so. I was paranoid chasing her around to keep her from breaking or ruining their rackets so I didn't get any photos of this part, but trust me it was cute.
She didn't want to go home and who can blame her?