Sunday, June 30, 2013

Beach and pool day Sunday

Today was a warm day in San Diego, over 80. We headed out for lunch and then to the beach to be near the ocean breeze and cool off. Callie loved being at the beach. She just runs into the water and waves fearlessly.
Then when we got home we rinsed off in the bath water warm kiddie pool. I showed Callie how to blow bubbles in the water and she immediately copied and did it!! This was the second try as we didn't get the first on tape. After she drank some in but she was tough. I'm planning to have a coworker teach her to swim in August. Have you ever seen the kids that fall in the pool roll on their back and float to save their life then roll over and swim a foot or so to grab the edge. Well we are going to try to teach her that! 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Leftover photos from this week

Today I am off to a continuing education course for work about 1.5 hrs away. It's all day so ill be gone 5:45 am to 8:30 pm. So no photos from me but here are the extras from this week. Enjoy! Ill be missing my little one all day!

Drive by visitors

Callie had some visitors today. Her 2nd cousins from Monterey were driving through from Arizona on their way home and they couldn't help but stop to see miss Callie! Callie loves playing with Nolan. She will be a good sister some day as she loves to be with other kids. Here are some photos Carmen sent me from their very short visit. Thanks for visiting and for the photos.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Callie and her baby

Callie has been very attached to her baby lately. We used to leave it in her bed so she wouldn't lose it but now she insists on carrying her everywhere. She has a fit if you leave her behind. Today she wanted her at snack time. I can't have her getting all covered in food so I insisted she needed to sit on her own chair nearby. Callie kept trying to get her and then decided to share her food bed feed that baby. How cute! What a good sharer.

Gentle with Manny

Look at how much Callie has improved in being gentle with Manny. She can pet him and touch him without bothering him or hurting him. Buddies...

Callie Facetimes GiGi and GaGa

Every time Callie sees the iPad she wants to call someone on FaceTime. As soon as she sees it she starts on the GiGi? GaGa? Book? (That's what she calls the iPad). It's so cute until no one answers when she calls and she gets angry. Today she was calling everyone and I finally got her on tape saying GiGi and gaGa. I also have her saying Mama and Upa (what she means for up). I just spliced 3 videos together because it was hard to video it all and help her use the iPad. Sorry if you get sick. GiGi and GaGa make sure you answer! She is dying to talk to her grandmas! She loves you a lot!!!

Scar be gone

I am working really hard at minimizing Callie's scar. We have been using helichrysum and foraha essential oils as well as frankincense and calendula ointment. Pretty soon when my supply order arrives i will make y own ointment that contains all the ingredients we have been using seperately. Here is a blurb on the essential oils we are using:

Formulated to assist in repairing and regenerating new tissue. It has been found to be especially beneficial for scarring of any kind.  Beneficial for regenerating and stimulating new cells and connective tissue repair (repairing nerve endings). It is a great pain reliever, infection fighter, reduces inflammation and assists in healing old scars.

A mixture of Helichrysum italicum and Foraha.  Foraha is a carrier oil that traditionally has been used for wounds, scars and skin regeneration.  Apply this blend directly on or around injured area.
I think it is working pretty well. Here is what it looks like today. And Callie stuck her face in one photo. What a funny kid.
Also I am making her wear a hat whenever she is outside to keep the sun off it.

Reading the Sunday paper

Callie was adamant we take the newspaper on our morning walk. Then she proceeded to pretend to read it and turn pages and open it up. I don't know where she learned this because Juan and I usually throw it away without reading it!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Miss Independent

Marge bought Callie these adorable pajamas that say Miss Independent. Boy if she only knew how accurate she was! Callie is really into the I can do it myself phase and never wants help. The worst is when we are out in a parking lot or near a street and she refuses to hold my hand. I keep telling her about being safe around cars and holding mamas hand but she throws a temper tantrum and just sits down. Then I have to pick her up and carry her and she is mad and wants to get down. I continue to be stubborn and don't give in and hopefully soon she will get the point that she has to hold my hand or be carried.
She only needs you to show something once to her and ten she can repeat it. Today I turned her water bottle upside down and started shaking t to get her napkin wet for cleaning her face and now she wants to dump the water and rub it with a napkin. Oh jeez I better be careful what I say and do because she is a little imitator.
She is learning to put money in her Elmo bank. Here was her second try.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

San Diego County Fair

The San Diego county fair is a big deal around here. It comes for one month and takes over Del Mar fairgrounds and racetrack. It's HUGE! For me it's very different from a fair from home as it is missing tractor pulls and lots of livestock. They did have a petting zoo and some animals for viewing. Callie enjoyed the petting zoo and looking at the farm animals. She also enjoyed A LOT the butterfly garden. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo with the butterflies but she was so cute. They give you a qtip to dip in nectar and then feed and hold them using the q tip. I showed Callie one time how its done and then she was doing it and getting her own butterfly! She was amazed just watching the butterfly standing so close to her hand. She did not like the carousel even though I thought she would. Once it started going she cried and Enrique had to hold her for most of the ride. I did get one happy shot. She shared a giant grilled turkey leg with me that was delicious and enjoyed all the hot tub displays, especially this one with the shooting water.
She got so tired there she actually fell asleep in her stroller which is a first! We had a great day but now even I am tired from all that walking. Ill have more photos tomorrow but these are the ones from my cell phone.

If you notice how cute Callie is in her new glasses.... Jeana got Callie her first pair of real sunglasses! RayBans too! Fancy! And I also have new sunglasses thanks to Jeana :) thanks a bunch we love you and the glasses too

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Boo boo cream

I have been putting some essential oils and calendula cream on Callie's scar to try to minimize its appearance. She actually likes it when you put it on her head but of course she wants to help. She likes to touch the goo and then wants to spread it on your head! Juan lets her put "medicine" on his head. Dr Callie here she comes...

Monday, June 17, 2013

Mommy's fancy cup

 I brought back this awesome plastic souvenir cup from the bachelorette party. It's plastic because we would have broken glass ones... However this makes it acceptable for Callie to play with too.  She spotted it on the counter and wanted to have it. I let her eat her blueberries out of it. She entertained herself putting blueberries in the cup, dumping them out, pretending to drink out of it. The possibilities are endless!! How much fun.

Mowing the kitchen floor?

Juan took this video while I was away this past weekend and I just had to share it as it made me laugh. Callie is hysterical mowing the kitchen floor with her straw hat on. She gets mad when there are things in her way and cries. This is her new toddler attitude where she throws a fit when things don't go exactly how she wants them to. I think we will have our hands full as she gets older. Now if we can just teach her to mow the grass instead of the kitchen floor;)


Callie finally calls me MaMa! It just took me leaving for 3 days for her to get it down pat. Today she said it about 50 times! All day was mama mama. It wasn't a problem for me. I was excited every time she said it and I acted very happy every time she said it. That might have contributed to her saying it so much.

I missed this little girl. I was excited to see her at 6 am when she woke up even though I was still exhausted. I had fun spending the day with her and just enjoying having her around. She took a 2 hr morning nap and I took a nap too so I could catch up.

Juan and I have been so impressed with her language. She is extremely expressive and uses a lot of words. We counted over 20 words she uses regularly that are understandable. These are words she uses spontaneously and not words she copies us saying. If you counted those it is way more.
Here is the list, mostly for me so when I look back one day I know all the words she used.
Blue for blueberries
Moo for moo cow
Umpa (grandpa)

She's a baby genius I tell you ;) here she is trying to put on her shoes too. So advanced.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

So I missed Fathers Day this year since I was away in Napa. I think that officially makes me a bad wife but makes Juan the most awesome dad ever for letting me go away. He stayed home and cared for Callie all on his own for 3 days, which isn't easy. I am sure they had some pretty fun daddy daughter times.
They love to wrestle and play and can be quite noisy together so I'm sure the house was rowdy while I was gone. 
Callie is lucky to have such a loving father in her life who would do anything for her. Who loves her more than anything else. he tries so hard to keep her safe and secure and protect her from even the little bumps and bruises in life. Who carried her and rocked her for hours when she would scream as a baby and I just needed to walk away for a bit. Juan has amazing patience for her thats different than anyone else. I think it's safe to say she has him wrapped around her finger. :) She really knows how to manipulate the men in her life, he he. But to that Callie and I love her dada and are so appreciative of all he does for both of us. So Happy Fathers Day DaDa love Callie and Mommy!
Today we are also thankful for our dads who were promoted to Granddads and to our Grandpas who were promoted to Great GrandPas. Callie loves each of you so much.
I also have to thank my father for raising me to know that I can do anything I set my mind to, that I am strong both physically and mentally but to have a soft loving heart and to embrace family and friends. My dad taught me to lead by example. Never yell when I'm mad (I'm still working on perfecting this skill). And taught me all my handyman and mechanic skills I am so glad to have even as a girl. So dad, thank you, and we look forward to you teaching Callie these wonderful things as well.
Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there and keep up the good work.

These are the amazing presets Callie made this year; keychains with her handprints, footprints and a drawing from Callie and tshirts with her footprints. Adorable huh?