Thursday, December 27, 2012

GI update

Callie had her follow up with the GI specialist today. She thinks she is doing really well and we are going to try reducing or even eliminating her medication over the next few months. The hope is that by her first birthday she will no longer need any medication. We are going to wait until her teething and eczema are under control before we try reducing her medication otherwise it's hard to know if the fussiness is from one or the other.
My biggest concern was her eczema and possible food allergies. The dr was concerned that it is pretty bad and is sending us to allergy and immunology specialist to see if she has any food allergies that may be causing this. In the meantime we have eliminated gluten and also are switching to cotton only clothing. We were using a lot of fleece with the colder weather but her back is covered in eczema now.
We were able to get in for allergy on January 7 so it's not too long to wait. In the meantime I am using organic coconut oil, organic sesame oil, and my homemade diaper cream to try to lessen it.
Poor baby can't ever catch a break. Here is that smiley kid and a photo of her back at the dr office today.

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