Saturday, February 28, 2015

Getting better :)

Callie's breathing treatments and inhaler really helped. Last night she slept almost through the whole night and even slept in this morning. Her coughing is less frequent and she can go 4-5 hours between without coughing fits when she uses the inhaler. The bad news is she hates it and totally doesn't cooperate which means we just have to restrain her and force her to do it. If she would just let us hold it in her face for 5 seconds life would be good. Her rash is almost completely cleared up from the steroid cream they prescribed too. She was back at her typical Callie antics and trouble making today which lets us know she is feeling better. She didn't even nap! She stayed in her room for two hours singing and talking to her baby. She was exhausted by bedtime. Hopefully by tomorrow she is much much better. 
She must have spread her illness to Diego because he was coughing all last night. His cough is dry but just wakes him in the night. We have his humidifier on tonight so hopefully that helps with the cough and he beats it fast. In other news he really wants to walk. He can push the push toy walker (both standing up and crawling with his hands on it) and is taking a few steps at a time. I'll work on getting a video soon. I took out the toy music table and D loves it. I almost forgot we put it away in the closet. It's the perfect height. He can pull to stand and cruise side to side.
And another positive today, Enrique came and patched our leaky roof for the time being. So now we can rest through this crazy rain storms and fix it when it's drier again.
Ahhhh a little relief all around.maybe I can sleep without grinding my teeth now, just maybe.

Friday, February 27, 2015

The no good very bad terrible rotten day

There's a book with a title something about a rotten day. Well that was my day today. I ended up taking Callie to the doctor for a check up since she was wheezing and the cough had gotten really bad. She also hasn't been eating well has a sore red throat, stomach pain and a terrible rash. What I thought would be a somewhat harmless appointment turned into two hours of torture. Callie had to have two nebulizer breathing treatments and let's just say she wasn't cooperative. I had both kids, so Diego was strapped in the stroller and I held Callie down. There was so much screaming from both kids I'm sure all the other patients thought there was a torture device in my room. They lasted 30 minutes and we had to do it twice! The second time went slightly smoother but still it was rough. At least they really helped and by the time we were done her lungs sounded clear and she could breathe again. I even got her to snap a photo to send to daddy to show how "brave" she was being. This idea sorta worked for a few minutes. Callie most likely has asthma but they aren't rushing to diagnose her. Instead they are calling it reactive airway disease and giving her an inhaler for home use. If she gets worse we have to bring her back to the hospital. I'm hoping she continues to do as well as she has since we came home.
Then I had just enough time to drop the kids for nap time to rush to the dentist for a 90 minute repair of my cracked and broken filling I got from grinding my teeth.
Talk about a day of headaches. 2 hours of screaming followed by 2 hours of drilling. Not my idea of a fun day. Let's hope tomorrow goes better...
But then again I still have a leaky roof and it's supposed to rain the next 5 days! No good terrible bad luck I tell you.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Two weeks of maternity leave

So I'm officially off for two plus weeks to finish up my maternity leave. It's seems a little surreal that the time is up and Diego is already so big. Technically I have more time I could use before he turns one but I need to gain some vacation for my summer trip so I need to go back. For now I'll be home for two weeks hopefully enjoying my time with the kids.
So far though my agenda is not too fun. Callie is sick with a bad cough and cold again and I'm likely going to bring her to the doctor tomorrow. I have a tooth that needs a new filling tomorrow. AND just to top it off we have a leak in our roof. We just discovered this after the big rainfall earlier in the week Actually it's two separate leaks... So it's even worse. I think I'll be plenty busy for now. Plus Diego climbs on everything and wants to walk. He's a danger to himself so I'm chasing him around all day.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Big sister big helper

Callie loves being a big sister... Half of the time. Sometimes she is jealous or doesn't want to share or just wants all the attention herself, but then on occasion she really genuinely wants to do everything for her brother and help him. Today that was pushing his stroller around the block. I let her so she got more exercise than me and D was happy. Here's to hoping there is more helping than harming in his lifetime.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Puppies and Puddles

Yesterday morning Callie and I took the dogs to the vet for their annual checkup. We waited for a very long time but luckily there was a laundry basket full of puppies to keep Callie occupied. They were half pitbull and half English bulldog but just all kinds of cute. They really liked Callie too. So cute!

Then today it rained! Callie loves rain. She wanted to jump in puddles so we went out walking in her boots and jacket. Of course she had to carry her new Jake and the Pirates telescope with her on her adventure. Grandma and Grandpa bought her this after we saw them at the outlets today. jumping in the mud is so much fun!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Mia!

Happy Birthday Mia! It's hard to believe that Mia is 10 years old today. I feel like it was just yesterday she was the flower girl in our wedding. She was so little and cute and now she is a tall young woman. She's truly a sweetheart and even though Callie was by far the youngest kid there Mia made an effort to include her in all the fun and games with her friends. Neither of my kids had an afternoon nap which is crazy for Diego. I thought he would take a nap in the car or fall asleep there for a bit but he fought and fought and did not nap more than 2 minutes. He was crabby but could have been worse. We tried to entertain him and keep him somewhat happy since Callie was having such a great time. The party theme was candy land and Callie ate enough candy for sure. I didn't give her any but nearly everyone else did, and lo and behold she went to bed saying her belly hurt. Poor kid she doesn't know when to stop. Too much candy.
We had so much fun, but the kids were exhausted. Both kids were asleep by 6:35 pm. Fabulous for me for tonight but probably not when they wake up extra early tomorrow.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Glass door magic

Glass doors are very intriguing to Diego. He likes touching the glass, looking at any reflection and looking out the door. Well the door just got a whole lot more interesting when Callie got on the other side. I thought thi was just too funny. I hope you get a good laugh at this too, or at least a smile.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A park with no woodchips

I wanted to get Callie out of the house for some exercise today, but I also wanted to find a place where D could enjoy the park. That meant finding a place without woodchips and without sand under the playground equipment. Lucky for us there are a lot of parks in our town. So I went to the one that has rubber mats under the equipment so D could crawl around and play too. It was a perfect day at the park, not cold, not hot, only little kids because there was school today, and well behaved kids. I snapped a few good pics of the kids. Isn't Diego so cute in his sweatsuit (Chargers colors I might add), thanks Aunt Jean and Uncle David!
Callie was being really nice to the littler kids and letting them have turns and waiting patiently for the slide. I was very impressed. She was climbing the ladder and now even a rock climbing wall. She has really expanded her climbing skills and confidence on the playground in the last month.
Diego's sleeping has been much worse again with frequent night waking a and lots of crying even though I've been feeding him two or sometimes more times a night. I don't know what it is, but he sure knows how to scream and has even woken up Callie. Someday he will sleep through the night... And I don't think I will ever say I miss being up with him.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mail time!

Callie received some Valentines mail today and boy was she excited. It came in a big envelope addressed directly to her from my cousin Kimm. She opened it all by herself and was so excited about the stickers and folder. The big winner though was the cupcake and dessert shaped sticky notes. Wait til she starts sticking those all over the house. Thanks Kimm for a fun surprise, Callie loves mail!
And since a lot of people have asked about Diego's head, here's a shot of his boo boo. I've been putting Callie's boo boo cream with essential oils on it several times a day, so hopefully it will heal up nicely with no scar. It's already looking better today.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Presidents Day

Schools closed and its a county holiday, so what's a mom and kids to do on a beautiful Monday? Hang out with friends in the same situation! Amy and the boys came down to Chula Vista and we played outside all morning. We fed the ducks, saw the turtles and there were a lot of them. Then we played on the playground for a long time. Callie can finally climb really well and was climbing all kinds of ladders and climbing structures and even climbed the rope spider ladder by herself. The kids used the cement edge as a balance beam and went down the slide more times than I can count. We did have one mishap when Diego tried to stand up from sitting at the bottom of the slide and went head over tea kettle on his head. This unfortunately was not a good place to fall on your face as its woodchips and so he has a couple scratches on his forehead from this fall. It matches up with the bruise he got Saturday trying to stand up and walk from the kitchen stool. Oh I think we are in the stage of lots of falls and mishaps... I better start anticipating his craziness. Then we went and had frozen yogurt. Callie has so much fun with Brycen and Matthew. They play so well together and we had a fun day. Back to work and school tomorrow.

Sunday, February 15, 2015