Sunday, December 23, 2012

Elmo and grouch

Callie just loves Elmo. My parents sent her an Elmo ornament that sings "Up on the rooftop". Is that actually the name? I'm bad at Christmas songs but you get the gist. Anyways, Callie loves playing with it and listening to it sing.
Today though she was more like Oscar the grouch! She was up a LOT last night crying. She was upset and kept crying and only would stop if we would hold her. I think her teeth are really bothering her. After 5 hours of on and off crying I gave in and gave we Tylenol so she could sleep better. She was still up more than usual after that and woke up overtired and crabby. Despite her longer naps she was crabby all day. Callie the grouch, playing with her Elmo. You may say"she looks happy in the photos...", but that's because they are not actually from today :)
Hoping for a better night and day tomorrow since we will be celebrating Christmas eve with Juan's extended family.

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