Friday, August 28, 2015

Fever Friday

Both kids had fevers today and after a long week of illness I brought them both in to see the pediatrician. Diego is doing better already and should recover just fine from this respiratory virus. Callie though has another ear infection, ugh... This poor kid can't win. This is her third trip to the doctor this week and one last week too.
However they still had a pretty good Friday. Diego has been riding on the power wheels and he is a dare devil always standing up on the seat. Callie also wanted to show off her pumpkin that she grew from a seed with PaPa. She has been so excited to watch it grow. We had to cut it off early as the plant didn't survive the dry heat we have had this month. So instead of carving the pumpkin we painted it, so it can last longer.
Here's to hoping over the weekend he kid can rest and recover so we can have some healthy weeks.0

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Piano duo

This weekend we went to Alivia's second birthday and the kids had a blast playing with her toys. The best was Diego playing piano and Callie singing on the microphone.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Someone to sleep with

Last night I slept with Callie. She hasn't been feeling well and was coughing so muchast night. So I decided I would just sleep with her. She is like right in your face while you are sleeping and occasionally even petting me. Tonight she is doing better but asked for dad to sleep with her. Manny has been reading with us on her bed and tonight was there waiting before we got there. So I decided to let him stay with her in her room. I snuck in just now to make sure all was ok and close her door and this is what I found.....
Does it get any cuter than this? Sleeping right together, buddies :) hopefully manny is enough and she doesn't call for her dad.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Take me out to the ball game

Callie and I attended the Padres game with some of my friends from work today. It wasn't the best game but Callie and I didn't see much of the game anyways. On Sunday's they have kids fest at the park in the park. For those of you on the east coast, the Padres ballpark has a park with grass, a playground and a mini ball field out past the outfield, called park in the park. Callie had a ton of fun. She got her face painted, jumped in a jumpy house, threw some balls at the targets, played on the playground and in the sand, met the petco pet mascots, and wandered the stadium. She was busy every second and without a nap she was generally very well behaved. We stayed through the 9th inning and arrived an hour before game time so it was a long day. I am tired from all that exercise and sun. The Padres lost but we didn't even notice we had so much fun. 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Princess for a day

The Bonita High School music department put on a Princess Tea Party today as a fundraiser. The princesses visited Callie's preschool and handed out brochures as an advertisement. Once Callie saw them she really wanted to go. So Grandma and I took her out to be Princess for a Day. It was a great event and well planned out except the name as tea wasn't served. Callie of course noticed that the drink served was lemonade and not tea and wanted to know where her tea was. Besides that it was really great. The whole gym at the high school was transformed into a very festive room, it looked like a wedding for 5 year olds. We lucked out and when split into groups she had group leaders of Priness Ana, Elsa, and Mulan. She was so excited to get to be with Elsa and Anna and I could see some of the other little girls disappointment to be in groups with the "less familiar" princesses. Those were the princesses I loved as a kid, so it made me feel old that the little girls wanted nothing to do with them.
We watched manic shows, musical numbers on stage, made tiaras, got Callie's first makeup EVER, had a dance party and story time. Callie had a blast and it was really fun to watch her. Here's some shots from the day. Check out that makeup! Even tonight she said, my lipstick is still on right? I said yes I still see it there a little bit ;)

I love this face showing off her makeup, totally hysterical, make up definitely improved the look!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Slippers in the summer

Who buys slippers in the middle of the San Diego summer? I do! Because I got them 50% off! We love LLBean slippers. I love mine and I bought Callie two pairs last year that were great. She outgrew them and I got an email they were on super sale so I bought them early. We'll both kids wore them in the heat. They were so excited they wore them for an hour. Callie is wearing hers now to bed tonight! I guess they like them. Can you see all the sibling love?? They are becoming good friends :)

Manny the therapy dog

Lately manny has been driving me more crazy then ever, but this week it's like he's taken on a new role. He's been the comfort dog for Callie while she is sick. He sits right with her, let's her pet him and lays on her bed too. It's really quite cute and I've been impressed with his ability to know she doesn't feel well and to seemingly know he is providing comfort. She is feeling better each day but here's a few of them together.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sick again!

I feel like someone is always sick. Every time I think we are good something else happens. Yesterday I got a call from Callies school to come pick her up as she was crying and saying her ear hurt a lot. When I got there she was a mess and had clearly been crying awhile. She wouldn't walk and burst into tears while I carried her to the car. I couldn't get her in to the dr so I brought her to urgent care and she has TWO ear infections. But after some Tylenol and starting antibiotics she seemed better. Grandma offered to keep her for the morning while I worked since she can't go to school. She was great when I picked her up. But then after nap time she was a mess again, fever lethargic and not feeling well. She refused to eat dinner or even a Popsicle then proceeded to vomit two separate occasions. But then she turned a corner and was hungry, ate, had her medicine and seems much better. I can't really tell since she is on this roller coaster illness but hopefully she is better fast! Poor Callie :(
Diego is feeling just fine and I have two photos of him being silly. He plays with the pop up animal toy and says "open" "open". Then he makes a big mess eating his own yogurt with his spoon like a big boy. He actually does a good job considering he misses his mouth quite a bit ;) hopefully D doesn't get Callies illness but he probably will. It's the problem with being he little brother.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Callie under water

Callie has been taking swim lessons for the last two months on and off. I wasn't sure that it made much of a difference as they were spread out and we had to cancel several times. She still hates to get her ears wet and had been saying she didn't want to go underwater and just preferred her swimmies. But then today miraculously I got her to go under while swimming in the hot tub. I may have encouraged her by commenting how well her friend Kaitlyn can go underwater which then gave her something to prove. She's a girl after my own heart, don't challenge her or she will prove you wrong. Once she did it a few times she was really confident and did it again when Juan came out to see her. Hooray for swim lessons with April. In just 4 sessions she taught her this. Now we need to focus on the back float as she still doesn't like that much.
Diego also loves the water but I don't get any photos of him because every second I have to be helping him or he will drown. He has zero fear and will go right under water and even then still goes back for more! So instead of a photo swimming, I have a photo of him eating a pear.... Whole! He eats nectarines and pears whole. He can't manage the apple fully but he sure tries and gets some good bites in.


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn

We celebrated Kaitlyns third birthday today in 97 degree weather. It sure was hot but the kids had a blast playing in the kids pool and stayed cool. Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter, ugh, I am ready for 70 degrees to come back.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Callie & Alexa

Callie had so much fun hanging out with her "cousin" Alexa for the last 2 days. She came to visit all the way from Iowa and we haven't seen her since our wedding! Boy has she grown up in 5 years. I just wish she lived close by as she would be my go to babysitter. Callie adores her and she is excellent with kids. Today we met them at the zoo and had a great time despite the heat. Then this afternoon she played with her again. She really looks up to her and had a great time. We will miss you Alex and Alexa, thanks for visiting.
Oh and on a side note when I told Callie they were from Iowa she asked what island in Hawaii that was. She cracks me up!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Happy Left Handed Day & start of the Chargers season

Today was apparently national left handed day. So here's to my little left handed Callie! I wish that your left handedness brings you more genius than frustration in life. Just remember the little challenges only make you learn and become stronger!
Today was the first Chargers game of the year. The kids had their chargers gear on but my photo isn't too great as they weren't cooperating to sit together.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

D the dancing machine

Diego just can't help himself, he always is dancing when he hears music. Sometimes I even see him dancing when we drive by loud music in other cars. He just makes me laugh.