Thursday, June 30, 2016

Callie & Gabriella

These two are just great playmates. They have so much fun together and really get into shenanigans. Callie is a little over a year older than G as we affectionately call her but she sure can keep up. Today we went to the beach at the lake in my hometown, Amos Lake, and swam and played. Later we went out to dinner and the playground in Stonington Borough and then stopped at G's grandmas to see their new RV. Boy was Callie excited and her and G got to playing again.
Diego still isn't walking on his foot but today I put the splint on with a big sock to give him a little protection and confidence to try. He does better with the splint. I'm waiting on a walking boot from Amazon but of course when you really need something the 1 day shipping fails :( damn Amazon letting me down.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Swim day

Yesterday I took Diego to the CT children's hospital for a more expert opinion on his foot. After more X-rays and review of his old X-rays no one can see a fracture. Hopefully it's just a sprain but it's still possible there is a small fracture you can't see on X-ray. So far he's still not standing or walking on it which makes life much more difficult. So today we went swimming. While floating around he doesn't need to stand or walk which worked out well. Both kids loved the pool and Callie was brave enough to jump in from the side. Diego is becoming quite the swimmer himself and doesn't need help much anymore. Here's hoping for lots of prayers that his foot heals up fast. He already has an appointment in orthopedics when he gets back to San Diego just in case.

Family and falls

Ugh two days late... Can't get my stuff to post correctly out here. 

Chuck and Joni had to go home today. I convinced people to get in a few family photos before they left. It was a nice morning spent with everyone. Unfortunately Diego fell down the stairs before nap and won't walk on his leg. We took him to the ER for X-rays and they can't see anything obvious but want him to follow up in orthopedics. I don't know if that will be in CT or CA but for now he has a temporary splint to keep it still. Hopefully it's nothing major but poor little guy. Callie painted him a photo while he was gone to help him feel better. She was worried about him and being so nice. Hopefully he gets some rest and wakes up feeling a little better.

Monday, June 27, 2016

More water balloons and Worms!

Callie can't get enough water balloons and squirt fights. So here's another with Jon and Marge.
And she was so amazed they sell worms at Walmart that we bought some and brought them home. Se made them a nice home to take care of them until we set them free.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Yard Sales and Water fights

Callie has been waiting for Saturday to go to Yard sales. Now don't get me wrong she doesn't like the driving around part, she just loves buying lots of stuff and seeing what she finds. Well today was a jackpot day! She bought a baby bed, baby car seat, baby salon chair, 70 shopkins, Barbies, Elsa and Anna, Beauty and the Beast, Wonder Woman book and more books, Barbie bunk beds, markers and paper, tiny figurines of all little mermaid, beauty and beast, Cinderella and more. I got two big bags of clothes for the kids, flip flops, two sets of skis (one me and one Callie), a 25' inflatable spider for Diego, magnetic truck books, magnetic science game. We had lots of fun and filled the car with stuff.
In the afternoon we had a giant water fight with water ballons, water guns, squirt guns and a sprinkler pumper. Everyone was soaked. Callie had a blast but Diego hated it and wanted to go back inside.

More surprises: Uncle Chuck and Joni

GaGa's birthday surprise celebration continued with Uncle Chuck (Gooberhead) and Joni. We surprised GaGa again as they just strolled in the front door while talking to us on FaceTime. She sure wasn't expecting any more surprise visitors!!
We went hunting for bugs, not too tricky in CT there are bugs everywhere. We caught a blue dragonfly, a fuzzy caterpillar, a fly, ant, and a moth. Then we dug up some worms. Callie liked the worms best.
Diego loves PaPa tractor and finds his way to the barn to sit on it when we are outside.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Beach and ice cream

We had a fun outing to the beach with my childhood friend Sara and her little girl Olivia. Actually Cathie (Saras mom) and my mom have been friends since childhood. So this is a multigenerational friendship. The girls had great fun playing in the sand and cold cold water. In the evening we went to Buttonwood Farms to get ice cream and see the cows. It's the little things that define CT. ;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tractor rides and visiting friends

We went to visit Great Pa and Grandma Kay this morning. The kids remembered the lawnmower and wagon rides from winter so we did a repeat. It's much more fun in the sun! We fed the fish in the pond and even saw two turtles. We made quite a few loops around the yard and filled up the poor little cart with all of us.
In the afternoon we went swimming with Gabriella and met her new baby brother Jax. Callie loved him just like all the babies and the kids had a lot of fun in the pool.
Diego got stung by a bee at the end of the day which put a small damper on the fun but he was pretty tough. And bedtime has been so difficult every night which makes ending even a fun day not too fun.