Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Over tired

Both Callie and I are exhausted. Callie hasn't been sleeping well. I'm not sure if its her teeth, her cold, her rash, her lack of sleep or her attitude but she is very very fussy. I am also cranky because I have a cold and haven't been sleeping much as I have been up with Callie. Last night I went to bed by 8 with a horrible headache so sorry for no post. Tonight I am getting ready for bed right now. Last night Callie woke up crying 4 times and was up in the morning at 5:25, ugh! I really thought by now at nearly 8 months we would be sleeping through the night but we aren't even close. I need to get working in reducing the nightwakings. I know she has been sick and with the reflux we have felt bad and consoled her and feed her even during the night but I think it's time I take a stand. I am aiming for just 1 night waking for feeding. Tonight ill aim for 2, and we will make our way towards 1. I think this will mean a LOT of screaming at night but hopefully it won't last too long. In the past when I let her cry she will cry over an hour straight with no end in sight. I think I am being manipulated by this little munchkin already. I really think we both need some rest and then we won't be so cranky. I'm hoping for a lazy day tomorrow and its going to be rainy too. I'm off to bed. Any suggestions for getting this kid to be happier, well rested and a good sleeper are welcome!
Here is a photo of Callie on Monday when I took her walking to see the Christmas lights down the street. She had been crying before dinner and we were looking for a distraction. Cute jacket, she looks like a little poof.

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