Monday, December 31, 2012

Callie mows the lawn

Taylor and Miki bought Callie this cool push toy that is made out of all wood. It's a classic toy and makes a good (not annoying) noise when you push it. I much prefer it to some of her other more noisy toys. I thought she wouldn't be able to use it for awhile because she can't stand alone yet but she figured out a way to use it sitting down! I told her she is in training to mow the lawn. It looks like mowing the lawn to me hehe. Pretty cute if you ask me.
It's New Year's Eve and here I am writing you a post. I guess a lot has changed this year, Juan and I are staying home and probably won't make it til the ball drops. But we love that little girl who changed our lives so much more than we could ever imagine and it just keeps growing each day. Here's to looking forward to an eventful 2013! Happy New Years a little early from me to you!

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