Wednesday, September 30, 2015

One of a kind

Callie sometimes does such strange things. Today in mid 80 degree weather she took it on herself at nap time to change into shorts and a tank top but then put a velour jacket on top. She also put on her favorite Elsa sandals and then went to sleep that way. Really?? She was sweaty and hot when we she woke up.
I also want to show off her writing skills. She has been practicing her letters more and more. This weekend we drew pictures and she made this for PaPa Ed. She wanted to write his name on the paper so I showed her one letter at a time on a seperate paper and she wrote them all down. Can you see it? Pretty impressive right? This is the first thing besides her name I have seen her write. She did sign her name on the bottom and got the letters out of order, but hey you can't be perfect.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Gifts from Greece

Callies buddy Dimitri brought her back some gifts from Greece. Boy did she feel special! She loves the Greek Oreos as she calls them but was nice enough to share with her brother. He also got her a oven mit and matching apron for cooking in her kitchen. Super cute!
In the afternoon she got an ice cream from the ice cream truck at the park for the first time ever.... She chose Minions! It looked gross to me but she loved it.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Hawaiian flower hula dancers

Callie got a new lei at school today. When we arrived at Grandma's she gave us some beautiful plumeria flowers and we decorated Callies headband. She wanted Diego to participate too so I gave him a headband and flower. I'm sure some day he will be mad at me but for now he's adorable. I tried to get a hula out of them but instead got ring around the rosey, I guess that's a flower song too.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Barbie bath

Callie decided Barbie needed a bath in the kiddie pool and then shook her head by spinning around to dry her hair. Everyone got sprayed! D thought it was funnier than I did...

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fun with Alivea

The kids played ALL afternoon with Alivea. Boy were they tired when we got home. Diego even was crying on the way home he was so tired. But in the meantime they had lots of fun.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Happy Fall

Grandma always has up festive decorations for every season and holiday. Callie thinks they are just fabulous, especially the witch! The only problem is she asks me everyday if Christmas is this week and when I say no she asks if Halloween is tomorrow. She's quite impatient this time of year... When does Elfie return again??

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Let them eat cake

What do you do when your three year old comes home from school sad because a classmate had a birthday party with cupcakes she couldn't eat? You let her eat cake at home. Poor kid :( teacher said she just asked to go lay down instead which I assume was because she couldn't stand to sit and watch the other kids eat cake.
So after dinner we are cake at home. Our own little party of sorts and then I played dress up with Callie. Anything she chose for 20 min. I think we made up for that missed cupcake at school. And I know this is the first of many occasions, but I hope it helps her learn strength, independence and willpower for all the other things she shouldn't do but will see friends and classmates do growing up.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sweaty Sunday

I'm ready for winter. It's been just too hot. The kids got all dressed in their chargers gear for the game and Callie picked a skirt, jersey and jewelry. She's so girly. Of course when I wanted to take a good photo I had a disaster and overflowed my water collection in the garage. It was a big mess to clean up so I only snapped these few which aren't that good. 
In the afternoon it was so hot we went to the mall just to cool off. The kids had a blast on the indoor playground, which was very crowded considering others had the same idea. Then we rode the escalator. Oh the fun in ordinary things :)
I'm hoping for tons of rain tomorrow to cool had own and water our plants.

Oh and in the morning Callie built a "house" out of playdoh while Diego played with the jungle animals. Both were just surrounding themselves with toys. Watching kids make their own ges never ceases to amaze me.

Friday, September 18, 2015

New skills at the park

Callie is growing and getting stronger and more advanced every day. I had to raise the bike seat a few inches and she rides around pretty quickly now without needing help even on the slight inclines. Also at the playground she can do almost every thing now. The last time we went to this playground she tried these but was unsuccessful despite several attempts. Today she was brave and tried it all by herself while I was chasing around D and keeping him safe. This video was her second time but still I'm impressed!


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Gliders and failed challenges

Callie had a baked egg challenge today. That's when she eats controlled amounts of a substance she is allergic to in order to see if she can tolerate it and is no longer truly allergic. We were quite early so I took her on an adventure to the glider port in Torrey Pines on a breezy sunny day to watch people "flying" off the cliff. It was cool and she actually really liked it considering you just watch them I wasn't sure if she would.
Then off to the egg challenge. 1 full cupcake in she started acting strange and was refusing to eat any more. She didn't have hives but within 15 min she started projectile vomiting for a pretty long time, or until she had ALL the food out of her. We left with a fail but we learned still no eggs in any way since 1 cupcake only has 1/6th of an egg. The positive news is the dr does not think she is allergic to red food dye. It was probably just a reaction to ibuprofen because of her hand foot mouth or other virus but is not a true allergy and nothing to worry about. Well that's a relief at least no additional things for her to be allergic to. She was a trooper as she also got a flu shot for the first time in nearly 3 years!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The lost shoe

Happy Grandparents Day to all the grandparents out there. We are so thankful for all our grandparents and made a point to speak to all 8 we have in our kids lives today.
It was incredibly hot again and after another night without electricity I just wanted to get out and cool off. Callie got to choose where we went and she chose the downtown waterpark. It was perfect and we even found a parking spot right in the side, although on a very busy street. We had a fun time until we got home and realized I lost one of Callies shoes. Not just any shoe but her new sandals GiJu got her with flowers on them. I must have dropped it when loading the stroller in the trunk. I was rushing as its a Main Street and a car was waiting for our spot. I don't know where else I could have lost it. Of course when we realized she was crying so much. She wanted to buy just one sandal to replace it and I tried explaining you can't buy one shoe but it didn't work. Once I finally calmed her I talked her into picking out a new pair of sandals and talked her into a similar pair that were on super sale on Amazon :) I told her we could make our own flowers to attach to the top and picked white so they match more outfits. I think I smoothed it over enough as there was no more crying but I can see Juan having a proem when she gets dressed for school tomorrow as the new pair won't be here until Wednesday. I better hide the one show that's left so it doesn't remind her to think of it!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Happy Birthday Tia Nena

We celebrated Tia Nenas birthday today. I didn't get a single photo with Tia, oops, but I got a few of all the kids in the kiddie pool with Grandpa. I think they need a bigger pool....

Contain the anger...

Yesterday Callie refused to nap. It's been a new thing so I'm thinking she might be at the age that she no longer naps even though I'm not ready for it. Well she got a little creative at nap time. When I let her come out when nap was over she mentioned she drew a line for how tall Diego was. I was immediately mad. Did you draw on furniture? Uh no she says. As soon as I saw this.... I could barely contain my anger!
My first reaction was to yell but instead I took a breath and said. This makes mommy so sad. This is really important and special to me and it's not to be drawn on by Callie. I tried to explain why it's so special and I'm not sure she understood but I do think she understood it was wrong and I didn't yell ! Parenting win? I think so. I then made her clean it up. We spent quite some time scrubbing it but I was able to get most of it off. Phew!
So we took a swim to cool off both mind and body :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What does D say?

I haven't been feeling well so no photos or updates besides me laying around. However this weekend I took this very long video trying to get Diego to do and say all the things he knows. It's s long one, enjoy!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day

It was shot Labor Day here. We spent the morning staying cool in the "pool" (hot tub cold) and then went to have fish tacos at the Chavez house. Yummy! Even Callie ate 4 pieces of fish! It was a nice day off but back to reality tomorrow.

Why use hands when you can just bring your mouth to the food?