Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

We went to have dinner at grandma and grandpas house so we did a quick dress up in a Halloween costume. A ladybug! Too bad I brought the smaller one and her big head didn't fit in the hat, oops! She was still cute trick or treating at their front door.
She is doing a little better. She ate more today and slept better. Although better means we were still up 5x last night. Now I'm feeling like a zombie even if I'm not dressed like one. So hoping for a good nights rest. We just left a bowl of candy for the trick or treaters so the dogs don't bark and wake Callie. Happy trick or treating!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

C is for Callie... Or Crazy!

Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm blaming it on the lack of sleep. We changed medicines a little but ago and it seems there are some odd side effects including lack of appetite and sleeplessness. We also tried increasing the dos which makes the side effects even worse. Callie has been refusing all solids since Thursday and is eating less milk as well. Not that she can't survive for a bit without so much food, she obviously has her winter weight stored on, he he. But it's concerning that she is not interested in eating with this new medicine. Even worse is the sleeplessness. She isn't sleeping at night or during the day. Her naps have been short, like 30 minutes, and at night she is up every 2 hours and then wide awake in the middle of the night for hours. Two nights ago she was up for almost 3 hours in the middle of the night just playing and happy. Last night she was up for 2.5 hours. She is happy and no reflux but no sleep either. I tried just leaving her in her crib so she would go back to bed but after 40 minutes of screeching and crying I have in so everyone else in the house could sleep. That led to her playing in the living room for another hour before I got her back to bed at 4:30, and regular time to get up for work is 5. So needless to say I stayed home sick with the baby today. No way I could make it on less than 4 hours of sleep.
I called the GI doc and left a message, the nurse called back once but will call me again after talking with the dr. I also called the pharmacist to see what he thought. He said lack of appetite is very common and suggested trying giving it in the afternoon instead of before bed. He also said try just one dose instead of 2, and that it takes 2 weeks to really build up in her system.
So C is for crazy for both Crazy Callie and me! I'm going crazy and am ready to pull my hair out! We will see if any of the suggestions help or if the GI doc has some better ideas. Neither the nurse or the pharmacist think sleeplessness is a side effect but I say yes. If you saw her you would agree. And all of this started since we gave her prevacid.
She is still cute though, so C is for cute too. Here she is eating her letter C from her playmat. C is going to be for comatose because when I finally get to lay down and sleep that's what I'll be, out like a light!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shopping with GiGi

Callie is still really struggling with her reflux. Sleeping is terrible and she is refusing to eat besides milk and water. She had a hard time going to bed tonight and both GiGi and I rocked her for almost an hour. I plan on calling the doctor back tomorrow as this is by working. I am also hoping to get her a wedge to sleep on and help keep her more upright.
Anyways, we took her out shopping today to keep her occupied. We went shopping for new pajamas as she has outgrown her 9 months ones already! I searched for 12 month pajamas but they all are either footless or have zippers and feet with nonskid grip. Neither make for good sleeping. So in the end we went with pajamas that are long sleeves and pants separates and she will wear socks on cold nights. GiGi bough her all new jammies and we are glad she is stuck here because of the hurricane so she can put her to bed in them. She is now staying until Thursday! Yippie! Sorry to everyone back east dealing with the storm :(
Then we went grocery shopping and tried out the shopping cart cover an let Callie sit in the cart for the first time! She loved it! Check her out sitting up like a big girl. This will make grocery shopping so much easier now.

First cookies

Sorry for the late post. It's been busy with GiGi here and I'm over tired as the new medicine is not helping much and Callie is up every two hours or more often at night. I'm not feeling like this medicine is working really, she has so much trouble sleeping.
We have also been tracking the hurricane to see if GiGi will be able to get home tonight. Still unsure....
But the name of the post is cookies! Callie had her first infant cookies, arrowroot. They don't taste bad I tried them. We break them into little pieces and she tries to pick them up and feed herself. She will eat them if you feed them to her but she is determined to try and eat them all by herself. She gets them picked up and then gets mad when she drops it before it gets in her mouth. When she succeeds in getting the cookie and getting it in her mouth she is so proud of herself.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

GI Doctor update

We went to see the GI specialist today to discuss Callie's reflux. So no real exciting new news. She wants to keep trying the Prevacid and to give it another full week before we decide on its effectiveness as it takes time to work. Also she has requested I cut all soy out if my diet in addition to milk. That should be easy for me as I dot eat much soy based products now. If she continues to struggle with reflux and pain after a week then she would like to get an upper GI imaging study where she swallows a liquid that they can see on imaging studies to see her pathways and be sure there are no structural issues. I already don't like giving her drugs everyday and I am not too keen on giving her radioactive dye so we can X-ray her to see if she is normal. I don't think we will e doing this unless she is getting even worse.
So just hoping that the new medicine works better with time and we follow up in the beginning of December.
Callie was so good at the doctor. She didn't get a nap and was overtired and it took almost 2 hours! You know how slow doctors are. But Callie was as patient as possible and then passed out on the car ride home in traffic. What a busy afternoon, off to bed I'm exhausted.

Learning to use a sippy cup

Callie just started drinking water and we started trying the sippy cup. Well she sure likes the cup and she learned how to use it really fast! She loves to hold the cup, chew on the spout and is already figuring out how to tip it. She will tip it when she is sitting in her car seat where she can lean back. She also can flip it over to make it right side up so the spout is up. And she can hold the handles, one or two! I'm so proud of the little munchkin. For a kid who refused to ever take a pacifier she knows how to work everything else that goes in her mouth.

Waiting for GiGi

GiGi should be arriving at the airport in San Diego any minute! Callie is excited and waiting for her. Here she is dressed in her grandma's sweetie shirt. Yippie!
Today we are headed to see the GI specialist at Children's hospital so I will give you the update tonight.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Callie apparently didn't like my cooking tonight. I made yellow squash and zucchini. She was too busy spitting to eat tonight. But then I realized the spitting was because she had to poop! Check out the poop face in between the spitting. She will kill me one day for videoing her but its so funny!!! Ha ah aha ha

Sharing my dinner?

Callie loves the dogs. She has not learned to feed them yet but they know that she makes a mess and if she doesn't eat all her food they get the leftovers. Well they have also learned they can get a better view of dinner from the chair. She gets distracted watching them but its pretty funny. If you walk away for even a minute they will try to get on the tray to steal from the bowl!

Doctor Update

Today was Callie's 6 month checkup. She is doing great overall. Now 18 lbs 9 ounces, 85th percentile! She is 65th percentile for height and 70th for head circumference. She has been maintaining this 85 for weight each time we go for a checkup.she has advanced motor skills, but you didn't need to tell me that ;)
The only bad news is her reflux getting worse. Prevacid is really the last option we have. It's hard to say if its working because she hates it so much she spits it all out. I give her extra to make sure she gets some but she I just so good at spitting it out. We are trying to give her a dissolvable tablet now, starting tomorrow when the pharmacy gets it in. Hoping that this will work. Crossing my fingers.....
And in the event that doesn't work her pediatrician wants to refer her to the gastroenterologist at children's hospital. I called to make the appointment because she said it is usually backed up and would take awhile but they got us squeezed in this Thursday! So I'm hoping that its a successful medicine and/or the specialist has some better ideas for us. GiGi gets here Thursday morning so we will drag her to the hospital with us as soon as she gets here.
Here are some photos of me and Callie from yesterday. We went to her friend Kallie's first birthday party, for a very short visit. It was a chilly fall day with rain, odd for San Diego and she got to wear her new fleece jacket that Grandma Nena got her. So cute! I love hoodies!!!
And 2 random photos, one with her kicking LT while she plays with her phone, he totally just lays there and deals with it. They are such buddies.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Six Months Old, Happy Half Birthday!

Today Callie is six months old. It's pretty incredible that a half of a year has passed. She is getting so big so fast. She is wearing 9-12 month old clothing already!
New things this month.
1. Two front teeth- they are sharp and she can munch on some apples, cucumbers, melon, whatever we let her get her hands on
2. Improved hand coordination- she can hold on to objects much better, she can transfer objects between hands, she can hold the play phone, she's beginning to pick up small items and put it in her mouth. The month stickers are lasting less time as she can peel it off her shirt in about 2 minutes making it hard to get the photo I want.
3. Sitting- she can sit for over 5 minutes at a time. She can also lean forward to get a toy and return to upright sitting. She is learning to transition to sitting and is close but not there yet.
4. Pivoting on her belly- this is pretty funny actually. Especially on the hardwood floor she likes to turn in circles on her belly.
5. Crawling- this is the big one this month. She can crawl pretty fast now and get where she wants to go. It's time to start baby proofing our home as she is getting into everything. Today she tried to get the router and is trying to find wires. We also have to clean our floor more or her belly looks like a swiffer full of dog hair.
6. Stand up with help- she can support almost all of her weight and likes to be standing with help. She will also push up into standing from sitting on your leg. Sometimes she likes to try to walk to. She is so proud if herself when she does this.
7. Grabbing the dogs- she used to just look at the dogs and touch them. Now she all out grabs them. She got her arms around Manny's neck this week and knocked him down and she rolls and crawls right on top of them. It's an adjustment for the dogs to get used to her. They still stay right with her just look at her photos today!
8. Food- she had her first juice, prune juice, to help get her belly moving. She also ate her first pieces of solid food chunks today, freeze dried apple bits that melt in your mouth when you chew on them. She did surprisingly well and didn't choke at all.
9. Babbling- she has progressed in her sounds and moved in from ga ga ga to ba ba ba and more b related sounds. She really gets going sometimes talking to herself, the dogs, people.
10. Spitting- you saw the video. Besides that she also spits out her medicine and spits even after its all out of her mouth.

Bad things at 6 months:
1. Teeth and breast feeding :( ouch
2. Reflux is getting worse- we are working on trying some different medications but so far they aren't helping. We have a dr appointment tomorrow to follow up.
3. Sleep- so I realize that I have not slept more than 5 hrs straight in 6 months! That's the best, usually it's about 3-4 tops. Even worse is that with her reflux she has been worse waking up from reflux crying and upset. Last night we were up 4 times to eat, 6 times total! That's not much sleep. I am hoping we can get the reflux under control better and get more sleep as this was improving earlier.
4. That my little baby is growing up so fast!

Months 1-6 have been quite the adventure but I am sure 6-12 is going to be even wilder. She will be mobile soon and all over the place. Then we will be chasing her around. I also have to add I am proud of myself for sticking to this blogging and really getting something posted nearly everyday.

Her little toothy smile and adorable giggle make all the lost sleep and painful bites worth it. I love this little munchkin to the moon and back.
Happy Half Birthday Callie! Mommy and Daddy love you so much! Xoxoxo

Daddy does my hair

Charlene sent us an adorable box of clothes that contained this onsie. Juan was in charge of getting her dressed yesterday and he chose this one. He also combed her hair.... Ok I messed it up more for the photo. Still pretty funny!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


I hate to brag about my kid but I just can't help myself. I think she is the cutest and smartest baby. Yesterday she was playing with the piano that GaGa got her. She is really getting quite good with her sitting. She will reach down play the piano and sit back up. She kept doing this for about 5 minutes but I only videoed a minute. Isn't she just so darn cute?

I am putting a few videos. I had a few saved from this week but the Internet has been out at home so I couldn't upload them. One with infectious laughter and one with her smiley self moving all over.

Also this week we started Callie on a new medicine as her reflux has been getting worse as she gets heavier. So far the new drug does not seem to be helping, she is actually puking more! Both Callie and I have required more than 2 outfits a day. She has her 6 month checkup Monday where we are supposed to follow up with her doctor on how she is doing with the medicine. Hopefully she has some more ideas to help her since this doesn't seem to be working.

Lunch with Amy and Matthew

Callie and I went to have lunch with our friends Amy and Matthew today. We went to Souplantation, a soup and salad buffet. Callie ate melon in her tasting bag and a sweet potato. She really wants to be a part of every meal and gets mad if you don't feed her. It's always an adventure eating at a restaurant with a almost 2 year old, a baby, and a ready to pop pregnant mommy. I have to say it was a success as no major issues besides lots of silverware that ended up on the floor. Callie was very interested in Matthew but it took him some time to warm up to her. He was jealous at first and did not want his mom to hold her. Luckily with a little time he was excited to at with her and even asked to take her home! That and he wanted to come home with me so he can see the dogs. Here are some photos I snapped on my iPhone if the 2 of them playing together.

Talking to Manny

Callie has really started babbling and her favorite person to talk to is...... Not even a person, it's Manny! Sorry the video is a little low quality. It wasn't originally recorded on my phone. The important part is hearing her talk to Manny. Who knows what she is telling him?!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hello? Calling GiGi

Callie has this toy telephone that she loves! Its her favorite toy right now. GiGi got it for her at a yard sale. However, LT thought it was a toilet (patch of grass), and peed on it! I tried washing it which backfired because I must have gotten it too wet. Now the phone only makes the pig noise which she isn't too fond of. Her favorite was, I bet you could guess if you are a loyal follower of my blog...... Drumroll...... The duck! Quack quack! Anyways back to the story. The phone is broken now and it's not nearly as fun. Callie called GiGi to tell her that I broke her phone, what a tattle tale! GiGi came to the rescue and found her a replacement on eBay and is shipping it to her! Yippie! A new phone. Here are some photos of Callie playing with her phone. She just loves this thing. Thanks GiGi, we will call you on our replacement when it gets here. ;)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Lunch with Nicky

Callie and I went and had lunch with Nicky at work today. We were driving back from the water store and were going to drive right by. We stopped and said hi to everyone in the office although lots of new people since I worked there, 6 years ago! We walked to lunch and back and snapped a quick 2 photos.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Get your Groupon

I bought a groupon for a photo place at the local mall awhile back. It was very cheap ($16) so I figured getting a few photos would be nice. Well after reading the fine print it gives you 8 sheets of only one pose. So they just try to swindle you into buying the digital images for $75 or more photo sheets of other poses for $18 per sheet. Well I was sticking to my guns and getting only the groupon items. Callie was not the most cooperative baby as she didnt want to smile and just stared at the photographer. She was very distracted and not really paying attention as there were other kids all around. Needless to say it was easy to choose a photo as she wasn't smiling in ANY. This was the best one we got. Overall still worth the $16 but next time I will read the fine print. I hate to toot my own horn but I think I can take photos that are just as good! That being said more pro like photos from me coming next week at the 6 month mark :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Night out

Today we are celebrating Juan's birthday and are heading out to watch college football and then go out downtown. Callie is spending the night with grandma and grandpa. We snapped a few birthday photos a day early since tomorrow will be a lounging day. Here we are with little miss. Check out her faux jeans, stretch pants with jean stitching. Happy early birthday to daddy!