Friday, December 28, 2012

Objective: distract

Callie's teeth have really been bothering her. She is very fussy and can't stop grinding her teeth and biting her hands. She also will just break out in tears with no warning. We have been trying to keep her distracted so that she doesn't think about her teeth. We knew we needed something really distracting today so we decided to take her to Sea World. It was very busy but luckily we don't go to any of the shows. We just like to walk around and see the fish, dolphins, whales and animals. Callie is also into people watching! She loves the kids there and watches everyone around her. Today we took her into the turtle encounters area which has a HUGE tank that Callie could stand right at the wall. She loved the fish and was trying to touch them through the glass. We only stayed 2 hours but it kept her busy for a bit and was a fun outing. In the afternoon we took her to Costco shopping for food and we got her some new pajamas too.
The big front tooth is just coming through the skin now. I wish it would just hurry up and come in as its really bothering her. This will be her 6th tooth and at only 8 months!
And on a positive note my oiling of her skin seems to be working as the eczema is starting to get better. We still aren't sure what caused the horrible flare up but hope allergy docs can figure it out.

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