Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oh Happy Day

Callie had a really good day today. She took a long, over 2 hour nap in the morning and woke up happy, not crying. We went shopping for a secret present for Grandma and out to lunch. Callie shared some of my mahi mahi sandwich and loved it. She was eating whole pieces of fish!
Also today I finished up Griffin's present and will be shipping it off tomorrow.
Callie is still very focused on presents too. She likes to touch all the presents under the tree. Today she opened a taggie, a dog with floppy ears. She liked him and the tags kept her occupied on our car rides for our shopping trip.
Overall a good successful day. Bad news is the house is still a huge mess! But what's important at the holidays is spending good times with family not how clean my house is..... That's what I keep saying to make up for my slob tendencies.

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