Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween from Dr Callie

I really didn't plan well for Halloween at all. I pretty much got on top of it today ON Halloween. I was feeling guilty that I didn't do anything when I usually go all out. So first we went to Target and bought some gummy bears and candy Callie can eat (in theory) to replace the ones she can't eat that people give out. I also bought a pumpkin to collect her candy in. Then when we got home I was convinced it would be a better costume if she was a doctor instead of a cheerleader. I mean how can you carry Pom Poms and collect candy? Plus she has been so into the stethoscope lately and I figured I could dress up with her as doctors.
So out of fabric I found already in the house I decided to make a toddler scrub set for her at 3:30 pm. Somehow I managed to sew a pretty good looking set without any pattern from scratch in about 45 minutes. I was actually impressed with myself! It was comfy and like clothes so Callie was happy and we just added the stethoscope. She was a very cute doctor.
I made the mistake of trying to take photos first and then she became obsessed with the camera and wouldn't let it go.
Eventually once she discovered the actual trick or treat part she was over the camera and enthralled with the candy people were giving out. Lucky for me she mostly got lollipops and tootsie rolls which are relatively safe. She ate half a tootsie roll including the wrapper as we were walking to the next house! I couldn't get it in time so now it will come out the other way... It's just wax paper at least.
She had a great time even though we only visited about 4 houses. We tried to get her to give out candy at our house but she wasn't too keen on that part. All in all a very successful Halloween and she was adorable! Happy Halloween everyone from Doctor Callie.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Practicing for Halloween

Yesterday afternoon we practiced dressing up for Halloween. We didn't use the actual costume but she has a whole box full of dress up clothes. She doesn't like the whole outfits much so we stuck to accessories and whatever she pulled out of the chest. Poor Manny is always tortured as she wants him to do everything with her including dress up. She tried to put the fireman hat on him but he didn't like it much as you could have predicted. Tomorrow is the big day and I'm not even ready! We haven't tried on the costume and we don't have any candy to give Callie. She will get candy from the neighbors but chances are with a kid who has as many food allergies as Callie she won't be able to eat anything she collects. I need to get some "trade" candy so when she gets something with nuts or wheat, pretty much every candy bar, we can swap her with something. I'm thinking gummy bears and lollipops? She has never had that but I think it should be safe, it's just sugar anyways... I better get shopping when I get out of work tomorrow as its going to be time so soon! Hopefully I get some good photos of her dressed up tomorrow. I still don't even know if I've decided between 2 outfits! Whichever works day of it is...

Monday, October 28, 2013

Baby #2 ultrasound update

Today was my nuchal translucency ultrasound that screens for Down syndrome and trisomy 18. It went very well. The baby looks good and the scans and blood work were negative leaving us with a 1 in 18,000 chance of Downs. The baby had its hands up to its face and feet crossed at the ankles, just like Callie did when we had this ultrasound with her. The goatee looking thing by the chin is actually the baby's hand. The baby was lazy and didn't move much even when prodded by the sonographer. I say it was just tired and hungry since I hadn't eaten or a whole day.
Callie saw real rain for the first time since she was old enough to understand and can now say the word rain. As soon as I got there to pick her up she was telling me about the rain. So cute. I didn't get any photos of Callie and rain as it stopped by the time I arrived. Today was better than yesterday even though it wasn't too good. Counting the days until the yucky sick feelings go away.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

ER to the rescue

Well I made it to 12 weeks without an ER visit this time but today I ruined that streak. I've been doing on and off better, at least some of my time I am feeling ok. But not today! Today I woke up feeling really sick. I tried the usual tricks, eat crackers, drink tea, when that fails eat a heavy bagel, but no matter what I tried I kept puking. I couldn't even keep down a Popsicle. I would estimate I puked more than 50 times before I called it quits and headed to the ER. I hadn't eaten or drank a thing all day that stayed down more than 15 min. It was a long afternoon in the ER but incredibly peaceful. I had my Iv bags all hooked up and watched about 5 episodes of Buying Alaska. I determined I never want to buy a house in Alaska. After a few hours I went back home feeling somewhat better yet still exhausted. Ill be in bed very early tonight.
I am thankful to my amazing in laws this week who are keeping Callie overnight for the second time and who always willing to watch Callie when I am miserable. On top of that they did extra laundry and grocery shopped for Callie last week because I never got around to it :( thank you so much for being such an amazing family to me. It truly means the world to me to have you guys. And to my husband who has dealt with all my complaining, puking, whining and then also done everything for Callie and grocery shopped and cleaned the house this week. I hate feeling so useless and horrible and am hoping I can make a turn around soon. Someone print this for me and show me in case I ever say I am considering having another baby! I can say for sure this is it so if I ever say otherwise take me to a psych ward!
For those of you waiting for photo updates just bear with me for awhile longer.
All I have from this week is Callie screaming in her carseat. I turned it forward facing thinking she would like it better but I think it's really no different. She just doesn't like to be tied down ever!
Tomorrow I have an ultrasound so ill have some photos of baby 2 to share. Hoping I can drink the amount of water try need me to without puking at 7:30 am.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy 1.5 Birthday!

I had big plans for Callie's one and a half birthday. I wanted to take fancy photos, measure her on the bookcase and create a log of what she is doing right now. Unfortunately my new baby didn't want me to do all that and has made me very sick and tired :( so for now I have these few photos from today playing outside with Grandpa. Ill still measure her on the bookcase, try to get some good photos and log all the fabulous stuff she is doing but just not today.... She doesn't know it's her one and a half birthday anyways. It will be our little secret. Shhh. Hopefully soon ill get to all this good stuff. She's still cute though and getting so BIG!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

First Pony Tail

Callie's hair is getting pretty long. Today she wore her first pony tail! It only lasted a few hours before we switched to a half up pebbles style pony tail on top of her head but it was still cute. Of course she was cheering on the Chargers :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Chocolate Smile

The last few days have been pretty miserable. I'm still puking and feeling like crap all day. Just a few days away from 12 weeks but if anything I feel like its been worse :( this is one of the few things that made me smile today. Callie's chocolate smile! She had frozen chocolate covered bananas for dessert and boy did she make a mess!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Kitchen Toys

The other day when we got home there was a BIG package in the front steps. Callie was thrilled but I didn't even know what it was since I didn't order anything. I let Callie open it and to both of our surprise it was a gift for Callie for her great great aunt Charleen in NH! It was like the gift that kept on giving... The packing peanuts were fun on their own but hid the surprises while Callie dug out the goodies. She got a grocery cart full of play food and a toaster that actually pops up the toast! Wow was she in heaven. She pushes around the cart pulls items out and tries to name them. She knows noodles and milk, eggs and a few others. She loves the little toaster. She puts the toast in and when it pops out she uses a knife to spread on it. She knows how the toaster works because we let we help make toaster waffles in the morning. When she is done with the toaster she puts it on the bottom of the basket to push it around. A HUGE thank you to Charleen for sending us a gift from so far away for absolutely no occasion. We miss you and love you. I wish we were closer because your horses would make you Callie's favorite auntie ;)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Big Girl Booster Seat

I bought Callie her first big girl booster seat so she can sit safely with the adults and not always in the high chair. It has straps and a safety belt so she can't climb out. She thought it was pretty great. She is still kinda wiggly and we are battling teaching her not to put her foot on the counter but I think she is doing pretty good considering. Here she is sitting in her big girl booster.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Dada- Go Chargers!

Today is daddy's real birthday. He had the day off and spent the morning with Callie before heading off to the Chargers game. So I bet you can guess who dressed her today..... So cute. Too bad I didn't get a photo of her and daddy in their jerseys together :( I had to work all day so I didn't even see Juan.
We will celebrate another day but a big birthday shout out to DaDa.
And this is the first time she wore her personalized jersey that uncle chuck sent her for her birthday. Juan has been waiting for the perfect chargers day :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Grouchy Girl

Today was officially grouchy day. When Callie woke up she was asking for GiJu right away. I explained to her she had to go bye bye back to her house just like we already told her. She looked around for her and then seemed appeased that she was gone. At least for a few hours. Then the grouchy monster came out and from nap time til bedtime she was so crabby. Anytime she was really mad or crying she would cry for GiJu. I don't know if she was overtired or its the new teeth coming in or just missing GiJu, but she was grouchy. It made for a loooong day. One thing that kept her happy (besides the moon) was the car. I don't know why but she wanted to be in the car pretending to drive for so long and she wouldn't get out. Learning to drive young I guess.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saying Bye Bye to GiJu

Today was GiJu's last day visiting. She leaves very early tomorrow morning before Callie gets up. We had a jam packed day of fun with GiJu. GiJu brought this jumper she bought Callie at a yard sale. I think this takes the prize for the biggest item ever brought on the airplane! But well worth it because Callie thinks it is great. Here she is climbing in and playing with GiJu.

At lunch time our friends Ed and Sharon came to visit and have lunch. We took a walk around the block, showed off the kitchen and played in the jump house.
Then we carved a pumpkin and roasted the seeds. This was Callie's first pumpkin. I thought she would like to touch the gunk from inside but she did not like the feel of it. She did help collect the seeds for roasting and liked taking the lid on and off. And she loved to eat the roasted seeds.

Then we took it in the garage to try it out in the dark. Pretty cool huh?

We took daddy out for birthday dinner at Stone and when we got home we took the pumpkin outside to test it out on the stairs. Between the pumpkin and the moon Callie was enthralled. 
Callie is busy looking at the moon.

On the car ride home we explained to Callie that GiJu had to leave to go home tomorrow and that she would come back next month. I figured it is much easier to tell her in advance so tomorrow when she is searching for her, we can reiterate that she went home to be with PaPa. Callie didn't like this conversation and started saying GiJu gone? No! And then held on to her arm hugging and kissing her. It's going to be a tough day tomorrow without her GiJu :( and I will miss having her here so I can rest, puke, and be miserable without attending to Callie. 3 days was way too fast. Callie is up way past her bedtime spending the last time with GiJu reading books before bed, its 8 pm now and she is still reading. Bye GiJu we will miss you! See you in less than one month, start the countdown!