Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sick Baby

Callie is sick with a cold. She is so congested she has trouble breathing and sleeping. Last night she was up 6 times in 11 hours, which means I am exhausted today! I tried to nap during the day when I put her down but that was unsuccessful as she slept less than 1 hr all day. When Juan got home from work she finally went to bed for him but it was 4:45 so we couldn't let her sleep long.
She was fussy most of the day and so I had to find extra fun things to entertain her. The Christmas tree was just the right thing. Luckily because of the dogs we already have all plastic ornaments, so it's safe for Callie to touch them.
She's still very cute when she is sick. I must have wiped snot running from her nose into her mouth more than 10 times and she sure hated it!
We tried snot sucking with nose frida, saline, boogie wipes, hot steamy shower with mommy, humidifier, chamomile tea, and eucalyptus and lavender essential oil diffusing in her room. I think the shower worked the best but the essential oils do help open the nasal passages. I can smell it and feel it as soon as I walk into her room.
I'm off again tomorrow and will be home with her. Hopefully she is feeling better by Friday. I feel so bad for her. I hate to be sick, then imagine being sick and not being able to have any medicine, or be able to blow your nose, or do anything for yourself! No wonder she fusses a lot; it's all she can do to complain.
Wishing for some sleep tonight, fingers crossed, I'm off to bed now at 7:40 pm.

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