Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas just keeps coming early

Callie got we second Christmas present and its not even December! She received a large box full of cool wooden toys and blocks from Taylor, Brad, and Miki. Thanks guys!!
Tay said she didn't have to wait til Christmas so I figured we would slowly go through the box so she can have an exciting new toy every few days.
Today I opened the wooden flower pot toy. It's so cute you plant the seed then build the flower in parts. Callie doesn't build but she takes it apart and loves to chew on the wood. She also really likes the tools that came with it. She couldn't stop herself from eating the shovel and the pruners.
I can feel good about her gnawing away on the wood as the company, Plan Toys, uses all natural dyes and wood with no chemicals or toxic glues. Yippie for green healthy companies.
Thanks again. We will have fun exploring each toy, who doesn't like a present very few days?!

Callie on the move

Callie has been exploring quite a bit more now that she is good at crawling. Today it was a nice day and the door to the deck was open for the dogs. I was picking up in the kitchen while she was playing on the floor. Next thing I know she is making a beeline for the open door. I just watched her to see what she would do. She got close then looked for me to see if she might get in trouble then when I didn't say anything she crawled right outside. LT stood right in the way like he was saying hey hey you aren't supposed to be going out here. She crawled right through him though. Once she was outside she was proud of herself and liked the deck. She kept trying to pick the screws like they were something she could pick up.
Guess we now have to keep the door closed or the screen door closed since Callie will wander away. Next thing I know she will be escaping through the dog door!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day with daddy

Juan stayed home most of the day with Callie today as grandma is pretty sick and we wanted to give her a rest and keep Callie healthy. Of course she acts like an angel for her daddy and sleeps more than usual and never even fusses. Just my luck. He must think I make it up when I say she hasn't slept and has been complaining and crying about we teeth this week.
Callie gets to do fun stuff with daddy like play on the pool table with the balls which she thinks is pretty awesome. The best toys are the ones she isn't supposed to play with and we already own!
And then I also threw in some photos of her chewing on a frozen carrot from Monday when she was teething. She gnawed on it awhile and then fed it to Manny!

Monday, November 26, 2012

7 month photos

As promised 7 month photos now we are back home. I misplaced the stickers and had to search the house for 3 days to find them.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Menacing Manny

Manny was all about Callie today. He knows that she has returned and loves to get her food scraps. He wants to see her during and after any meal times. I caught him today licking her face after breakfast and then at snack he was standing in her tray stealing her food! Manny! Callie finds it all quite humorous but I don't. He is a little hawk for her food.

Photo info

I never really thought about the image size I was posting. I just did a smaller size because it uploaded faster. Some of you have told me you want copies of the photos and then you should have the larger size so they print clearly. So as of yesterday I changed to uploading full size images, so if you like a photo feel free to download it and have it printed. Enjoy!
Christmas photo is already in planning stages and you will be receiving a card unless your address has changed then please let me know. ThAnks.

Return to normalcy, half way.

I thought that being back home would mean we got back to normal routine life. While some things have been calm and normal others are not. The dogs are thrilled to have us home and are very excited to see Callie. They want to hang out with her and have been right next to her giving kisses. Callie's sleep schedule is close to normal as far as times go. She made it til 6:30 last night so I think out attempt to keep on pacific time zone helped. However she has been waking up at 4 am and wanting to get up and play. I keep trying to tell her that its only 4 am but she doesn't understand. Also she Is getting 3, that's right 3! New teeth on the top so she is extremely fussy and crying a lot. We are giving her infant Motrin and that is really helping but she is chewing anything she can get we hands on. We found a pacifier on the changing table and it has become the new chew toy teether.
Besides that Juan and I woke up to a burst water hose on the hot water heater and about 2" of water in the garage! We spent 3 hours this morning cleaning it all up fixing the water heater and putting everything back in place, all while taking care of Callie too. So it's been a little crazy to say the least since we got home.
Yesterday we got to visit with Juan's cousins for Monterey. I only snapped one photo with Natasha, sorry there arent more. So I'm hoping by Tuesday when I go back to work normalcy is a little more normal.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Horsing Around

Callie got to have her first experience with horses yesterday. I had been dying to have her be able to see and pet horses but we ran out of time to go see my friends horses. So I figured we could just stop at the house down the street from my house. I tried to ask first and knocked on their door but there was no answer besides the crazed barking Boston terriers inside. I figured they would have said yes anyways so we went to pet and feed carrots to their horses anyways.
Callie was a little shy at first but once she got used to the horses she wanted to touch them and was very interested in them. Next trip I will take her to my friends house so we can brush, walk and maybe even ride the horses. I hope she loves horses as much as I did as a little girl, and still do! Too bad secant have a horse in our tiny backyard because I would love to have one. Oh well another reason to visit CT.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Teething and Travel... Two Thumbs Down

Traveling is bad enough, but add in a teething infant and it makes it even worse. Callie hasn't been able to sleep well as she is cutting her third tooth, on top just to the side if the front 2. She was up a lot last night after a fussy day and woke up early at 5:45am. You can see I tried to take her back to bed with me unsuccessfully. Naps were short and I was dreading the plane ride. Surprisingly though she did very well. She cried for about a half an hour when she was over tired but couldn't relax enough to sleep. But if you ask me half an hour out of 6 is pretty darn good!
It helped that the airport was baby friendly. Check her out with the worlds largest dunkin donuts coffee and playing in the kids plane gym area.
She also made friends with another baby and played a lot before we got on the flight.
The bad news is that teething is making her poop A LOT! It's hard to change poopy diapers on a plane but we did it since I changed her a total of 7 times for poop only today. Good thing GiGi sent us with extra diapers.
We are glad to be home in our own beds but had a great time visiting everyone back east.
I still have a few more photos to post but ill save them for tomorrow because I am exhausted! Good night!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bah bah bah bah bah

Look what GiGi taught Callie this week....

Early Christmas?

Thanksgiving afternoon at Pa and Kay's house was like an early Christmas! David & Jean brought Callie her Christmas present since they won't see us. This was Callie's first present opening! She tried hard and was most interested in eating the paper and bow. I tried getting a video but only have the first minute, it took us awhile to open. She really liked it tough. Thanks for the early gift, Callie likes it a lot. She also enjoyed the bell that was part of the decorative wrapping.
Then we went for a walk to pick out poinsettias for Christmas in the greenhouses. Callie was a good sport and let me sit her in the middle of them for a photo. Would have made a great Christmas photo except the purple hat and not so great quality from my cell phone camera. So you get to see it now.
Callie was a good sport and visited as long as possible waiting for her afternoon nap and got to see most of the Gladue clan.
It was good to see everyone and it seemed a bit like Christmas already! But it's going to be here before you know it, yikes!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Callie's first Thanksgiving was a success. We all have so much to be thankful for this year. We are most thankful to have little Callie in our lives but of course are thankful to share with all our family and friends both near and far. I am thankful we got to spend time with my family and friends back east. I am thankful for my loving husband who is also a great dad. And thankful to have health and happiness in all of our family this year.
In the morning we took Callie for a walk to see the neighbor Gordon. We used the jogging stroller that double great aunt Charl got for us, and it worked great on the rough terrain. Callie enjoyed visiting and Gordon let us sit on his tractor. She enjoyed the ride so much she fell asleep on the way home! Isn't she adorable sleeping in her snow suit?
Then we had a nice thanksgiving dinner with my parents, grandma and Ashley, my brother and Heather. We took some photos outside in her fancy outfit. The small Christmas tree was the one we had last year for Callie's first Christmas when I was still pregnant. My dad planted it and its growing big just like Callie.
Callie sat in her high chair and ate peas, carrots, butternut squash and homemade biscuits. It was all delicious! Thanksgiving is really an awesome holiday if you ask me. It's all about family and food and there are no cards, presents, etc. it's just about enjoying those you love and all you have. We had a great day. Thanks for thanksgiving :)
In the late afternoon we went to see Pa Kay and the extended Gladue family, check out the next post.