Thursday, December 20, 2012

Visiting baby Brycen

Today Callie and I went to visit my friend Amy and her new baby boy Brycen. He is just 2 weeks old. Callie was mostly interested playing with all the toys that belong to his older brother Matthew. Callie raided all the toys and put every single one in her mouth! Eventually when he started crying she realized he was a mini person. Callie needs to learn to be gentle as she wanted to grab him and was trying to climb on top of him. Aren't the cute together. Brycen is too little to even notice Callie. Despite Callie's love of babies and other children she is still going to be an only child for awhile.
She had a good time visiting and exploring a new space as she fell asleep in the car on the way home holding her doggie stuffed animal. Notice she rides in a big girl convertible car seat now. I must have forgotten to post about that, oops, we have had it for almost a month.
Also today she had a pretty bad scratch on her neck from her nails. I think she may have clawed at her necklace, so we didn't wear it today. She was still pretty well behaved so maybe it's not a magic necklace after all. We will see how she does tonight...

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