Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy 30 to Mommy!

Today is my 30th birthday! It's Cesar Chavez day in California so I never have to work on my birthday. Non government employees have to work so it was just me and Callie today. It made for a perfect day though, a mommy and Callie day. We need to fit these days in now before long we won't have any for a little while.
We went to the zoo in the morning as soon as they opened and stayed til lunch. It was a quiet day at the zoo and perfect weather. We saw lots of animals today including pandas and bears. Usually we don't get to see them as it's either too crowded or they are hiding and sleeping. In the early morning they all get fed and are awake and moving about. Callie says her favorite animals are the giraffes. Today they had a baby giraffe which he liked a lot.
We came home from the zoo for nap time. In the afternoon she wanted to make me cake so we made cupcakes. I really made them for her without eggs since she wouldn't be able to have anything at dinner. She made a big mess and needed a bath before we went out to dinner.
We wet to Cheesecake Factory for dinner with Grandma and Grandpa. Callie ate her cupcake and a sundae with lots of whip cream they brought her. I think she had too much sugar as even though she is tired she is still awake talking in her bed and has called me in 4 times already.
I couldn't have asked for a better 30th birthday. Lots of people have said it's no fun to celebrate 30 pregnant but I think it's just perfect. I have everything I could ask for, my family, my husband, and my kids and even my dogs who drive me crazy and I couldn't ask for anything more. So thanks for all the birthday wishes and love, I had a fabulous day!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Visiting baby Ford

We went back to visit baby Ford today for a little longer. Callie was a lot more jealous today getting upset that her daddy was holding the baby. She was tired and grouchy today which probably didn't help. She was up all night last night crying and fussing. I think her belly hurt as she ate too much dried fruit. Today after nap time she had a big poop blow out, that required a bath it was so bad, but then she started feeling better .
Anyways we got to spend some time snuggling Ford. What an angel this baby is. He is just perfect and so darling. He has the greatest poses and is just happy to be held and snuggled.
When we arrived at the hospital there was a fire truck just sitting there and we let Callie sit on it. She was very excited about the fire engine and even wanted me to sing about it at bedtime.
Some of these photos (the better ones) are from yesterday that Jeana took as well.
We love you Ford and are so happy to be your aunt, uncle and cousin. Callie is already calling him the other brother Ford. She seemed confused about the whole Diego vs Ford baby and calls him the wrong name. We said that's the other baby and now she says the other brother Ford. I think it's pretty cute so let's just go with it.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I'm an Aunt!!

Baby Ford arrived today!! I am so excited to say I am an aunt! We went to visit in the morning with Callie and Jeana was a real trooper as she had zero sleep and had only been back in her room for a few hours. She looked fabulous! And baby ford was sooo cute! He looks like both Jeana and Christian.
Callie did exceptionally well with visiting. She was concerned about Jeana and kept asking about her nurses and wanted to sit with her. She got to sit with Ford and gave him a kiss on the head.
Congrats to Jeana and Christian on their beautiful and perfect baby boy, Ford Lucas Chavez. Callie is excited about her first cousin and I'm excited for my first nephew. Baby Diego needs to wait another 6 weeks to meet him... I'm not ready early.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Bippity boppity boop

Callie was a crabby girl today after not sleeping too well at her sleepover :( I bet Grandma is tired too.
So instead of running errands we stayed home all day and tried to find things to do for fun. I installed new shades in Diego's room and Callie loved the old ones twisty pole that changes the angle of the shade. We decided to make it into a magic wand like the fairy godmother from Cinderella. I let Callie choose different ribbons and we tied them to the end and glued some spiraled down the wand. She loves it! Garbage made into a fun toy. Viola!
I will say it's slightly dangerous as it's way too long and she swings it around like a whip! She keeps pretending to turn the dogs into horses just like the fairy godmother turns the mice into horses in Cinderella.  I told her they don't like that and now she walks over to them and says T? Like it? And then no, manny only. She is too funny. I sing Bippity boppity boop just like on Cinderella.
Besides that we had two major successes today. We moved all the board books to Diego's room. Callie about had a panic attack when she saw what I was doing and was panting and almost crying saying no share Diego! I told her she didn't have to share right now because Diego isn't here so yet are Callie's books just in Diego's room on the little shelf. I told her she needed room on her big girl bookshelf and somehow that worked. She read a few books in Diego's room then was totally fine with them being there. Phew! I was worries it was going to be a blow up.
Besides that she ran and used her potty all by herself today! I wasn't even with her but she went running saying potty potty and then peed right in the potty! I gave her a shovel full of mini marshmellows as a prize. Yes a shovel lol, that's what she wanted to eat them out of. We had 3 accidents before this success but I'll take any good sitting on the potty to pee as a win. She peed on the deck 3 times which she considers a success and wants marshmellows for. I gave her just one for that since really it's not that helpful that she pees on the deck, although it is still good she knows she needs to go and makes it out of the house without an accident.
Tonight we are both exhausted. Callie went right to bed early and I'm headed to bed early too.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mommy's night out

Juan and I went to the NCAA basketball sweet 16 tournament game today as an early celebration of my birthday. We went with our friends Jason and Tammy. Wisconsin, where Tammy went to school, played Baylor first and won. Then the second game was San Diego State vs Arizona. It was a heck of a game and I really thought they were going to win as they were ahead all the way until the last few minutes. Unfortunately they lost but we still had a fun time. Callie is spending the night at Grandma and Grandpas and they bought her new doc mcstuffins socks, which you can obviously tell she likes.
Off to bed for me it's way past my bedtime!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pig Tails

This afternoon while Callie was watching tv and I was resting she let me play with her hair. She usually hates when I do her hair even when I'm really gentle. Today though she say quietly and let me run my fingers through her hair. Once I had it all combed through I thought how cute would pig tails be? And she sat still while I got them all tied up. I told her it was pig tails just like her babies and she loved it. Maybe I can work out some new hairdos by convincing her that it's like some of her dolls or tv characters, hmmm

Monday, March 24, 2014


I let Callie watch Cinderella and now it's her favorite movie. We have watched it quite a few times. She pretends to be Cinderella and washes our deck and also dances around saying Cinderella. At my shower I tied a big blue bow on her and she started singing cinderelly cinderelly and dancing around like a ham. Well Tia Nena saw how much she liked the bow and went out and bought her a Cinderella costume! She got it yesterday and cried about taking it off for dinner and not wearing it home to bed. We left it at Grandmas house so she cold play dress up today before Tia Nena had t go back home. eliana sent me these photos, they easily capture how much she likes the dress. I think I am going to have a little princess diva on my hands! Callie says thank you Tia Nena.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Swimming in the pool

Today we went to visit my parents long time friend Greg at the Marriott in Coronado. He flew in for work just for a short time so we went to visit for a bit. They had a heated pool which was perfect since it wasn't too warm today, about 75. Greg brought her a gift from him and Tara and a present for Diego too. Tara must be telepathic because she got Callie a Doc McStuffins purse filled with stickers of dogs and doc mcstuffins stickers! Callie loved it! She wanted to take it in the pool! Thanks Tara and Greg!
In the pool she wanted to make friends and play with the big kids and continuously jumped off the side of the pool. Of course when I tried to get a video of it she started running around to go in the stairs. But what fun we had... We are both exhausted now. Back to work tomorrow and GiJu goes home too. Callie did better than ever this time about understanding that GiJu had to go home but would be back soon. 6 more weeks...

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Diego's Baby Shower

Happy Baby a Shower Day to Diego! What a blessed little boy he is already, and spoiled too! A big thank you to all our family and friends for coming to make this day special. Diego received more gifts than I could have imagined and I am thrilled at all the diapers I will look forward to changing without having to buy a single box. The food was delicious and I ate desserts until I had Diego on a sugar high! Callie was obsessed with the chocolate fountain and had fun playing with Kaitlyn. It was a perfect day. A extra special thank you to my amazing mother in law for throwing me a great shower. And a big thank you to everyone for all the gifts and love too.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Planting the lemon tree

Today we planted our lemon tree. It wasn't easy... We only had a mini shovel and it was GiJu and myself shoveling a big hole with really hard dirt. We made sure that the hole was plenty big so the roots have room to grow. The tree already has a few little lemons starting to grow! I hope we get to pick them this year. Callie helped with the dirt and watered the free and just enjoyed our new front lawn. I think I forgot to mention we got a new yard! It's excellent and soft so Callie can walk and play on it.
I think we have been wearing her out with all our busy days lately. She fell asleep in the car today totally passed out which is pretty rare for her. This morning she was still obsessed with her flip flops and wore them for hours for no reason.
I tried to get her to bed early tonight as tomorrow is the party as Callie keeps saying, Diego's baby shower. She is still up talking to herself though so i guess my plan didn't work too well.