Thursday, December 13, 2012

Opening presents

Callie had a pretty good night last night. I only got up with her twice and the other times she cried it was less than 30 min and she eventually put herself back to sleep. She must have known I was at my wits end and overtired. She slept in until 6:30 and had a really good day. She was happy and exploring the house. She took pretty good naps and was even tough at the doctor when she got her last flu shot! I was so glad to have a good day. I realllly needed one after the last week or so. She still seems to be bothered by her teeth but not as bad.
Callie was hanging out with me in the front room while I was working on the Christmas cards. There was one present under the tree for her from Nicky and she just couldn't stay away from it. I already knew it was a Christmas book so I figured if we opened it early we could read it before Christmas.
She had a good time ripping and eating the paper and then we looked at the book a bit. It was a pretty cool book, Fancy Nancy and the fantabulous Christmas or something similar to that. We looked at the pages but its hard because Callie wand to ten the pages and when they are regular paper he is likely to rip them right out. I helped keep the book safe ;)
Then we opened the packages we received in the mail from Ga Ga & Ashley and Pa and Grandma Kay. We put those presents under the tree too. Then Callie tried to open those too! I took a video of her attempting and me still telling her no. She hasn't really gotten the idea of no yet or at least she pretends she doesn't know.
Christmas cards are officially complete after several hours of labels stuffing and stamps. You can expect it in 1-5 days depending on how far you are from us. Hope you like it ;)

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