Thursday, July 31, 2014

Houdini boy

Diego love to be swaddled. He can't sleep unless he is completely swaddled arms down and tight. He's starting to get strong enough to break out of his regular swaddle but he can't sleep without it. It's also been really hot during the days and he sweats all wrapped in his swaddle. I thought there must be something better and I came across the swaddle strap online. It's pretty simple and for $30 plus shipping I thought I could make that myself for free in less than 30 min. So I set out to make one. I got lazy and used jersey knit so I didn't have to hem the edges. It took longer than expected and I still don't have te little pillows adjusted quite right but it works and he likes it. He slept this afternoon for 2 hours with it on. Here's a step by step putting it on. First put the inner strap across the chest. This holds it in place so it can't slide up near his face. Then put his arms down and the pillows on top of the arms. Then wrap the outer strap to secure it all. Pretty cool huh? Too bad I didn't invent it but I like my free version using scraps I had around the house. Just a few more adjustments needed to be perfect.
Also Callie's headphones came in the mail today for her to listen to music and watch movies on the plane. Doesn't she look like a teenager in her cool headphones, yeah I'm in trouble already.

Hanging at the park with friends

This afternoon I met up with a friend from my old work and her family at the park. Jeana and Ford came out to meet us too as coincidentally my friend Michelle and Jeanas sister were close friends growing up. Callie had so much fun she didn't want to leave! It took her a bit to warm up but once the big kids moved on from the playground and it was just her and Titus they had a blast.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Baby Whisperer Marta

Marta has some kind of majic touch with babies. When Callie was little she would rock her to sleep after all kinds of screaming and now Diego just loves her too. He can be screaming while I walk around on circles, shushing, rocking, bouncing and patting and she just takes him and gets him to calm and sleep in 5 min flat. I don't know what her majic touch is but she's my baby whisperer and I wish she lived closer. Thanks again Marta for all your baby whispering skills this week :)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Relaxing Sunday

Today we relaxed and caught up from our busy few days. We played at home all morning and had dinner with the whole family and Chuy and Marta who are visiting this week.
In the morning Callie was pretending to be mommy grocery shopping whole wearing Lambie like a baby. Hopefully I don't wear Diego this dangerously! Then she was blow drying daddy's hair. But she says just his eyebrows and chin because he's bald!

Saturday, July 26, 2014


I got free tickets to SeaWorld because I am technically a disaster service worker as a County employee. While I didn't do anything during this years wildfires as I had a newborn in past years I have so I didn't feel bad taking up SeaWorlds offer. Juan and I went and Enrique came too. It was a really hot day but we still had so much fun. My friend Amy met us there with her kids and we saw the dolphin show, played in the Sesame Street area, and got to meet Elmo. Callie had so much fun. Grandpa leg her play a game and she won the biggest prize!! It was a pick the duck game and she won a giant duck. She loves this thing and is even sleeping with it tonight. We ended the day with a pizza party at LaBellas. I don't think she could have had any more fun today. But I'm sure exhausted!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Beach day with Grandpa

The kids and I went to the beach with Grandpa today as he took the day off work. It was supposed tone a very very hot day but it actually was cloudy and the sun wasn't out to heat it up so it was really nice. Callie spent the day boogie boarding and Diego and I hung out in the shady park area. These photos didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped because of the shade and I shouldn't wear my sunglasses when photographing with my dslr because I adjust the settings off to the light. However I think I still captured the moment enough for a good memory. Callie had an awesome time and was exhausted by nap time. Thanks Grandpa for all the fun.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Reading and smiles

Callie says she needs glasses to read like her GiJu and Grandpa do and since mommy and daddy wear glasses all the time. My old glasses with no lenses have really become a fun thing for her. She decided she needed them to "read" curious George to me. She can tell parts of the story based on memory and from looking at the pictures which is amazing to me. If she ever has to wear glasses she will be excited and looks pretty cute!
Diego was smiling for only a small part of the afternoon as he's been crabby but I caught him on camera none the less.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Four Kids

I know the dogs get neglected now that my two kids take all my attention, but they are still my kids and get in on the fun too. This morning I had all 4 kids in the bed with me after Juan left for work. Diego and LT were just hanging out nicely while Callie and Manny were harder to get to sit still. I sorta got a photo of all 4; Callie is holding Manny from moving and you can't see her face well but pretty close. I love the one of D and T, especially because I don't know how long he will be around for these photos.