Monday, December 10, 2012

A little scare...

Callie and I had a fun day keeping busy. Callie's teeth were really bothering her and she was screaming while we were out running errands. I spent the day keeping her as preoccupied as possible.
In the evening I cooked her some organic ground beef which both looked and tasted better than any ground beef I have ever had. I am working on getting her a sufficient iron intake since we dont feed her any iron fortified foods. The pediatrician recommended beef. So she really liked it. I left it in small pieces so she could finger feeds since he is against anything I feed her on a spoon right now. But at the end of dinner I noticed her face started to break out in hives, then her arms and by the time we were at the bathtub her whole torso. I won't lie I was pretty close to panicking! I was worried it would get bad fast and she go into anaphylactic shock, my biggest fear because there is nothing I could do. Juan bathed her to see if it would go away while I called the emergency line at our pediatrician and left a number for the on call doctor to callus back. Lucky for us they are awesome and called back 5 minutes later. The doctor thought its extremely rare to be allergic to beef and that it could be due to her respiratory virus and a combination of food and that. Either way best thing to do is give her Benadryl and watch her. Any swelling or breathing problems and head straight to children's hospital ER. Well she has now been asleep since 7 so I think she is going to be ok . I've been in to check on her twice already. It was a little scary but I'm glad she is fine. We have to wait a month then reintroduce beef so lets hope it was a fluke and not a real allergy.
On a lighter note here we are in our silly Christmas headbands. Thanks Tia Nena for sending silly stuff ;)

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  1. OMG!! Rach that is so scary! I hope everything is OK!!


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