Thursday, December 20, 2012

Little Green Pouch

We noticed that Callie loves to eat food out of those cool little pouches some baby food come in. We had a few from our trip to CT as they are good for traveling. Callie has been fighting eating off a spoon lately and since she liked the pouch so much I thought I should invent that but reusable for people like me that make all their own baby food!! Well of course someone already did! I am actually glad because I could order it and have it in a week versus waiting for me to invent it. Still waiting to be a great idea.
So these reusable pouches arrived today. They are called little green pouches and are resealable, dishwasher safe, bpa free and free of phalates = awesome. We tried it at dinner tonight with spinach and pears. She sucked it down so fast! So I gave her apples and cinnamon and she ate all that too! Also she ate broccoli and avocado tonight. What a hungry little girl. I learned a new trick for getting her to eat slimy foods such as avocados. We coat it in oat flour so it doesn't seem slimy then she will pick it up and eat it, score! Double win for mommy in the feeding category!!
I also snapped a photo with her mouth open so you can see her new 3 teeth on the top. 5 teeth total now and I believe the other front one is on its way. All I want for Christmas in my 2 front teeth??
Today Callie is 8 months old but I am saving that post for tomorrow when I can take her photos and write my long monthly post.

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