Saturday, December 22, 2012

8 Months Old!

Callie is officially 8 months old. The past month has been busy and went by fast but also she has grown a lot. She weighs over 20 lbs and is in the 90th percentile for weight. Callie has mastered the army crawl and is quite fast. It's still a half crawl as she only uses one arm and leg but effective none the less. She can also get in and out of sitting by herself, although again she only uses her left hand. Maybe she will be a lefty?! Callie moved into a big girl car seat in my car this month and we just got the car seat for Juan's truck too.
Her reflux is doing really well with the medication, she almost never spits up. She has been sleeping better and I think the crazy necklace actually helps. I left it off for two days and she was sleeping worse, waking up 4 times last night :( I put the necklace back on today.
We have experienced Christmas presents and Callie loves ribbon and ripping paper.

Today was a big day! Callie opened her BIG Christmas present! We didn't know we were opening the big present first! Uncle Chuck and Aunt Joni sent Callie her gift and said she could open it before Christmas. We called Chuck on FaceTime while she opened it. If I had known what it was I would have videoed it. Callie opened...... Drumroll..........her own iPhone! Like seriously not a baby play one, an actual iPhone, 32GB too! He also gave her a special baby phone case and a rubbery case. I started to download her favorite apps. She is going to love this. She has been playing with my phone in the car but then I can't get calls and at home she wants to hold it all the time. Now Callie has her own phone! I think she may just be the youngest child to have an iPhone! I mean didn't I just get done saying she is 8 months?

Chuck always bought the coolest gifts when I was a kid. He sent all the stuff my mom wouldn't allow and gave cool clues. Chucks presents were always our favorite! I remember wanting a tv for my room and my mom said no, but then chuck showed up and got me one for Christmas! I think he just set a precedent for the same for Callie! Thanks Chuck! We love you a lot and Callie loves her gift. I'm not sure anything else can live up to an actual iPhone. Way to set the bar high!

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