Sunday, December 30, 2012

Time for baby proofing?

Callie is really starting to push her limits. As you've seen before she crawls all through the living room, has crawled out the door, and now climbs up the stairs! Well she at least tries. When I took this video it was her first attempt. Later in the day she actually got up the step by herself!
The dogs are a huge motivator for her. She just loves them. They were wrestling and chasing each other around and she just giggles and screeches with excitement. She wants to get to them so bad. She crawls after them, but they still outsmart her and move much faster. She is gaining on them though... LT got on the first step. When he realized she could get on that step he moved to the second step but now she can get there too!
I think it's time we get a baby gate for the stairs and start baby proofing the house. She is ready learning to open cabinets and likes to play next to he dangerous and hard fireplace hearth. Guess that will be my New Years resolution.
I also snapped a few photos of her with her walker. She can stand at it holding on with no help now. She is trying to walk by herself with it too but needs help with controlling the speed and not tipping over still.

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