Friday, January 31, 2014

Neighbors Cat

Callie just loves the neighbors cat. We were walking around the block with the dogs when she saw the cat out laying in the sun. I tie the dogs to her car by their leashes and then I can help her pet the cat. The cat runs away now if I'm not there to protect him and be sure she is gentle. still he is pretty good considering and never mean, he just runs away when he has had enough. Look at this face!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

When dinner fails

What do you do when dinner fails? Well you eat breakfast at our house!
Tonight it was just Callie and I at home so I thought I'd keep it simple and make mac and cheese with leftover chicken and peas mixed in. Great idea, but then I dumped the cheese packet on the noodles and it was bad.... Brown and yucky. I tasted it and it wasn't good either. So now I have a screaming toddler who wants dinner now and can't wait for me to cook anything else. What to do what to do? Eat breakfast! I always have premade breakfast items in the freezer ready to go so I pulled out some frozen homemade waffles, threw strawberries and blueberries and whip cream on top and called it dinner, for both of us!!
Callie was happy and crisis averted. One day with non nutritious dinner won't kill you... I'll strive to do better tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A little fun, finally

After feeling like our house has been just one big sickness for a week I felt like Callie needed to get out for some fun. So when I got out of work early today I promised to take her to feed the ducks again since she was still talking about it. This time we brought more bread since we ran out so fast. Callie started feeding them as we walked down the side of the lake so we had about 40 ducks just following us as we walked. That would have been a photo to remember but I left the phone in the car. We fed the ducks for awhile, Callie ate more bread again, and we saw lots more turtles sunning themselves on the shore.
After ducks we went to Golden Spoon to get frozen yogurt, one of Callie's favorites. They also have a nice set up with a fountain and Koi pond, so we fed the fish and looked at their turtles too. Then we had to stop at Sprouts for some groceries as I haven't been shopping in a week!
We came one and made a nice dinner of roasted chicken, sweet potatoes and asparagus.yummy!
I am so glad to finally be feeling better and while that fun trip wore me out I needed a break and to smile a bit. Between work (I'm helping cover for my boss who is on maternity leave) and being sick it hasn't been too fun of a week. So enjoying Callie and forgetting about all our worries was a nice way to spend our afternoon together. All we were missing was daddy with us. I better start playing the lotto so we can all stay home and just have fun ;)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

House of illness

Where have we been?.. Well Saturday at my course I got sick, really sick, puking in the bathroom sick and had to leave early. I thought it must have been something I ate but then I was sick through the whole night, really really sick. Sunday I went to urgent care and got iv fluids and zofran to stop puking. I was still so sick Sunday when I got home. The doctor thinks its a virus and I said really?. But then Juan got really sick too and I had to believe her. We thankfully brought Callie to stay at her grandparents since we were so sick and just needed to rest. We are slowly recuperating but boy have I been wiped out. I haven't taken a single photo or even thought to write on the blog. Thankfully Callie is finally feeling all better and hopefully by the weekend Juan and I have recovered too. I barely made it through work the past two days so bedtime always seemed more important than the blog. Hopefully I will have some fun and photos for you soon, but until then I haven't disappeared I am just catching my breath a bit ;)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Mommy snuggles

Unfortunately Callie still isn't feeling well. She threw up again today,this time on the kitchen floor which is much easier to clean. It wasn't as bad as before, much less, but still puking is puking. She isn't eating well still. I'm just trying to get her to eat some bland food to keep her stomach from being empty as I think the puking comes from an empty stomach and yucky boogers draining into her belly.
We stayed home all day and spent some time snuggling. Callie even says mommy snuggle which is too cute.
We watched this 10 min video called "La Luna" that Tia Mari bought her about 8 times today. It's a cute little video about the moon that doesn't even have any words. I didn't think she would like it so much but she sure does. It is pretty cute.
Tomorrow I will be gone all day at a continuing Education class so Callie will be with daddy and grandma for a short while. I hope she is doing better, this is a long lived illness. She was really difficult with her medicine tonight, worse then ever too.
On the upside tonight we sold all the furniture from our "guest room" which is to become the nursery shortly. One step closer to getting Diego's room ready.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Projectile Puke

Well I thought I was going to have an update saying how much better Callie was doing, but that's not the case.... Last night she was up for 1.5 hrs just fussing uncomfortable. The night before she slept through the whole night! I woke up worried but she kept sleeping. But today she wasn't feeling well. She didn't eat barely at all and you could just tell she didn't feel well. I picked her up and we were headed to the fabric store to buy more "blocks", scrap foam blocks from the upholstery place. I bought one bag as a sample and love them, so does Callie. I am planning to make a reading corner in Callie's room as I will be taking the rocking chair out for the nursery. I wanted it to e something special so she doesn't miss the chair and gets excited about the reading corner. I also want to do it way before the baby gets here so she doesn't feel like it was taken from her for him. Ok so anyways, that's the gist of what we are making, a big crash pad, mattress like corner made of a big fabric covered bag of foam chunks. Callie thinks the blocks are quite fun outside the bag and likes to stack them and kick them over.
So we were headed to get 2 more bags so the mat will be extra stuffed and comfy. She was even excited about going to get the blocks. But right before we got there, she got fussy then projectile vomited all over the car while I was driving! What a mess!! She was screaming and it was all over her, the seat, the rug, etc, just imagine... No photos for this part.
I pulled over and cleaned her up the best I could. Luckily I had a change of clothes and a towel, enough to get her clean to go home. Then we had to wash the car seat cover, base, straps, car seats, clothes, towels, car mats, etc.
Then she needed a bath because her hair smelled like puke too!
Ugh, what a nightmare, although I really felt bad for her as she was very upset. I am pretty sure her boogers are just too much and draining into her little belly, with no food, equals a yucky tummy and therefore puke. I got her to eat a bit of a bagel after to help her stomach settle then rice and saltines for dinner. She wouldn't eat anything else.
She was exhausted tonight and went right to bed right on time. I'm hoping she is feeling better tomorrow as its so hard to see her miserable and sick and it's been a whole week now.
She is being a trooper and eating her new chewable antibiotics without any tears :)

Here are some photos and a video of her playing with the foam blocks last week when we ought the first bag. Hopefully she can play again like this soon, poor kiddo.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy 21 months! Back to the doctor.

Today Callie turned 21 months on the 21st of January. Pretty cool, too bad we spent it at the doctors office again. We canceled the allergy tests (rescheduled for first available in mid April!) and went back to the pediatrician to check in. Her lungs still sound the same, no improvement but the fact she is acting somewhat better and the green boogers are gone is somewhat reassuring. The doctor says it still may take another 8-10 days to get better, especially the cough. As long as she isn't getting worse we don't have to bring her back. We switched her amoxicillin to a chewable tablet which worked well this evening but I won't get my hopes up yet. Last night she was up 7, that's right 7 times in 11 hours. Needless to say I'm exhausted. I can hear her coughing now and am wondering how many times she will be up tonight. It's horrible to hear her cough like this.
Tia Mari came over today to play and babysit (as well as bring some delicious lunch and a gift) so I could run out for errands to the pharmacy. I had to go to 2 pharmacies! One for Callie and one for Manny. I am just th angus I didn't have Callie in tow because it was a lot of waiting. Thanks Tia for spending some time and giving me a few hours.
Anyways 21 months! What's new at 21 months? She can climb the baby slide UP the slide with her hands and feet. She is starting to go up some smaller steps without using the rail and is more stable stepping down single curbs. Her language skills are amazing. The kid knows more than 500 words and I would be tempted to say 1000. She says words like spatula and uses 3 word phrases much more often. The funny things she is saying this month are:
Daddy cooks chickens (while pointing at the grill)
GiJu wears pajamas
Mommy snuggle
Nosey nosey for Eskimo kisses
Oopsie all the time when she falls, or slippy slippy about her socks, and then Callie ok to tell you she isn't hurt

Today she told daddy, Callie doctor bravo! To tell him she was good at the doctor today. She is so smart she amazes me every day. She is still incredibly impatient and thinks that we should be able to fast forward live tv through the commercial (dont blame her on that though) and can tell you specifically which episode of curious George she wants to watch. She can name almost all the Sesame Street characters and Mickey Mouse characters too.
This last week she learned to sing Twinkle Twinkle little star which is adorable even though it's less than half the words.
Yesterday she put a sock on by herself for the first time ever. That was pretty good considering everything is always just rip it off.
Well that's my amazing daughter at 21 months. I can say she tests my patience daily but I love her to pieces and she is teaching me to be a better mommy every day.
I hope she feels better soon as it kills me to see her so sick :(

Monday, January 20, 2014

Ducks! On the Upswing...

Callie is starting to do better. Today was the first day that she wanted to actually play and ate more. She slept somewhat better last night. She still wakes up from being uncomfortable or being unable to breathe and wants me there to settle her back to sleep. I moved the mattress out of her room and told her I wasn't sleeping there anymore which was VERY upsetting to her.
I wanted I get her out of the house and do something fun. So I decided on going out to lunch at one of her favorite places, Luna Grill and going to feed the ducks. Boy was she excited about the ducks. On the way there she opened the bread bag and was just munching down! I said Callie save the bread for the ducks...
When we got there she kept saying hi ducks hi and chasing them while waving. I tried to get some good photos of her but she was dangerously close to the edge and I was afraid she may fall in. We also saw some turtles! There were a ton of ducks and the little ones were brave climbing out of the water and attempting to take the bread right from Callie's hand. I told her no bc I was afraid she might get bit, that's all I need...
By the time we went home she was exhausted and crabby. I guess she is trying not to be sick but then gets tired really fast, sounds a little like what I did last week.
Also I figured out a way to get her to swallow the medicine. I tried chocolate sauce and yogurt wih no success as well as bribes was but ended up with a method where I put my finger between her teeth while I give her the meds so she can't spit and has no choice but to swallow. She still screams and I have to restrain her but it's faster, less waste and less crying by the end.
Tomorrow we cancelled her allergy tests since she is still sick and we go back to the pediatrician so she can check her lungs to be sure they are getting better.
I'm exhausted from the weekend even though I didn't go anywhere. I'm hopeful that I won't get up more than 3 times and that I can sleep in my own bed. Night night :)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Upswing and slide

Callie is starting to feel better. She slept better last night, most of the night in her own bed. I got up to comfort her a few times or reposition her covers. She woke up at 4 am with a bad cough and didn't want to go back to bed but after 30 min of me insisting she went back to sleep with me on the mattress on the floor until 6:30 am. So we both got a lot more sleep than the night before. She still has running boogers out her nose but less and all clear now. The cough is really the thing that gets her. She will cough until her face turns red and then she cries because it hurts. I think the hardest part is that she is refusing to take her medicine. She is making it nearly impossible to give her the antibiotics 3 x a day she will fight, spit, hit and choke trying not to swallow it. I think I have wasted half the medication because she spits it out and we have to start all over. I literally have to hold her down arms and legs and put it way back in her mouth and hold her mouth shut. It's my least favorite part of the day and it comes with a lot of crying.
She was definitely feeling better today as she played more normal than the last few days where she just sat on the couch and wanted to be held. She also got a new slide at our house. I found a cool slide/climber and seesaw on craigslist during the week and had already planned to get it this weekend so I still sent Juan to get it even though I stayed home with the sick kid. She was excited to see it and play on it. It's still a little advanced for her as the big slide is a little steep and it's tough to climb up without help and it's pretty tall. I think it's ok as she will grow into it quickly I am sure.
I'm hoping for a lot of sleep tonight and I'm glad to see her starting to feel better. I still need her to eat more as she's been incredibly picky and hasn't eaten much for days. Tomorrow I'll still be home with her and hopefully she is doing even better.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Presents make most things better

Last night was an extra rough night, Callie had a hard time sleeping bc of we cough, congestion and fever again. She woke up in the middle of the night with a high fever again shaking and shivering. She ended up sleeping with me almost the whole night on the twin mattress on the floor. She was wiggly and uncomfortable a lot so it was hard to sleep. That and trying to keep her from rolling off the bed or being comfortable myself with no space and a big pregnant belly. So needless to say I didn't get much sleep. Today she sounded so much worse, raspy voice, boogers streaming down her face in green and a bad cough. I'm so glad I took her in yesterday as it's much harder to get Saturday appointments and she really would have been a mess. As the day went on her boogers seemed to get clearer and less and her fever went away. I hope that means the antibiotic is working and she will feel better soon. She's been impossible to feed as she doesn't want to eat anything. I made macaroni and cheese, bagels, homemade chicken soup, toast, fruit, juice, but she barely ate anything all day:(
The happiest parts of the day were opening presents. Callie would tell you PaPa sent her presents but really GiJu and PaPa each sent her something earlier in the week and it just lucked out that we received them in the mail today. GiJu sent a curious George stuffed monkey dressed as a doctor (how fitting) and PaPa sent her a tractor, identical to his. Callie much preferred the tractor which she thinks is very cool since it's just like PaPas. She loves to press the buttons for the horn and engine noise and uses the "digger" as she calls it. I have no idea what you call that thing but it does dig.
Later when she was not feeling too well again she hugged her George and watched the George episode where he pretends to be a doctor on YouTube.
I'm hoping for a better night sleep and that she wakes up feeling much much better. Big thanks to GiJu and PaPa for the presents to brighten an otherwise yucky day.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Poor sick Callie

Well I was wrong about how sick Callie was. I put her to bed thinking she was fighting off her cold but then she woke up screaming at 10:30 with a high fever, sweating, and miserable sounding. I finally got her to resettle, cool off and get ready for bed again. I moved the twin mattress into her room and slept on her floor. This morning she was a little better but I could tell she wasn't feeling well. She was clingy, tired, coughing, and was happy sitting in her stroller during our walk and watching cartoons all morning. Usually she is playing and running and I can't keep her still so I knew something was amiss. After nap time she woke up screaming with another high fever. It wasn't going down without medicine so I called the pediatrician and she was happy to see we right away. Well it's a good thing I brought her in because turns out she has pnemonia! :( the doctor put her on antibiotics for 10 days and wants to see her back Tueaday unless she is all better. Besides how horrible I feel that she is so sick because I have been te sick one lately and probably got her sick, I am worried she won't be well enough for her allergy test Tuesday. We will play it by ear but I'm hoping she is feeling better right away.
Regardless she still has her sassy little quirks and today it was wearing sunglasses. Playing with we blocks and on our walk she never took them off.
I'll be sleeping in Callie's room again to be sure she does ok and hopefully by tomorrow she is feeling much better. Poor Callie :(

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Another day, another playground

Today was another sunny warm 80 degree day. I am out of work for 5 days with the Monday holiday and I took Tuesday off as Callie is having an egg challenge test at the hospital all day. I forgot to finish our time keeping system approvals before I left work that really needed to get done. I didn't want to ask someone else for a favor and since I was planning to take Callie to the park anyways, I figured we could use the computer at my old office and play on the school playground. So we stopped in and said hi to my old staff, quickly signed off on everyone's time cards so they get paid. Then headed out to the school playground. School had already gotten out so it was pretty quiet just a sibling of a kid in therapy, but that worked out perfectly. He was 2 and Callie liked playing with him. I took her on the bigger kid playground because it's the closest to the parking lot and I was too lazy to go to the preschool side of the elementary school. Callie did just fine exploring the big kid playground. She has no fear. She climbed the ladder, the Lego ladder, the stairs and even the rock wall! She went down the big fast slide all by herself at least 6 times. The other little boy was afraid to go down the slide, Callie kept saying "boy come come" she was a riot. We stayed and played 45 minutes!
She is getting a little cold, probably caught it from me. She has a cough and a little congestion. I'm hoping she fights it and never gets too sick. We are keeping up with te humidifier and diffusing lavender and eucalyptus oils in her room at night. Either way she is a tough kid and she won't complain. Hopefully we can enjoy our 5 day weekend together and have some fun though.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Exploring the yard

Callie doesn't go in the backyard much but today was sunny and she kept asking. So I let her explore. We need to clean up the yard, plant some new grass and make it better for her to play. Part of the reason we bought this house was for the yard but we aren't even using it! LT rips up the trees thats why it looks like shredded plants, ugh. Callie likes to climb the stairs, climb the deck, go in the shed, shovel dirt, basically explore and get into trouble. I let her for an hour as it keeps her busy and gets her tired. I'm hoping we get a slide or a play structure in the near future... Hmmm.....

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Baby 2 has a name!

So it's finally been decided after much deliberation that Baby 2 will be named.......

Diego Enrique Chavez

Diego is just a name Juan and I have always liked and picked out for Callie before we knew if she was a boy or girl. Enrique is to name him after his daddy, same middle name, and therefore his grandpa as well :)
So I can stop calling him baby 2 lol. 
In other news I was feeling better today and it was a sunny 80 degrees so I took Callie to the park. She thinks she is so big, running around and exploring the playground with no fear and such independence. Getting to be a big girl.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Sick mommy

I have a terrible cold :( the worst part about having a cold and being pregnant?.... No medicine! I've been using steamy showers and my netti  pot but I'm still blowing my nose 100+ times a day. I'm so tired I have been going to bed when Callie goes to bed. So bear with me as there probably won't be photos or posts for a few days. We called PaPa today to wish him a Happy Birthday and Callie asked if he was in his barn. Apparently he spends all his time there according to Callie.
I did have this last photo left from GiJu visit. She got Callie a car ramp and a few matchbox cars. Who would have known it would be such a hit?! Loads of fun watching them zoom!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas #2

Callie had Cristmas number two with the Chavez family last night. Boy was she excited all over again to open presents. She got a new kitchen to have at MaMa and PaPas house with a hello kitty water cooler to go in her kitchen. A Minnie Mouse table and chairs. A Minnie Mouse vanity and a doll with hair to brush and the entire hair do bag o tricks. It has a working blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron, comb, brush and bows. She had a good time and was sad to go home when we said all the toys had to stay. But lucky for her we are back today for the Chargers game and she is contently playing with all her new toys. She really wants us to fill up the water jug for her water cooler but I think it needs to wait a bit as I can see water everywhere if we fill it. What a lucky girl! Someone must have thought she was on the nice list :)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Driving Callie's new truck

For Christmas Juan and I bought Callie a power wheels truck, Mater from Cars movie. She is learning to drive it, but can't steer well. Here she is driving down the sidewalk outside, vrrrroooom!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

for the dogs!!

Callie and GiJu made cookies for the dogs today. Callie enjoys cooking anything she can help with. This time it was pumpkin molasses dog cookies. When they were done she was feeding the dogs but kept nibbling a bite off each cookie. I said Callie those are for the dogs!! But she didn't listen and kept nibbling, just one bit out of each cookie she gave them. They are made out of all real human food ingredients but don't have sugar or butter or all the good stuff in human cookies. So it's not terrible she are them but I don't know why she kept trying them. I snapped her photo putting them all away in the jar and nibbling a few as she put them in. Crazy kid!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Swing.. I mean Slide

Callie now loves the slide. Se calls it the swing mistakenly a lot but she means the slide. It's set strange but she hates the swings. One swing and she wants off, but the slide she could do over and over. She is finally big enough to climb the stairs and go down the slide by herself. What a big girl! This afternoon we went to the park to play on the slides, all 3 of them. Callie wore herself out going up the stairs and down the slides per and over. Now hopefully she is tired enough that she sleeps past 4:40 am , her new wake up time. Changing time zones is not easy for a baby ya know? I told her tomorrow she has to stay in her bed until the sunlight comes out but at least 5:30 before I will go get her out of her bed.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Lost luggage

Well we made it home. It wasn't too fun but we made it. We woke up at 3:30 am to get ready to leave for our 6 am flight. We had no issues with the providence airport and we smoothly caught our first flight and checked all our bags. We had 5 bags because of all the toys from Christmas, new baby clothes I bought on super sale, and huge box of clothes Taylor sent as hand me downs, plus a car seat. It was snowing in Chicago Midway and our flight was delayed waiting for a late plane from NY who had passengers transferring to our plane. Then we sat on the plane for 90 minutes on the runway waiting to have the plane deiced before we could leave. Just adding 90 min to time to sit in an airplane seat is no fun, especially for a little active 20 month old girl. Luckily this flight there was an empty seat so Callie got to sit in the middle between GiJu and I. This was sooo much better than her being on my lap where she had no room. I guess that's why they make you get a seat at 2 years old. It ended up being a nearly 6 hr flight instead of 4 hr 20 min. Callie was as good as she could be, antsy and impatient but no screaming or crying so I dot think we bothered anyone else on the plane.
Anyways when we finally arrived at San Diego it took forever for the bags to come out. We waited and waited. By now Callie was having a meltdown as she hadn't had lunch. Well, we waited until the bag belt stopped and NONE of our 5 bags arrived. So we stood in line to put in a claim to our bags. What a nightmare... Callie is missing her car seat, sleeping bag, sound machine, clothes, almost everything. GiJu has no clothes. I am missing my maternity pants and my night guard for girding my teeth, I miss that the most.
Today they found 3 of the 5 and said they would deliver them to the house. Well now they didn't deliver, messed up somehow and they will arrive tomorrow. The other 2 are still missing. I don't en know which ones try found... Ugh
All Callie's Christmas presents and tons of clothes and gifts are all packed away in those suitcases. Hopefully they find them all soon :(
Meanwhile today I dug out all the girl clothes we had put away in the attic to give away to my friend Kristen who is expecting a girl in the next 3 weeks or so. Wholly cow did we have girls clothes!! Check out Callie in all the boxes of clothes. It was fun to see all the adorable outfits she used to wear and how small she was. Too bad we aren't having a girl because we would have been more than set. Oh well, passing them on to a new good home. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Time to say goodbye to CT

Today was our last day in CT. It was also the coldest day by far. When we left the house in the morning it was -4 degrees not including the windchill. Yep pretty cold if you ask me or Callie.
We went to have breakfast at GaGa and Ashley's house in the morning. Callie played hi ho cherry-o with GaGa.
We ran some errands in the day and started the massive packing attempt which I just completed at 9 pm.
Uncle Eddie and Heather came over to have dinner and visit with Callie. After dinner Callie was snuggling with Eddie and watching Curious George on the iPad. She didn't take her eyes off the pad for a moment even with that cookie in her hand!
We had a great time visiting everyone in CT this holiday season. I am however ready to go home to some normal temperature weather. Today in San Diego it was 76 degrees. I'll be thrilled to enjoy some warmth tomorrow afternoon. Until then wish me luck on this looong plane journey. GiJu is flying back to help out and it's a really early flight. I have no idea how it will go. Just hoping for the best and reminding myself it can only last so long and then we will be home with no plans to fly until late summer :)