Friday, December 7, 2012

My Blurb Book

While I enjoy my blog and feel like its a good keepsake of all the photos of Callie growing over the days and a nice record/journal of my life with her it's not realistic that I go back and look at the blog. I realized this early on. Its easy to follow and look at recent posts, but I have almost 300 posts already at only 7 months! So I decided to make my blog into a book so that I can flip through the pages, see the photos and read the blog whenever I wanted now and in the future. I also thought some day Callie might want to read it. She will probably say, "Jeez Mom all you did was complain about me!". And I will say, "Well thats because you were difficult!". He he
I digress. Anyways, I had a coupon for Blurb who awesomely has a program to help automatically make your blog into a book by downloading all your words and photos to pages. It still took me nearly 3 hours to edit and resize photos and complete the project, but it would have taken me so many more hours to do it all myself. So I ordered my blog as a book and today it came in the mail! Its even better than I expected! I love looking back and seeing how little she was and how she has grown and changed. And since I spent all this time working on it I thought I would share it with you all! Now I don't expect that you all would like it as much as me and want to spend $45 on a book, but just in case you do, I have 2 coupon codes. For free shipping: PRESENT (expires Dec 31st). For 20% off (expires Dec 10th): HOLIDAYS20. I think you can only use 1 code so free shipping is better.

You should be able to preview the book here:

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