Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas #3 on NYE

Happy New Years Eve! I'm hopefully celebrating with lots of sleep. Diego went to urgent care yesterday as he now has pink eye and he's on antibiotics as well as the boogers and illness just aren't resolving. So today he had his best day yet. Still a lot of boogers and fussy compared to usual but up and playing all day.
We finally had our east coast Christmas since we postponed it while D was so sick. The kids had a great time opening even more presents... Spoiled much?! Diego was happy with his fire trucks and cars and Callie was so excited for games and shopkins. The overwhelming hit was Doggy Doo a game where a dog toots (that's our nice word for farts) and poops and you have to collect poop with a shovel to win. And a game where you feed a pig hamburgers until he gets so fat he bursts. Yep that's what my kid is most excited about. Gross yet quite entertaining and fun. Here's a few shots and videos of the fun.
I didn't tell Callie is was New Years Eve and she went to bed at 8 pm. We had enough excitement for one day. Instead she ended her night curled up reading with GaGa, super cute.

Uncle Chuck aka Goober took a bunch of photos and videos so I'll add those as I get them.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

First fun in CT

D is still sick. He didn't throw up today but still has a fever and diarrhea. He did venture off the couch for a little bit of fun despite being so over tired. He doesn't sleep at night and has been crying for hours on end as well as only taking very short naps. It's very frustrating when he doesn't even want me to hold him when he's in his frenzy.
But enough about the bad stuff here's a little fun from our day and a brave uncle Eddie came to play with the kids. D even went on a mini hike with Ed through the snow in his boots. He loved that! Callie got a giant 5' cardboard spaceship out to play in and 3 rocking chairs and Callie's twin babies. We even got a bit of snow just enough to sled in at 7:30 am before the rain washed it all away.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Tired of sick

Diego is still sick. He barely slept all night. Crying for long periods of time. Then in the morning had more vomitting and diarrhea and the fever still continues. I am sick of everyone being sick. I'm exhausted and barely starting to feel better myself. So I'm hoping tomorrow is the turn around day. Towards the end of the day Diego walked around and played with a few toys so i'm hoping that means he is starting to feel better. I'll be going to sleep very early tonight to be sure I get some rest tonight.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Made it to CT

Well we made it to CT. Not a single photo as I haven't had a free hand since I left. D got sick on the plane with a fever and vomited. Then he's just sicker today with continued fever more vomitting and now diarrhea. This is the worst virus ever! I spent all day holding him as he was just the most miserable kid. Hoping tomorrow is at least a little better but Callie had this virus and it lasted a long time so holding on for the long haul.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas.... Sickmas

The kids had a great Christmas. Unfortunately all the adults in my house were sick. Juan and my mom had both been sick for several days and missed out on Xmas eve. Then at night I got really sick and was so tired and weak this morning after a long night in the bathroom. The kids are finally feeling better but now the adults are so sick. The kids were thrilled with all the presents and the time spent at Grandma and Grandpas this morning. I am exhausted and still not feeling well.
Diego was so excited with his car ramp, the first thing he opened that he didn't want to open any more presents. Callie opened all of them for him without complaint. Callie received mostly Frozen themed toys and she was happy with all of them. I think her favorite ones were the frozen dolls in all sorts of sizes. She loved playing with the Frozen castle and playing pretend with all her little dolls. Diegos loved the car ramp, car track and Fords slide!
Despite feeling quite down and struggling through the day it was still great to see my kids enjoy the day so much.
Now we are packed and ready to go but I'm not sure if we will be going. I'm still not feeling too well and without a regular restroom close by may opt to move pur flights to Monday. So my apologies for not too many photos or videos on Christmas but I barely survived the whole day. My Christmas wish is to be all better by midnight. Callie said bye to Mimi and Elfie and everyone is off to bed early.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happy Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve! We got to see family and eat wonderful food and just enjoy each other. Callie had the best time playing with her cousin Mia. Better get to sleep so Santa can come...

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Feeling better

It took quite a few days, a trip to the doctor and some antibiotics for Callie to start getting better. D just needed. Lot of sleep no cuddling and he came around. Who knew my vacation would be so exhausting and yet I got nothing done I had initially planned. So there is no cute Christmas craft this Christmas :( but I have two kids that have almost fully recovered and everything ready for Christmas.
Here's a few shots of the kids walking in the "rain" (it wasn't actually raining then), Diegos haircut while playing with his "teepee" tunnel (not sure why he calls it a teepee), eating fro yo with GiJu, getting a facial, making Christmas cookies and walking Christmas circle to see all the lights. So we stayed pretty busy considering the recovery days. Now I just need to get all packed tomorrow as it will be all fun on Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Never ending sickness

Day 3 of sickness is getting a little old for mommy. Callie is still pretty sick with a fever of 103 still today. And now Diego is crabby, tired and boogery. He actually just laid down and fell asleep in the living room in the morning.
I'm hoping his isn't as bad as Callies. And hoping she turns a corner soon. I'm going to take her in to the pediatrician in the morning as the fever this long has me  wanting someone to confirm its just a virus and not an infection.
In more positive news Diego can climb up on the couch by himself. He's a little dangerous as I worry he will fall off and he did today. 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Winter vacation starts with sick kids

Sometimes my plans turn out to be totally opposite what I think they will be. I was so excited for my winter Christmas vacation to start. I had plans to be so productive, have fun and visit some friends. We had a baby sitter coming a Christmas party to go to, a school party with Santa and a get together with friends. All that changed when Thursday night Callie came down with the flu. High fevers accompanied by vomitting and coughing. She just got over the respiratory virus from last weekend. Send her back to school for 3 days and she comes home with this. Turns out some kid at school puked all over the school Thursday. So I'm sure she got it there. After a full day of puking she started getting better but the fevers keep coming back and really drain her. So for 2 days and two nights I've been with her every second comforting her and giving in to her every need. Now I'm exhausted. I just want to sleep in my own bed and get some rest. Here's hoping she can make it at least half a night by herself. D has some boogery cold but no fever so I'm hoping he doesn't get this too. Come on vacation where are you? Santa for Christmas please bring me two happy kids without any illnesses for at least a month.
Yep that's Manny taking the comforting role and a nice plastic Halloween bucket as the puke bowl. Miserable...
Much happier today but still sick. Fever fever go away don't come back anymore days.