Sunday, January 31, 2016

Home before the storm

The snow didn't come by the morning just the rain. It may have been a blessing in disguise because we left really early instead of sticking around at all. We got home early and drove in the rain but the heavy rains and very strong winds cane after we got home. Our hot tub cover has blown off twice and my rain gutter set up the the rain barrels has blown off the side of the house! It's some serious wind here. We are just glad to be home.
Diego was happy to have us both home and even though I didn't take photos today I got this video of him playing Callies crazy cereal game before bed.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Skiing at SnowValley

Oops sorry this post didn't publish... Blame it on the mountains. One day later.

The day of our big adventure is finally here. After work we drove up to Big Bear area about 2.5 hours from our home for a weekend ski get away. Callie went skiing for the very first time. She cried hysterically when I dropped her off at ski school. She calmed down a bit eventually as she could hold Dimitris hand. Her friend Lena was also there with her but she didn't care and still cried. I saw her not crying go down the tiny hill twice from afar but according to ski school she cried a lot so they called me to pick her up by lunchtime. We took s break then tried the real slopes on a chairlift for the smallest main trail. She was doing so well for the first half but then she got tired and kept falling giving up on it all together. Still it was a success as she says she wants to ski again another day (just not tomorrow).
We will try again next year, but she's still having fun just being with her friends in the cabin and we may try sledding tomorrow. I wish I got a video of her skiing but she needed help and I was on my snowboard keeping her from getting too fast or far away from me so I didn't get a good one.

Sledding fun

The kids all said they preferred not to ski a second day so instead we picked activities they might enjoy more. We went sledding at Big Bear and rode the alpine slide. The alpine slide was so fun! And then we played at home and went to the park for more sledding and snow fun. The kids had a blast and I'm exhausted so they must be too. I think this will be a trip Callie remembers for a long time to come. I know at least I will and hopefully we will make it an annual adventure. Now we wait for the snow to come tonight and hope for enough that the kids can see it but not too much so we can drive down the mountain before we get stuck here.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Random extras

Baby Julian and me
See saw with the kids, even manny got in the photo.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Trampoline fun

The kids had their first experience on a full sized enclosed trampoline. Boy did they think it was fun and funny. Alivia has the best toys!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Frozen on Ice

Today was Callie and Mommy special day. Nearly 4 months ago I bought tickets to frozen on ice. I never told her and then just told her we were going out for special mommy and Callie time. She was so excited. We went to visit Dimitri first and pick up some gear to pack for our ski trip next weekend (more on that later), then out to dinner then to Frozen on Ice. It was really good. She was tired as it started at 7 pm but she stayed up the whole time and had a fun time.
Before we left I was gone at a baby shower, when I got home she had made me a necklace special for me for our special day. What a thoughtful little girl, I'll be treasuring my first necklace even though it only has 3 beads :)

Swinging with Dimitri

Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Friend Day

Since it's Friday we visited some friends and played with their kids who are also off on Fridays. Really everyone should be off on Friday because it's just fabulous!
D loved their train table... I think I know his birthday present this year ;) and Callie sung on a giant microphone in her 80s looking sweatshirt. We painted, hunted for empty Easter eggs and just played. Two strong willed girls don't always play nice together but at nearly 4 they can finally use their words to express themselves rather than just fight. At one point I heard Callie say.. "You are bossing me around I don't like it and I'm not paying anymore. If you don't stop I'm going home". Oh boy.. I think she got her point across and Isla was being quite bossy. A taste of her own medicine....for once.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Day of motorized vehicles

Today seemed like the kids played with motorized vehicles all day. In the morning Callie tested out my newest switch toy... A remote control police car. It works great! She had fun using the switch as well as the standard buttons and we problem solved how a kid might use the switch if their hands couldn't. Callie came up with foot which works and is feasible and I showed her elbows and head. She thought this was pretty neat. If only she could see it in action. She's met a lot of former client and has been exposed to more wheelchairs and adaptive equipment than most but I still wish she could see more and connect with some of these kids.
Diego was excited to play with the train with Papa and I taught him to make a tunnel with his legs.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Busy mom

I've been busy at home adapting some simple kids and baby toys to allow switch use. Basically for those kids that cannot use typical buttons on toys due to very limited hand use. I open the toys solder new wiring in and add the mono jack so you can plug the switch in. All the buttons still work in the normal way there is just an added way to access the toy. That's taken time from me taking many photos but it will be worth it for the kids who play with these toys.
So here's a shot of one toy adapted with a large switch so you can grasp the concept.
Besides that I bet you are wondering how D is doing without the pacifier.... Yes we are still pacifier free and no going back. Overall he's doing well except he wakes in the middle of the night and has a hard time going back to sleep and then wakes early in the morning everyday. So he is lacking the soothe himself back to sleep part. It's not too fun but I think he will adjust soon, at least I hope.

Monday, January 18, 2016

MLK Monday

We spent the day wiping boogers, saying goodbye to family, and keeping busy at home. We went out walking the neighborhood with Walkie talkies wearing firefighter rain boots and Elsa crowns. I think people probably think we are nuts but hey whatever is fun and makes smiles.