Monday, April 30, 2012

Sleepy Days/ Sleepless Nights

Callie seems to have her days and nights backwards. I can't get her to sleep at night but in the afternoons I can't seem to wake her up! How about this pose in her sleep? I can't even wake her up to eat. Still adorable even if she keeps me up.

Visitors all the way from Florida!

We were lucky enough that Juan's Nino George was in town visiting from Florida and he was able to make it over to visit along with his sons, George and Gabe.  Callie seemed very at ease just sleeping in their arms.  Thanks for coming to visit us!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mommy's Princess

I was anti-pink throughout my whole pregnancy.  Something about girly stuff just never was my style, but something happens when you have a little girl.  I don't know what that is, but she just has to have cute little girly stuff.  I made a matching hair bow for some of her outfits.  Here was her first day in a matching outfit, bright pink and girly as ever, mommy's little princess!

Maycott Visit

Nicky and Hunter stopped by to visit little Callie before they left town for awhile. It was a quick visit since I have been so exhausted and in pain, but it was great to have them so excited to meet her.  I can't wait til she gets a little bigger and you guys can babysit!

Visiting the Chavez Family

All of the family was dying to meet little miss Callie, but I hadn't been feeling up to having visitors yet after a rough week of recuperating.  Luckily my amazing mother in law came to the rescue and threw an impromptu get together at her house so everyone could meet Callie.  I got to show up with the baby and just rest on the couch while she played hostess and everyone got to pass Callie around and meet her.  It was great to see Callie with all the family, especially her visit with her Great Grandpa.  He was so excited about meeting her and after seeing us open a piggie bank gift from Tio Ricardo he pulled out his wallet and gave Callie her first money for her piggie bank!  It was so cute. Here are the photos of her and the family. 
Tia Mari and Tia Norma

 Juan and Tia Lupe
 Great Grandpa Nacho
 Tio Bogar
 Tio Ricardo
 Auntie Jeana
 Tio Tury
 Tia Eliana (Callie's #1 Aunt)
First Family Photo
It was Chargers Draft day so we all had our Chargers gear on.  Callie had on her first Chargers shirt too, but it got hidden in all the photos.

Mis Abuelos

 Grandma and Grandpa came over to meet us at the house as soon as we arrived home from the hospital with tons of food for me and Juan and grandpa had mowed or lawn too!  We are so lucky to have them so close by and able to help us so much. I couldn't imagine trying to cook to feed myself since I was so exhausted so I was thrilled to have prepared meals for the whole week!  They had already seen her at the hospital but they can't get enough of her, just like the rest of us :) They look so proud of their first grandbaby. Thanks again for everything you did for us the first week, we couldn't have done it without you guys and love you lots!

GG Patiently Waiting

GG came rushing out before Callie's due date when the doctor said I would deliver within the week.  I assured my mom I was feeling fine and I didn't think she would be here very soon, but she insisted and flew out the next day. Of course Callie did not cooperate and was no where in sight.  We waited and waited and kept busy.  It was so great to spend all that time with my mom but I was anxious for Callie to come before she had to leave.  Luckily Callie decided it was time just 3 days before she had to go back to CT.  My mom was able to be there for her birth to support me and just to witness the birth of her first grandchild.  We were thrilled to have her there with us and to have her be able to meet her right away.  We were also thankful to have her the first few nights when we were so exhausted a helping hand to hold and comfort her in the middle of the night was great.  GG had to leave the morning after we went home from the hospital and it was a teary goodbye for me and GG.  We can't wait for her to come back and visit with Grandpa Ed in May.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

First Bath

Callie took her first bath on Tuesday. It was quite an adventure. She hated it and screamed through the whole thing. Manny was overwhelmed with the screaming and barked the entire time. Needless to say it was one loud bath, but how cute is she in her towel? :)

Opening My Eyes

Callie has started to open her eyes more and more. We can't tell exactly what color they are, but for now they are looking a dark grey blue. We doubt they will stay this color but for now they are pretty darn cute :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Meeting her (doggie) siblings

We weren't too sure how the dogs would react to the new addition of their sister but they were excited to meet her and have been great with her since we got home. Manny likes to lick her and lay down right near her. He is somewhat jealous that he isn't number one anymore. He also barks at her when she cries.
LT is just very curious and wants to sniff her and watch over her. He sits on the bed and watches her sleep in her bassinet. Anything that comes off of her he is immediately sniffing. When she cries at night LT comes and checks on her.
We think they will become great friends.

Big Ol Belly

Here is the last photo of me pregnant from Thursday before Callie arrived. She must have been running out of space in there!

Welcome Callie!

Callie Maria Chavez arrived Saturday April 21 at 2:17 am, weighing in at 7 lbs 14 oz and 21 inches long. She's a big healthy girl with lots of hair. Juan and I couldn't be more thrilled with her arrival, proud parents!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Flowers and Bows

What do you do while waiting for a baby to come?
What else but find crafts on the Internet and make them!
I fell in love with the adorable felt bows and flowers I saw on etsy but instead of ordering them already made I just ordered supplies and made my own. I will make more colors later but to start I just did a few.
Here they are...
Now just waiting to attach the headband when I know how big her head is. The longer we wait, the bigger her head, he he.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Waiting Game...

We are now officially playing the waiting game. Callie is due today but we thought she would be here by now.
Last week the dr said I was 4 cm dilated and I wouldn't make it through the week. GG flew out the next day and we have just been waiting since.
Saw the dr again Thursday and she was shocked to see me at 5 cm and still no contractions. She said it could be any day. She offered to induce me that day but in keeping with my natural birth plan I said no thanks!
So here we are just waiting.
Today I had 4 acupunture treatments with electrical stimulation to try and get those contractions going! Here I am with the treatment. This was alternated with lots of walking. So far not much different. So we will keep waiting and hope its soon!
Little Callie seems to be stubborn and will arrive on her own time schedule!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Callie's Nursery

I spent a lot of time planning and designing Callie's nursery.  I wanted it to be extra special and something that was really original.  I didn't want to buy much pre-made so I found a fabric I loved and designed the whole room around that.  It was a ton of work, but I am so happy with the outcome. So many people helped contribute which makes it even more personal.
I sewed the quit, pillow covers, sheets, and curtains all from the fabric. Thanks to GG (Grandma Gladue) for sewing the pillow and bed skirt. GG and Papa Ed also got us the crib, glider, and rug.

I also decided I wanted to keep going with my clay flower theme from my wedding and have 3D clay flowers throughout the room.  It all started with the tree idea.  Jeana (future Auntie) hand drew and painted this gorgeous tree on the wall for us. She is so talented.  :)
Then I went to work creating hundreds of flowers and leaves by hand to cover the branches.
I created a small basket of flowers to put up on the corner shelves we needed for the video monitor just to tie it all together.
I also wanted some sort of antique touch. Great grandparents Pa & Kay gave us cash to purchase whatever we needed and I fell in love with an antique dresser. Only problem was that it had ugly handles and was stained an orange brown. Lucky for me, Grandpa Enrique took it home and returned it looking gorgeous with my new hydrangea knobs!

Also, I told him we needed a bookshelf for all the books GG and I have been collecting.  Obviously Callie is going to be one smart cookie! Enrique decided that she needed a special book shelf to go with the dresser and created this masterpiece himself!

I took the liberty to add the wood letters and all the clay flowers to keep going with the same theme.
So that this is a keepsake for years to come we wanted to track her height as well, so we made the side a measuring tape of sorts where we can mark her height.
A few finishing touches just to tie it all back together (more clay flowers of course).
We all love it!  Including L.T.! He wants to hang out in there all the time.
Well that's it!  Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this amazing nursery.  Hopefully, Callie will sleep in it soon.

Maternity Photos

This is my beginning attempt at creating a place to share photos and adventures of Callie with our family and friends. I will try to update it frequently with info and lots and lots of photos especially for those who won't get to see Callie much.
We had our close friend Nicky snap a few photos at the beach to document my giant belly!  They turned out great! Thanks Nicky. Here are the best ones.