Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Boo boo

Just a quick post to let you all know I am home and doing okay. I am tired and sore but overall recovering well. Callie seemed so worried about me when I got home. She wanted to be with mama but I couldn't hold her. She sat on the bed and intuitively knew I was sick. She was gentle and then shared ice chips with me. Little nurse Callie feeding mama ice chips. I told her mama needed to go to bed and she cried like she had to too lol. I took a long afternoon nap. GiGi said she kept saying mama shhh, her way of saying in sleeping and she kept asking for me all day. In the late afternoon she got to see my bandages and we talked about my boo boos. Callie says boo and lifts my shirt. It's so cute. She is being pretty gentle so far but she doesn't like that I can't pick her up. She will have to get accustomed to it as I can't lift her for a few weeks. It's hard for me too :( I just want to hold her and snuggle her. Off to bed to get some rest hopefully tomorrow I am feeling a little better and can eat more. I'm a bad recoverer because I have a hard time sitting still but I will do it.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bikini Babe

Callie is one smart cookie. We have been talking about GiGi and PaPa coming to visit and he saw their suitcases packed. Then today she starts asking incessantly for GiGi and is looking for her in the guest room. Seriously I didn't think she could understand that they were coming to visit tomorrow but I think I underestimated her.
You should have seen her face when they arrived in the rental car. She definitely recognized them even while they were still driving up. She got overly excited to the point of almost scared or didn't know what to do and then clung to me until they came in.
Callie immediately wanted to go through their suitcases since GiGi always packs them full of stuff for Callie! There was a very fun water sprinkler she liked playing with today, a new baby, and bath toys she enjoyed. And most of all the random kitchen items she brought for the kitchen we are building her. I think her favorite thing was a squirt bottle for mustard. She almost cried and was clutching it before bed when I wanted to get her to brush her teeth. Why that bottle is so cool is beyond me.
Tomorrow is my surgery so I don't know how much fun we will be having the rest of the week. I am hopeful that I will be feeling ok and just not able to lift or walk too much but we will see. So we made the most of our day and took Callie to Otay Ranch mall fountains again. She seemed to watch more than go in the fountains this time but she still enjoyed it. Check out her new bikini that Grandma Nena bought her! So cute with her ruffle and belly. She had a bunch of bathing suits but this kid grows so fast she outgrew then before summer was even over!
Wish me luck ill try to have an update for you on how everything went tomorrow.

Callie's day with Mari

Sorry for the late post. I fell asleep on the couch last night pretty early.

Yesterday Tia Mari came to babysit Callie as I had to work to make up some of the hours I will be off for my surgery this week. Mari came over early in the morning before we left for work. Callie is smarter than we think because as soon as Mari to there she was already asking for water in her pool and bubbles, at 6:45 am! Pretty impressive that she knows how to manipulate based on who is watching her huh? She had a big lunch with Mari and cleared her plate! Callie loves spending time with Tia Mari because she does at of fun things and knows a lot of songs. Callie showed Tia all her toys and probably kept her VERY busy. It was a big help to me and fun for Callie so a BIG thank you to Tia Mari for being an excellent stand in babysitter.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Melmo aka Elmo

New word of the day... Melmo aka Elmo. Callie hugs and kisses her little Elmo food container. Elmo and her are buddies :) 

Flower girl practice

Callie was practicing her flower girl duties today. Nicky sent her the basket and petals and this outfit with the flower on it. We practiced tossing the petals. What do you think? Pretty good improvement from last time huh? She's a natural and leans quickly. Now I have to work on not eating them and walking while tossing. 1 month to go!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mini cowgirl

Eliana brought this funny cowgirl onsie back from Austin awhile back but Callie never wore it because it was so big. Today we put it on her and its just right. Hilarious! We went over and had dinner with just all the kids since Nena and Enrique are away for the weekend. Tia Eliana got a good laugh at this one. It was hard to get a straight on photo without her hands in the way so this is the best I have. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Fish taco Friday

Today we had a little fish taco outside fry BBQ with some family in town from Mexico. Callie was loving having the kids around to play with and enjoyed showing off for new people. This kid is an attention hog! She kept waving at grandpa at the grill while she was eating which was really cute. Just a few photos I snapped. I am ready for the weekend as I worked 50 hours this week to make up for my time off last Friday. I still have to work Monday but then I have 4 days off for my ovarian cyst surgery and recovery. I'm actually looking forward to my time home and rest. My parents are coming out Tuesday to stay for a week to visit and help with Callie while I recover. Until then I will be busy getting everything caught up and in order for my downtime.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rosy cheeks

Tonight I picked up a family meal from Daphne's Greek because I haven't been grocery shopping this week and I am lazy. The food was great and Callie loved it, however before she finished eating I realized that beneath the white beard of tzatziki sauce she had a bad rash that was expanding. I quickly washed her up and took her out of her high chair to get her cleaned up. Also as soon as possible I gave her a big dose of Benadryl. Anytime Callie has a reaction we take her clothes off as it typically spread to her chest then torso then beyond. This way we can keep track of exactly how bad it is. This time it stayed local to her face and in about 30 minutes or so it started to dissipate. We did keep her up later than usual to make sure she was going to be ok and the reaction wouldn't get worse. This is just another typical day in the life of the Chavez clan. It is so tough to take Callie out or get take out as when this happens we can't even really pin down what the cause was. She only ate chicken, rice and tzatziki, all of which she usually eats at home when we cook it, so it has to be a change in seasoning, marinade, cooking oil, etc, something small that means a big deal for Callie. Then of course I feel guilty for being a lazy mom who got takeout for dinner instead of cooking something safe for my kid. Just another day in the life..... Every day I go to work though I am reminded that things can always be worse and as parents we don't always sign up for what we get but that we learn to deal with the cards we are dealt. I am dealing with food reactions and feeling guilty while I spent time today talking to a parent about a major spine surgery for her daughter who cannot sit up. So I remind myself that the things in my life are minor and every parent learns to manage their kids issues, whatever they may be, to the best of their abilities. I help parents adjust to their child's major medical needs all day at work and know so much about therapy and orthopedic surgery but food allergies are a new realm for me. I'll become an expert sooner or later.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ride on Truck

Callie got this truck for Christmas. She mostly played with it just to touch the buttons and put stuff in the bed of the truck until recently. Now she knows how to get on and off the truck and can even push herself around a little bit. She also loves to push it around from behind it, give her baby rides and just climb on and off it. She also is getting good at steering it so she doesn't crash into things.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Elmo PJs

It was a cool and cloudy day the other day so Callie wore her Elmo pajamas during the day. We took the dogs for a walk in our jammies. Callie was into hugging LT. Aren't they cute? He is actually quite tolerant of her which is surprising. And her pjs look like she is a little old lady, he he. She was pointing to all the Elmos on the fabric which was pretty funny.

Playing with friends

Yesterday we went to the park with some friends. Our friends Lan, Matt and Ben came down to go to a wedding with us Saturday so we wanted to see them again with the kids. We had a lot of fun at the park in Liberty Station. Callie saw the jumpers as soon as we arrived and was excited thinking that was where we were going. She kept trying to crash the other kids parties and get in the jumpers. We played on the playground, chased the birds, and ate a lot. Callie had a fun time with her friends. For the first time we got a photo of the kids together all looking and no one crying. Impressive!!

Big Bath Tub

Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend. We were so busy with a wedding, doctors appts and updating the bathroom. 
Callie's new bathroom is finally done. I thought it would be done a few days ago but the first attempt was a fail. I started filling the tub while she stood by excited waiting but the tub wouldn't hold water! So I disassembled the whole mechanism cleaned it out and then reassembled. Today was the first actual bath in the tub. Boy was she in heaven. She could lay down spread out, wave her arms and legs. She thought it was pretty awesome. Splash splash she was taking a bath. Lots more fun to come in her new jungle bathroom. I still have some finishing touches to go before its all complete.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Teeth time

We just about finished Callie's new bathroom in the west wing as we call it. She got to brush her teeth there tonight. She decided that since its a shallow sink bowl she would just sit right in it. She likes the toothpaste and always asks for more. She was asking for both kinds and had 2 toothbrushes. Callie looks so much like Juan it just amazes me. Look at that face! Tomorrow she will get her first bath in the tub and ill take some photos of the whole bathroom for you.