Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Callie has been so excited for Halloween for weeks, then today it was like she couldn't wait any longer. She was grouchy, woke up early at 5 am, and was whiny all day because she couldn't wait for trick or treating. When everyone finally came over she was so excited and became an angel child, well behaved and listening. We had dinner then walked the neighborhood trick or treating; 8 adults, 1 toddler and 2 babies. Callie had quite the entourage! She was so adorable, I wish I video taped her. She was brave walked right up to the door said trick or treat and thank you at every house. People thought she was just charming. She collected a bunch of candy, let me trade her for the ones that had eggs or nuts and then just had a few tonight. It was a great Halloween. Hope you all had a good night as well.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin carving and bubbles

This week we did a few projects. We tested homemade bubble solution for a friend who wants to do a giant kiddie pool of bubbles at an upcoming birthday. It wasn't very successful but was fun!
Then today we finally got around to carving the pumpkins we bought last week. I thought Callie would be all into it this year but instead she was a diva and refused to touch any goopy guts. She wouldn't even touch the seeds to put them on the pans. This pretty mich meant she directed and I carved pumpkins, roasted seeds, cleaned up and tried to get D involved. D liked to touch the pumpkin guts but kept trying to eat them so he had to be removed from touching it all. Here's some fun photos! 

Oh and Diego likes butternut squash but he's very messy!

And me Callie took of me...

Halloween Carnival

Somehow this post didn't go up and I never noticed :( better late than never

We went to the Halloween Carnival at The elementary school in my friend Kristen's neighborhood in OB yesterday. It was a huge carnival with all kinds of different games and activities. Callie was able to play some games and win some cheesy plastic toy prizes that she thought was great. She won some fang teeth and a spider ring were her favorites. We tried to get a photo with all the kids dressed up together and were semi successful. We had a good time anyways and are getting ready for the big day!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

First tooth!

Diegos first tooth is officially out and visible. It's been a real pain... Literally. The second tooth is on it's way too so no break from the crying baby stuff.

This weekend when Grandpa went out to mow the lawn Callie insisted on going too. I missed it because I was napping with D but Natasha got this adorable photo of the two of them. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Photos by Carmen

Carmen and Natasha were here this weekend and so we got lots of great family time (mostly eating) and lots of photos thanks to Carmen. Here are aome of the great moments from the weekend. Miss you guys already!

Saturday, October 25, 2014


I'm too tired tonight to get the Halloween carnival photos off the camera so I'll save those for tomorrow. Instead I'll share Callie pretending to be like mommy and carrying her bby Mickey Mouse around the block in the baby carrier because heis tired. She literally wore this all the way around the block. You can't see Mickey but he's in there I promise. Guess I have ade quite an impression on her with my baby wearing ;)
Diego's tooth is finally coming in. He has the hole in the gum and you can feel the sharp tooth. Hopefully it's fast and not too painful.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Diego and his dog

Diego has recently become really excited about his dogs. He tries to grab them, laughs at them and just likes seeing them around. LT has surpassed his 3 month life expectancy and ran out of medicine today so we had to run to Costco to get more. He still seems exactly the same to me so it's hard for me to believe he is living on borrowed time. But I figure let the kids enjoy him and snap a few photos of hem while they are all together. Despite his barking and stinky farts he is a good dog that tolerates the kids torture.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Two for two

Two nights in a row with only 2feedings now! Still crying happening between but only for about 15 min at the most. Let's get this trend into a permenant improvement. Diego's tooth is just about to break through the gum line. He has the tell tale white bump but hasn't been complaining nearly as much as before. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Two night feedings

I didn't take a single photo today even though I was home all day. I was busy making baby food for D for the freezer and dinner. We also went out to the water park to meet up with Nicky for lunch. 
There was crying last night for sure but D made it through the night with only 2 feedings. This is the least he's ever done. Now I am going to keep pushing for 2 or less every night until we can get down to none! That would be amazing. He cried but put himself back to sleep for the most part and I only picked him up twice to feed him. Otherwise he had to stay in his crib.
At nap time he played awake in his bed an only fussed a little then fell asleep on his own, for an hour and a half! Hopefully I'm getting somewhere with this sleep stuff.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Back on the sleep training bandwagon

Diego had been doing well with sleep training then teething started and I threw it all out the window and held and fed him as he wished. Except this time he isn't even happy fed and held and still cries or wants to be rocked, shushed, held and swayed. He's ridiculous and I've created a monster who is a terrible sleeper. So back to consistency and the 7-14-21 rules which after reading another sleep book I have been doing wrong. Oops I thought it was go back every 7 but it's progressive waiting so each time is 7 min longer. Anyways Diego can go to sleep at bedtime without a single fuss even when put down awake, so I succeeded in one area but then he wakes up 6-8 times a night and can't go bck to sleep without nursing. He's nearly 6 months old and needs to be getting up one time maximum! So I'm working towards this. For now I'll say every 4 hrs I will feed but he stays in his bed and no comfort nursing. Time to be tough as consistent or it doesn't work. I'll be extra exhausted if you see me looking terrible give me a break ;)
On the other hand Callie is doing so well sleeping through the nights and going to Ed at nap and bedtime without a fuss. The key for her has been consistency, sticking to a bedtime routine and what we say she gets no matter what (ie one book one song) and giving her some power. We tell her it's time to relax and be quiet in her bed and he can fall asleep when she is ready or just lay and relax. Since we aren't telling her to go to sleep she happily chooses to relax then sleep in her timeframe without yelling for us or procrastinating. Phew who knew parenting kids was so hard?
Here's one for a laugh, Callie dressing up in her cowboy hat I brought home from BGR (baby go round resale) when I sold some baby items.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy October

My mom bought this crazy lobster costume for D. Lobster is one of the few things I miss from CT. That and fall leaves and apple picking in crisp air. However this week is reminiscent of CT in the fall with the cooler temperatures and today I bought a huge bag of organic Macintosh apples. My favorite kind!! And I now have filtered reverse osmosis water at my sink and fridge including ice maker. It's almost like being in CT where you can just drink the water from the tap it's so good. Who knew I would be so excited over water. I love it, totally worth the money and effort.
Anyways back to the lobster costume, I knew he wouldn't wear it actually on Halloween as it's too bulky and annoying and it will be his fussy pre bedtime hour. So I figured we could just take some photos instead. The photo shoot lasted all of 4 minutes as he was not happy in the suit and even more mad in the pot with Callie touching him. I used my point and shoot camera thinking Id get the fastest and best photos but they are surprisingly fussy. Which makes me feel better about my dslr skills but bummed i didn't take them on my better camera. Oh well still funny none the less. Callie's first Halloween I spent hours getting the costumes ready and setting up for her photo shoot. This set entire thing start to finish was less than 15 minutes! Poor second child, or lucky in this case he got less torture! Without further ado, my little lobster and the chef!