Thursday, December 6, 2012

Practicing for Christmas?

I took Callie in to see the pediatrician today as she was getting worse and has been wheezing and having uncontrollable coughing fits. The doctor thinks she has RSV, a common respiratory virus that causes a cold in adults but more severe respiratory symptoms in infants. She does have chest congestion and she could hear wheezing in her lungs. Since she is still eating and playing the doctor thinks the best course of action is to keep up what we are doing and watch her closely. If she gets worse then she will need to be placed on corticosteroids to help open up her lungs so she can breathe better. I really don't like medicines for her so we will be trying really hard to keep her breathing as well as possible at home and hope she gets well fast!
At the doctors office she was playing with all the paper on the table. I couldn't keep her from ripping it, so instead I decided to take a video! She was practicing for opening her present at Christmas. Very cute!

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  1. I'm impressed she waited that long to try and eat it!


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