Friday, May 31, 2013

Reading with GiGi and GaGa

Callie did a lot of reading with her grandmas here. I snapped a few photos of e 3 of them last night for the last night if reading together as they left today. Callie will miss having them around to play withher all day. I should have gotten it on video because Callie would say clearly GaGa!! Then stare right at GaGa and wait for a response. She uses her name more consistently then any other name although dada is a close second. Mama is still no where to be found..... Maybe I just need a new name?

Coloring baby

These photos somehow didn't make the blog last weekend, but I thought they were cute. As far as today, Callie is doing great, her usual self and we have no worries about her head. The steristrips are still firmly stuck and holding it together anymore. We aren't washing her hair to keep it as dry as possible.
So anyways we embarked on a coloring with markers day last weekend. Callie thought the markers were much cooler than the crayons we gave her former first coloring experience. The markers make lines easily and on all surfaces including skin. Callie scribbled all over the paper, the floor, her leg, and even the corners of her mouth when she tried tasting them. This coloring is for a secret project that you will see someday in the future..... He he

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tough as Nails

Yesterday was a really bad day for Callie. If being bit by the dog the day prior wasn't enough to start. Callie in her ever adventuring and wandering off, went out the deck door without my mom seeing her and the baby gate was not up on the deck. Callie fell down the 3 stairs to the cement landing. She hit her head and got a pretty bad gash and was immediately screaming. I rushed home from work and we took her to Children's Hospital ER to get checked out. Juan met us at the ER. She wasn't crying the whole ride therea or whle waiting even though she had blood dripping down her face. The doctor was concerned about the size of the hematoma on her forehead and bruising so we needed to have a CT scan to be sure she didn't have a skull fracture or any brain bleeding. The bad news was that she ate just before she fell so we had to wait for 6 hours until she could be sedated for her CT and stitches. We had a hard time entertaining her in a tiny room we had and the doctor didn't want her walking around at all and she could not eat or drink. It was terrible and makes you feel hopeless just waiting and you cannot do anything. I kept reminding myself that as a professional I knew she looked really good and I didn't see anything that made me think she would have a serious head injury but still it was nerve racking and stressful. Callie was a champ and was tough the whole time we were at the hospital. She played peek a boo behind her curtain and played with my cell phone until it was almost dead. She was a ham trying to play with the nurses and staff and even the kid next to us with the broken arm. She took these photos while we were playing.
Finally when she was able to be sedated she had her CT scan and then we brought her to the OR area for them to stitch her up. We had to wait in the lobby area while they stitched her and it was only 35 minutes but it seemed like an eternity waiting without her in our arms. When we saw her she was awake sitting up and bandaged up. She got 4 dissolvable stitches covered in steri strips. The head CT turned out great and within 20 minutes of getting her stitches we were able to go home. They did give her antibiotics due to the dog bite in her hand, thanks a lot Manny :( It was extremely stressful and even though I was pretty sure she would be ok I couldn't help but second guess. There was a risk of allergic reaction with the anesthesia but luckily she did fine. Even with the anesthesia she was still hungry and wanted to eat and had a full dinner when she got home. I slept in her room on the floor just to be extra sure she was ok through the night.
Today she woke up and was acting like usual Callie. Besides the steristrips on her forehead she looks and is acting like her usual self. I stayed home from work to be with her and make sure she was ok.
To make sure she had a fun day for once this week and because GiGi was feeling so bad about what happened we took her to Toy R Us and let her pick out a bunch of toys! She got an Elmo car ramp, car duplo blocks, and some bubble toys. That store was like heaven for her.
We also took her out for lunch, frozen yogurt and bought her new summer sandals. GiGi was really feeling terrible about this happening while she was watching her, but I know how easy it is to lose track of her and it was an accident. Recently at home I found her climbing the stairs to my room and at the graduation party someone left the door open and Callie nearly fell off the front porch. We are just extremely thankful that while it was a stressful event she is fine besides a small boo boo. I feel blessed that she came out as unscathed as she did considering what happened. I can't help but think that Grandpa Nacho and Grandma and maybe even her other family angels were up there looking out for her somehow. We forgive GiGi and still love her very much. I love this little girl who is tough as nails. I think it was a lesson learned that you cannot be too careful and Callie will find trouble for herself in an instant so never take your eyes off her unless you are sure she is in a safe and secure place.
Here she is enjoying her new toys with her boo boo.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

That's a bad dog!

We had a minor mishap this morning! I was getting lunch prepared for Callie in the crock pot before I left for work and Callie was fussing that she wanted to be involved so I handed her a carrot stick to keep her quiet. Before I knew it Manny had bit the carrot and her finger and was tugging at her with a solid grip. Callie was screaming and couldn't get her hand away as Manny had a grip on it. I rushed in and snatched her up but Manny did break the skin and her finger was bleeding a little but. She was more traumatized than anything and was crying for a few minutes before I got her to settle down. We washed it really well and put coconut oil on it as an antibacterial but I wanted to kill Manny. He didn't mean to bite her but it's still not ok in my book. He is really lucky he is a chihuahua because if he was a big dog he would be finding a new home right now. I take a lot of the blame as I taught her to feed the dog and I left her with food on the floor and not in her high chair. Usually she is only allowed to feed the dogs with me and anytime she eats it needs to be in the highchair where she is safe from harassment. Luckily she isn't really hurt. She doesn't act like it even bothers her but she has a few cuts and its a little red or bruised on her middle finger. Lesson learned the hard way :(
However out of this bad experience Callie said her first sentence! 3 words... I said that's a bad dog, as she said thats bad dog! I was shocked but it was a clear repeat and she was looking right at Manny. She is really starting to say more words these days.

Here are some photos of her and Manny earlier in the week, sharing and fighting over toys.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

We decided to do some classic Memorial Day things today; beach and bonfire! In the morning we got up early and left the house to make sure we made it to the beach before the crowds and got a close parking spot. We decided on Ocean Beach Dog Beach because it has good parking and Callie enjoys the dogs running around and the shallow water and small waves at the inlet.

Callie was determined to be in the water even though it was still cool out, no sun and chilly water. I couldn't keep her out! She was brave and even when she fell down she got right back up.
How cute is her new bathing suit she got on her birthday?
This is the best photo we got of the 4 girls. If you saw the outtakes you would really laugh...
Then after dinner we made a bonfire in the backyard and had s'mores for the very first time. Callie can't eat graham crackers but she ate marshmallows and chocolate for the first time. She enjoyed that!

Then after she had a messy marshmallow face and hands she fell down in the rocks and they all stuck to her! She couldn't figure out why it happened and was trying to hake them off. It sounds mean as I am writing this but it was cute and funny and she wasn't even upset just confused. 

LT wanted to take a lick too.
Ahh mommy help get e rocks off me.
Mmm I could get used to this chocolate!

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Thanks to all those who serve our great country.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

GiGi's Suitcase

Callie knows when GiGi gets here that her suitcase is filled with goodies. It's like Mary Poppins and her bag.

Callie doesn't stop exploring until she gets the bag empty. Today in the suitcase came a giant pop up tent and tunnel which Callie and GiGi had a great time in.

And then for dinner we just went out for dessert at Extraordinary Desserts! Wht a treat! Callie ate some frosting with her dinner and a strawberry. She was a mess!

Balloons to heaven

This morning we participated in a memorial walk for Grandpa at his home community. It was a lot of family an friends but also a lot of his neighbors and friends from the block. Everyone came for coffee and breakfast dressed in all white. I unfortunately missed that part of the invitation but regardless we made it in time despite my sore throat and Callie sleeping late. If you notice we are the inky bright colored clothes that's why, blame it on the exhausted mama.
Anyways, everyone gathered and walked around the whole community block carrying white balloons. Callie rose on her tricycle around the block. At the end we had a small prayer and then let the balloons go and off they went to heaven. We state and watched the balloons as long as we could see them with our eyes.
It was really quite nice to watch those balloons float up and away and to see all the love and hear people's remembering stories of grandpa was great. Here are some great photos Christian took of the day.