Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mommy's back

I pulled a muscle in my back the other day getting D out of the bathtub. It's a bad set up because I did te same thing with Callie a few yers ago :( I tried to take it easy today and just rest to get better . Callie offered me a bandaid to heal my back, bless her heart it was a nice gesture. The hardest thing is putting Diego down in his crib. Hopefully it's better soon as it's hard to watch the kids and feel so limited in lifting and carrying either if them.
I made faces at Diego for awhile just to play with him and delay picking him up. He makes some good faces.

TrainFest and a new playground

Callie made it through night one in her big girl bed. She stayed in bed all night and slept all night. That's a success!
We went to the train festival at the park. We stood in line to ride the train for an hour and luckily saw some of my friends and they took Callie on the train with their kids. Since we had a ticket to go pretty soon when we ran into Callie's teacher we gave her our ticket so her daughter didn't have to wait an hour. While waiting we saw this tortoise and got to pet him and also saw a burrowing owl and horses. Even though I didn't think it was a very fun festival Callie enjoyed it enough. After we went to have lunch at Grandma and Grandpas house as they got a new playground for Callie from a friend whose kid outgrew it. Boy was she excited about the new playground.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Callie's big girl bed

Callie officially moved into her big girl bed tonight. Technically it's still the same bed, we just removed the rail and put up the toddler rail. The decision to do this was because she has tried climbing out lately and I had a friend whose daughter broke her arm falling off a bed last week and needed surgery. Granted it wasn't a crib or a toddler bed but it felt like a sign to listen to Callie's attempts to climb over the crib.
Earlier in the week we went to Joann fabric and I let Callie pick out fabric for new bedding, sheet, pillowcase and a blanket. I tried hard to talk her into curious george or Mickey Mouse but she insisted on Hello Kitty. So that is what we bought. Yesterday I sewed up the bedding while she was sleeping so it could be a surprise.
Today we got out the tools and made her bed into a toddler bed. Boy was she excited. We gave her two rules: 1. No jumping on the bed 2. Stay in your bed when put there.
I was hoping she would remember from GiJu house and still do really well. She even called GiJu and Papa on FaceTime to show them her new bed.
Unfortunately at 8 pm I can say she isn't asleep yet and I had to close her door as she walked outside on the deck already. I'm hoping this is short lived excitement and she figured out to just go to sleep soon.
Here is her bed and a video of her seeing her bed for the first time. It's like Christmas morning.
Also today we went to my friend Amy's house and had 8 kids there playing today. She has AC so her house was nice. I brought homemade Popsicles and we beat the heat with all 8 kids, phew! They sure had fun though, well maybe not Diego but everyone else did.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beating the heat

It's been so hot! In the 90s for days. I just hate it and the kids don't like it either. Today Juan was home from work early but then was leaving to go to the Chargers game. Callie was crying that daddy was leaving and meanwhile it was 90 degrees in our house. So we packed up and brought a pizza to grandma and grandpas house. It was just Grandma and Grandpa tonight and miraculously the kids were well behaved and quiet. Diego took a nap and Callie watched videos in bed with Grandma. We enjoyed an easy dinner and the AC to keep cool.
When we came home it was after bedtime. Somehow I managed to get Callie in bed quickly with no tears or calling for me and then Diego bathed , fed and to sleep without any real crying. Phew that's like winning the lottery.
The only photo I took today was of Diego sitting in his new highchair. Callie refused to share hers with him. My original plan was to move her out of the seat and let him use it but she had other ideas. Since she does still sit there quietly and watch cartoons in the morning I figured it was best to get something else for D. So to Craigslist I went and found him a slave saver highchair, a baby monitor, a baby piano, and a play table all for $15. On top of that they were moving and so they gave ya a bunch of other items too including a pool you, plastic dinosaurs, a soldier helmet, and a cute bunny in a cage for Callie.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Family night

We had a big family dinner tonight at Grandma and Grandpas house. It was an incredibly hot day so we were happy to enjoy their A/C and eat delicious food. We got to see Ford for the first time in a month and boy has he grown. He is crawling on the floor, rolling and just moving all around. We missed him a lot. Unfortunately Diego cried most of the time as he didn't sleep well today and was just crabby. Oh that's my boy...Pita I call him- for pain in the ass. Pita sounds cute and Callie doesn't get it so it works.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Feeding the ducks... Fish and turtles too

We went to feed the ducks today. Te ducks weren't too hungry though. Instead there was a man there throwing huge rolls, more than 20, and these giant fish came up eating them in a few bites. He said they were carp. News to me didn't even know they had giant fish in that man made lake at the golf course. Also all the turtles came over to eat.
Callie also decided she should eat the old bread... Straight into her mouth, old stale bread and bagels. Oh Callie. She said if was yummy.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Charger Day

Today we stayed home and watched the Chargers play football. Jorge and Grandpa Rique came over too. Callie was so excited to play with her PaPa and they were swimming in the hot tub like fishes all afternoon. Diego and I are just starting to feel better but I'm still exhausted from the sickness and the kids. Hopefully I catch up tonight or tomorrow when I sit at my desk all day I'll get some rest.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mommy and D day

Since D and I are both sick I decided to stay home and forego both parties today. D and I lounged and napped a bit. Because he was so congested all he wanted was to nurse all day. I feel like a human pacifier somedays but if that's what it takes to make my little sick boy happy I will oblige.
I have had a hard time getting him on video talking or making his noises as every time I start to video he stops. I got a little today though and it's pretty cute.


Friday, August 22, 2014

Sick house

After Juan and Callie illnesses I was hoping for a healthy week for me and D but unfortunately we both succumbed to Callie's cold symptoms last night. Both D and I are pretty miserable with head congestion and difficulty sleeping. Diego just wants to nurse and nurse to comfort himself but gets so overfull he throws up all day. It's a vicious cycle. Hopefully we get some sleep tonight but it's hard to sleep with so much sinus pressure and congestion.
Callie is feeling better and luckily Tia Mari came to play with her all morning so I could focus on D and in the afternoon Grandpa took her to a work picnic. She came home with balloon animals and face paint! 
I was glad she got to have some fun since I was not up to entertaining her and taking care of a sick baby. I was supposed to go to two parties tomorrow but that's not poking promising. Just hoping for some sleep and to feel a little better tomorrow.
Thank you Tia Mari and Grandpa for entertaining Callie today, I'd be lost without my family to help.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Welcome home

Today was a welcome home kinda day. I stayed home with Callie who has been sick with a fever. Of course today I started feeling sick just when she stops the fever and the boogers improve. I'm hoping I fight it before it gets too bad or D catches it but I have a bad sinus headache and pressure.
Also GiJu went home today and made it home after a very long day of flying. She called on FaceTime to say hi to Callie and show her she was home. I think Callie finally grasp the whole concept and there was no crying or confusion about GiJus departure today.
Tia Mari came by to visit the kids and help me which was exclwnt rachae I am exhausted after being up all night with the kids. Extra hands and playmates for Callie are always welcome!
In the late afternoon we went to Grandma and Grandpa house as they got back from Hawaii earlier in the week but we hadn't seen them still. Callie ha been asking to go over for a few days. She got presents, of course, and so did the rest of us too. Callie and my present were matching Hawaiian dress and shirt and I Love it! They are so cute. Callie loves them too and insisted we wear them immediately, so we did :) and we took a photo with her lei. Callie got to eat beans for dinner, her favorite, and Tia NaNa made her s'mores for desert. What a spoiled little girl.
Now it's off to bed as early as possible so we can get some rest to feel better as soon as possible.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

PaPa's baseball game

On our last day in CT I made an effort to get a photo it's Callie with everyone we saw. A little late really, I should have started way earlier in the vacation but at least I got this bunch. We went to watch PaPa play baseball, played on the playground then had everyone over for a spaghetti dinner. It was fun and I'm glad I captured these smiles with her CT family. This is the last of my vacation photos. I'm officially caught up!

Rest up little sick kid

Callie has had a cold with boogers since Tuesday and a fever since Tuesday night. It goes down with ibruprofen but then in a few hours comes right back. We spent the day unpacking suitcases and resting at home. Juan has also been sick and resting this week. I'm hoping Callie's fever is gone tomorrow and she doesn't have an infection. I'll be calling the pediatrician tomorrow and likely be bringing her in. Lots of resting at our house but that's ok after a very busy two weeks. Hopefully Diego and I can stay healthy. My mom leaves tomorrow and we won't see her again until Novemebr. I know Callie will be sad as this morning she kept asking to go back to CT to play with her friends and cousins. It's been a fun 3 weeks with Gig and we were so gla to have all this time with her.
I took this photo of the two kids a few days ago. All smiles!

And Diego learned to sleep on his belly this week since the swaddling wasn't working anymore and he can't sleep with his crazy arm movements that wake him. He is plenty strong to lift and turn his head and he sleeps right next to me and I figure it is safer than letting him sleep in my bed. He even took a nap in his own crib in his nursery today for the first time ever! For awhile he will still sleep upstairs with me since he eats every 2-3 hrs at night still but eventually he will make it to that nursery I worked so hard on.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Home again

We made it home. I thought it may be a difficult journey but it was worse than I imagined. Callie was so overtired and cranky with no sleep it was terrible. She was hitting kicking and yelling on the plane and I was embarrassed to say the least. I can recall back to the days I wasn't a parent and would see people's kids throwing full blown tantrums in public and would say look at those kids, that mom can't even control her own kids. Now I think oh that poor mom exhausted and those psychopath kids are just the problem, she's a great mom. Oh the tables do turn.
Anyways we made it home and that's what counts. Callie went back to school and I went to work today. Unfortunately the kids are on CT time and woke up at 3:30 am :( I hope they get back on CA time quickly because I'm pretty exhausted. GiJu is still here watching the kids and taught D how to play this piano today. He really does bat at and push the buttons. Pretty impressive for 3 months.
I still have lots of photos from CT but haven't unpacked a single bag so I am clueless I where my camera could even be. I'll get to it eventually.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Getting ready to say goodbye

I have been so busy the last few days I haven't posted anything. We have been having a great time though. I have lots more photos on my camera but haven't taken them off yet so I can only share what I have on my cell phone.
Thursday I left the kids with my mom and my brother and had a nice afternoon out with my friend Danielle.
Friday we went to Mondos and played on his playground and in his jumper with his kids. In the evening we went to swim and have dinner with Marge Jon and Pedro.
Today we went yard saling. Callie visited Gordon to celebrate his birthday. I went to see Ashley and Matts new house. We went to PaPas softball game and had a spaghetti party at the house.
Now I'm frantically trying to pack up all our stuff and then some (lots of fun toys to bring home) before we leave tomorrow at 5:50 am. It's the earliest flight so I have to get going but here's a few to hold you over.
And one from Ashley's professional wedding photographer of Callie that I just LOVE!
Wish us luck on the airplane tomorrow. I already told both kids no crying the whole way.... Yeah right!