Tuesday, March 31, 2015

31 on the 31st

Happy Birthday to me! Today I turn 31 on the 31st of March. This is the only time my birth date and age will match. I only realized this when singing Callie a song about my birthday at bedtime. Pretty cool huh? Well my birthday is always a holiday and so I had the day off work just like every year. This year I had two kids with me all day but luckily they must have known it was my birthday and behaved. Both kids slept through the night and D didn't wake up until 5:45, believe it or not that's sleeping in.
And during Diegos morning nap, Callie and I had enough time to do matching Mommy and me Jamberry nails. These turned out pretty awesome and she loves them. I don't even like girly things but doing this with Callie and seeing how thrilled she was made me have a lot of fun too.
So I had errands to run but still wanted a little fun. I took my two dates out to lunch, then on a trip to Lowes and for ice cream on the way home. Callie was so excited to show me the card she picked out (Barbie dress up doll one) and the snacks and drinks she insisted I needed at the grocery store. Just for reference; Oreos, birthday cake Oreos, and iced tea. I'm predictable even to a 2 year old!
After Juan got home from work we went to dinner at Fuddruckers since it's close and Callie likes it. I received lots of love from family and friends both near and far and had a really good day. My "holiday" off sure has changed over the years but we still had a lot of fun.
I still have more birthday celebrations to come but for now my birthday is over. Callie cried tonight when I told her that tomorrow it wouldn't be my birthday anymore. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Happy First Birthday Ford!

It seems crazy that it's been a whole year already! What a great birthday party Ford had today. I think Callie had the best time out of anyone there. She was literally so happy all day and she was off on her own almost the entire time. She had all her cousins there to play with her and watch over her. Since they are all old enough to watch her I got to attend to D and even relax and enjoy the party. Diego had a great time too and even took a nap in Fords crib. Jeana had up photos of Ford over the year and even a great collage of the day he was born. It was crazy to see the day we visited him at the hospital and how much he has grown. The party details were incredible and Jeana did a fabulous job. Everyone had a great time and my kids were so tired tonight. Both kids were asleep by 6:30! Now that's a good party! Happy Birthday Ford- we love you!!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Callie and Mariah

Mariah is here visiting from Monterey and Callie just loves her. She wants to play with her, read with her, watch YouTube together and hang out. Tonight we let her stay up late and Mariah and Natasha came over to visit. I snapped a few photos while they were together before bedtime. Aren't they adorable?

Friday, March 27, 2015

Crazy Callie

Today was a long day. Callie was up coughing all night and then today I wasn't feeling well all day. This crazy kid exhausts me!
Breakfast consisted of 3 different kinds of cereal mixed together. It's Callies new thing... Mix it up!

Then when I was trying to get D to walk on video Callie steals the limelight as always. Poor Diego!

And lastly this is Crazy Callie dancing. She was extra crazy as I gave her her inhaler for her coughing. This is what happens after.... Craziness.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Full school days

Callie started going to school full days this week now that I returned to work 30 hours. Yesterday I was worried she would not take a nap and so I went to pick her up as soon as Diego woke up from his nap. When I got there she was still asleep and they said she had been sleeping awhile. I couldn't believe it, first day asleep in a big room with 40 toddlers on cots without even a pillow. I was so proud and excited this might not be a big transition. Well today that wasn't the case. She had no nap at school instead she just laid there for nearly two hours and never slept. This made for an extra crabby child at bed time and it doesn't help she has this cough and congestion. I swear no one can ever just be healthy for one whole week. She's already been up three times since bedtime coughing. At least I'll be home tomorrow and we have a weekend to catch up. Next week she has three long days at school so hopefully she adjusts to napping there quickly. In the meantime here is D in his skeleton pajamas this morning. I just love all the bones, and they glow in the dark too.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

For my little nut!

One of the nurses at my work has been sending Callie peanut M&Ms ever since she passed her peanut challenge. This week she bought her a new big bag and also made her a tshirt with the M&Ms and her name on the front. Callie really liked it! We made her a thank you card and Callie cut up pieces of paper and glued them on the front. She loves anything arts and crafts. She gets so focused using her scissors. We filled the whole jar with peanut M&Ms and then Diego tried to take some too! Not for you D!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Winter photos

I made a free shutterfly photo book. Code is 1freebook if you want your own but it expires today, sorry I didn't get to it sooner.


Also I finally finished the kids shadow boxes. I think they turned out great!

The kids are getting better and the doctor thinks the virus caused the rash Diego got but in a few more days he should be better. Callie is somewhat better already and I am hoping tomorrow brings some normalcy back into our lives.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Bubble bath

I finally bought Callie some bubble bath. After research into a safe chemical free brand I settled on California Baby and am really happy with it. It's bubbly enough for fun but doesn't feel slimy or yucky. Callie loves it!
On the downside, Callie and Diego are both sick. Now Callie has the grey glassy eyes and fever with loss of appetite. D on the other hand has this crazy rash that isn't going away and is just spreading. So tomorrow I'm taking them in to be seen by the pediatrician. Callies home from school so there is a lot of juggle schedules to be home with sick kids. I want this to hurry up and pass but it seems to be a lingering virus that is spreading through the house slowly. Ugh, when is this virus season over? It's not even cold in San Diego why do we have flu and cold season?!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

GiJu's last day

Everyone is over coming the illnesses and we spent GiJus last day by going to the playground at the beach in Coronado and taking her out to Callie's favorite restaurant, Olive Garden. Callie has this intent look on her face when she is trying hard at something and it's so obvious in the photos. D was still crying quite a bit and didn't cooperate for many photos. The craziest one was the pig pile photo. Poor GiJ got tackled by these two. We had a great time with GiJu even if there was a bunch of illnesses throughout the week. It kept us home more than usual but Callie still had so much fun playing pretend every day. GiJu got her a new calendar so she can mark down her next visit and know when to expect her. Love you lots GiJ we will miss you!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Callie's first fancy toes!

Callie has been asking to get her toes done for awhile now. I got away with when you get bigger for a long time, but then I started using Jamberry nails and bought some for Callie. We saved it for a special day and figured why not today with GiJu. She was surprisingly good at sitting still and being patient. She barely tolerates letting me cut her nails so I doubted we would make it through all 10 nails. But we did it and they are so cute! She loves them and was showing everyone today. She showed the neighbors kids and wanted to show people at Belmont park. This might be the beginning of a lot of nail time for me and Callie. She had such a fun day playing with GiJu, she went to bed exhausted as they played every single minute of the day.
Poor Diego on the other hand is still miserable. After three days of fevers and crying and inability to sleep peacefully I decided to bring him in. I had no idea what was bothering him so I brought him to make sure it was nothing major. We tried distracting him in the morning but nothing can distract this crying kid. So turns out he has some virus that causes sores in the throat and it's incredibly painful. That and on top of that I wasn't giving enough pain medicine based on his weight...chunker. So not much we can do except feed cold and soft foods and give him more ibuprofen. Hopefully he feels better soon and doesn't spread it to anyone else as it's highly contagious. Jeez, one of these days everyone in our house will be healthy.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Duck distraction

Diego is still pretty miserable. He whines and cries all day even when I hold him. He has this fever that just keeps coming back when the Tylenol wears off. And he can't sleep well. He hasn't been napping as well and is up throughout the night. Last night I went down to be with him four seperate times. So maybe we are both tired and cranky. I can't decide if he isn't feeling well or his teeth hurt. I don't see any signs of molars and he has all 8 of his front teeth so I'm really not too sure what's going on with him.
We went to the park and to feed the ducks to get out of the house today at least for a little while. The ducks were a great distraction for D and it's the happiest I saw him most of the day. He was also chewing on stale bread, which is back to my wondering about the teeth.
The ducks here are crazy ravenous about the bread. They come from across the lake in swarms and fight over the bits. It's a little bit crazy but as long as the ducks stay in the water and you bring plenty of bread it's quite entertaining.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Raspberry Fingers

Illness seems to never leave my house. It's like someone is always sick. Today I stayed home from work as Diego had a fever all night and today and was just miserable. And poor GiJu was sick too.
During nap time I got enough down time to spend some quality time with Callie. We had a picnic tea party and had fun with raspberries on our finger tips. This smile warms my heart.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday's back at work

This was my first Wednesday at work in almost a year. My maternity leave is officially over and I am back at work 30 hours and 4 days a week. As sad as I thought I might be its not too bad. It was a rough last two weeks off with Callies illness, ER visit, my flu... It was a rough time at home. But some good came out of the time at home. D can sleep through the night. Callie can sleep at night without diapers. And Diego is weaned off one of his two medications. I'm still working on the second one.
So this afternoon once I was home we went out to the park and to Old Navy looking for as birthday shirt. Callie had fun at the park and her and GiJu were driving the school bus somewhere. Then at the store D and Callie decided it was fun to climb in the shelves and racks of clothes. I know I should have dragged them out but I had to snap a photo first, they were just too cute.
One more work day this week and it's a long one. Maybe I will get caught up finally.