Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Callie Swims!

I had planned to take Callie swimming at my friend Kristen's house this afternoon but Diego had other plans... I had a lot of contractions, was sweating and just very uncomfortable. I decided it wasn't a good idea to try to take Callie swimming while I was struggling and wondering if I was going into labor. Well turns out, not labor so far and I am hanging in there although I am still having random contractions.
Instead since I promised swimming we stayed home and swam in the hot tub, cold of course. I've never shown Callie the hot tub before as I was worried that once she knew there was water in there she would want to explore more and it would be less safe for her on the deck. I made sure to tell her many many times it was a special pool that she can only swim with mommy or daddy and it's dangerous evaluate it's deep.
She wore her swimmies for the first time and did great. She was in and out of the water and even at the deepest point where her tip toes could barely touch she did great. She was so proud of herself and I was proud of her too! All in all not a bad makeshift swim compared to our original plan. Now we just wait and see if Diego is actually close or just tricking me. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so we will see where we are at.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Beat the heat

The heat is killing us! It was 98 degrees today. I thought San Diego was supposed to be cool, not to mention its April. I thought I would be comfortable through my whole pregnancy but alas it's a heat wave!
What's a potty training toddler to do in the heat when it's too hot outside? Sit on the steps in the shade in her underwear as sunglasses and drink ice water of course! How cute?!
She wanted to take Manny for a walk, but I told her it's too hot.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Preschool equals mommy time

I love preschool! It gives me a few hours to get things done where I don't have to worry that I'll wake Callie or if I need to run errands I can. Today I used my "mommy time" to bake 3 different kinds of breakfast "muffins" for Callie and I. I wanted to make sure we have plenty of breakfast and snack items readily available for when Diego arrives. Usually when I am home I'll whip up a batch of waffles, pancakes, or muffins at breakfast time but I can't see that happening with Diego needing my attention too. So I made banana muffins, blueberry Greek yogurt mini muffins, and baked pumpkin oatmeal cakes. I decided I wanted some chocolate chips on top since these had no sugar and went for it on all of them. I also did 6 loads of laundry, did all the dishes, ran the dishwasher and out it all away AND ate lunch. When I picked Callie upafter lunch her teacher said she didn't eat much of what I sent... Go figure! She asked for a snack when we got home so I let her try a pumpkin oatmeal. She immediately ate all the chocolate off the top first. I guess she takes after me ;) her poor new Italy short Tia Mari gave her was covered in food just like her face!
During her nap I accomplished some minor computer and phone times I needed to tackle and sat down for a rest.
In the afternoon for snack she wanted to have a "picnic" on the front steps while we waited for dad to come home from work. It actually was quite fun. 
So today was breakfast preparing. Now I am trying to think of ideas for lunch that can be frozen and ready quickly but are still healthy. Any ideas?
Tonight I made homemade boogie wipes as Callie has had a runny nose for a few days.
Tomorrow's goal? Pack my hospital bag! I can't believe I have accomplished so any other things but still neglect this. I think I learned I need way less than I needed last time, but still I need some things. Also Callie needs a bag packed since if I deliver soon she will be staying at Grandma and Grandpas house.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Practicing for Diego

We finally have all the baby stuff out, clean and set up. Callie has been practicing with her dolls and stuffed animals. Today Lamby and Stuffie got to try out the swing and rocker and Callie laid down with them shh them to sleep. She said it was nap time. I think she is going to be mommy's little "helper". She keeps talking to Diego saying come out soon. She reads her big sister book everyday too. We are getting ready, now just to figure out when he will arrive...

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tutu like Lamby

Today Callie wanted a tutu like Lamby. I pulled out this multi tiered strawberry skirt that my mom bought her awhile ago and it did the trick. She was thrilled with it and was spinning around. Then the FedEx man came with another birthday present for Callie and she added on this new hello kitty sweatshirt! Boy this kid is really into clothes and is going to be a diva!
We didn't do too much today. I'm getting more and more tired and more and more uncomfortable. Ill spare you all the details but I'm uncomfortable and Callie wants me to be on and off the floor and having a grand ol time. I have pretty much stopped picking her up except when absolutely necessary and so she knows to yell for daddy to help if he is home.
Jorge and over to visit and she had a lot of fun showing him toys and going out to dinner with him. He even read her a bedtime story.
As I am more and more uncomfortable and have trouble sleeping I find that my dog decides that he likes my maternity pillow and just sleeps on it! Thanks LT!
Don't expect too many exciting photos in the coming weeks as I am likely just waiting and hanging out in my comfy pajamas at home. When will Diego decide he wants to arrive???

Friday, April 25, 2014

Getting ready for Diego

Nena offered to watch Callie today so I could have a chance to get things ready for Diego. I jumped at the chance to have a whole day to get things accomplished and Callie misses her Grandma. She keeps asking to go to Grandmas house almost everyday!
She was so excited to go and had no complaints when I said I was leaving for the day. She played with we new gardening tools Eliana bought for her birthday. She kept talking about digging a hold with Grandma :)
Grandpa even came home early to see her too. She was so happy when we went to pick her up at dinner. Id say she had a good day!
I accomplished a lot but am exhausted! I washed all the baby toys, reorganized the toy bins and living room to make room for the baby items, did laundry, washed all the bottles and parts, reorganized cabinets to make room for bottles, cleaned out Callie's closet and boxed up 3 boxes of toys to give away. Callie has so many things I don't think she will even notice I got rid of some ;) I also have the car seat installed in my car.
I'm getting closer but still not ready! I'll get there soon.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Diego's nursery

I finally am getting around to showing off Diego's nursery. I had finished most of it and the final touches came in the mail last week. I did most of this nursery from scratch myself. I felt obligated to do something special for Diego like I did for Callie so even though it was way hater to complete with a two year old, I did it. It all started with a dog theme. Then I decided it should be our dogs. So I designed custom fabric of our dogs as silhouettes snd went from there. It turned into this beautiful room! I sewed the quilt, curtains, bed skirt, pillow, changing pad cover and more. I made the hanging lampshade from ikea items and covered it with my custom fabric. I also hooked the light up to a remote switch so I can turn it on and off right from the rocking chair. I also handmade and hand sewed the 8 dogs on the custom mobile. There are 5 dogs that resemble the dogs Callie knows. I made Manny, LT, Bella, Roo, and Spike. Callie can point out which dog is which so I think that means I succeeded. I collected all the stuffed dogs as gifts from family who knew we had a dog themed room :) I made the silhouettes in photoshop from photos I took then hand painted the canvases. This project took longer than expected but I love the outcome. The boston terrier doorstop is an antique I received as a gift from my aunt Charleen last year and now I moved it to Diego's room because it fit so perfectly. I will have to find a new door stop for the door off my kitchen now.
Then lastly I really wanted matching fan pulls so I had someone on Etsy make them for me identical to my fabric. And I added on the light switch that looks like the quilt and the knobs on the dresser last. I think these things really complete the room.
I absolutely LOVE it and am so proud it's completed well before Diego arrives. Callie also loves it so it's hard to keep it clean as she always wants to play in there. So, what do you think?
I had my OB check up today and Diego I'd still happily doing well. The doctors estimate is 10 more days. I'm still getting on May 9th, 15 more days. Anyone else have predictions?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Terrible Two?

Today I think Callie made it her goal to challenge me. Everything was a fight and everything was no, no, no and screaming. I find some solice in that she behaved for the short period of time I needed to go to the dentist as that could have been a bad meltdown place. I cracked a filling and it hurt. Luckily I know the dentist and he works right down the street so he said just come in. He removed the filling (it sorta fell out, like how I hope childbirth goes this time) and gave me a temporary filling. Now I just try not to chew on that side while I wait until Diego is born to have it repaired.
We got down all the any items out of the attic today so now have a lot of laundry and washing to do to get all of it ready for Diego.
In the meantime I am trying to manage Callie and her tantrums and behavior as I can imagine its only going to get worse with 2 of them on my hands. I know she is just testing me but darn is she good at it.
This smile wouldn't make you think she is a screaming, no, give it to me, kiddo, but trust me she is. She was pretty poorly behaved in front of our neighbors and their 2 year old tonight and then both my dogs tried to bite their new puppy. How embarrassing.... Thanks to my kids, furry and not for making me eat a big bowl of ice cream tonight. I deserve it today.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Opening Birthday Card like Pa

Callie must have Great Pa's genes because she opens cards just like him! Since I was a little kid my Pa taught me to open birthday cards and immediately flip them over to see if any money falls out. I used to think this was so funny when I was younger. Callie has never even seen Pa do this and yet she opened cards today and immediately went for the money. You can tell the difference between her reaction to a check vs a dollar bill. Pa will have to teach her about the value as right now she is just excited about any dollar bill. Callie had a bunch of birthday cards to open as we forgot to get the mail because we were having so much fun yesterday. She had a great time opening the cards today. I didn't start videoing until after she opened the first card because her reaction was so funny, but it still loved it. Thanks for all the birthday love from the East Coast that arrived by mail :)
We also had a wedding invitation we needed to send an RSVP back for.  We walked it around the block to the big blue. Mailbox. I told Callie that when we out it in that's the end, it doesn't come back out until the mailman comes to get it.she didn't grasp that as once we put it in she cried she wanted it back. She literally sat and sulked at the street corner for 5 minutes at times laying on the sidewalk being dramatic. The police drove by slowly and took a look to make sure I wasn't abusing her but then waved and left.
Oh how mail an be so complicated. On a side mite she also cried at school today during ragtime as she didn't want to take turns using the paint. The teacher can only help so many kids at a time so they do small groups and Callie refused to let anyone else takes turn. The tea here des upletting her be the helper which probably just,axe things worse. She needs to learn take turns. Only my kid doesn't cry when I drop her off and just willingly goes it then cries over taking turns. Oh she makes me giggle.


Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

On Callie's actual second Birthday, Juan and I were both home to spend the entire day with her. In the morning she had her check up with the pediatrician and she did great. For once she didn't have to get any vaccines and so there was no crying :)
Then we took her to the beach for a picnic lunch and some swimming. I have been wanting to take her to the beach but can't manage it by myself right now as its exhausting, carrying her and chasing her to keep her safe in the water. She got to wear her new Doc McStuffins bathing suit and beach dress that Tia Nena bought her for her birthday. She was really excited about it. She had a fun time splashing in the water and running out into the waves. Juan had to save her more than once from going all the way under. This kid seriously has no fear. We came home and took a bath and used the new Doc McStuffins beach towel to dry off before her nap.
In the evening we had a pizza party at La Bellas, a local pizza place with an arcade, as Callie loves this place. Grandma, Grandpa, Tia Nena, Christian, Jeana and Ford all made it to celebrate yet again. She played arcade games, got a few prizes, opened even more presents, blew out candles and ate more cake! This has been the longest birthday weekend for her! She stayed up late and we even let her watch a little bit of Finding Nemo before bed on her new couch that folds out into a bed.

On a side note I feel like I need to give an update about what things Callie can do at age 2. I used to do this a lot for the months in year one, but then I sort of stopped as the skills slowed down. Here are some of the amazing things she can do now.
  • She uses thousands of words- some of the more amazing ones lately have been disappeared, refrigerator, jealous, pinata. She is also mastering things like before, after, out, in, today, tomorrow, sometimes, always, although one she struggles with is up and down for the car window as she always says the opposite and gets mad when you dont do what she intended. 
  • She pretends to play doctor frequently. Today before the doctor saw her she said she was taking notes and writing on her clipboard. Besides doctor, she is very creative and imaginative and plays pretend almost everything, especially with her kitchen and dolls. 
  • Callie has learned to play games on the iPad and can match up letters and words in one specific game she likes. 
  • She is literally a sponge and soaks up all kinds of things we say, even when we think she isnt listening, in the past month some memorable moments have been her saying, "kill you, kill you Manny" after I said I wanted to kill him for peeing on the floor. She also heard kids saying rip the head off the pinata from her party and then yesterday repeated this about the Lambie pinata, rip the head off, hit her hit her. 
  • She is very much into coloring and painting and will tell you she is drawing you "someting". She is absolutely left handed and holds the markers and pens with the correct pen grip. 
  • Callie can tell you the name of everyone who has a nickname, for example she can tell you mommys name is Rachael, Daddy Juan, GiJu Betti, Grandma Nena, Papa Rique, etc. 
  • Callie can tell you the name of her street! Center Street. I am still working on getting her to identify the house number, but for now she just points it out to you. 
  • She can tell you how old she is! Finally she has mastered, 2!!
  • She can name several colors and shapes
  • Callie frequently asks for me to make up songs about certain people or things that happened in our day. If I tell her I dont know one, she will say "try mommy", so obviously this is something I keep telling her. 
  • She can blow out her birthday candles, no problem. You may remember last year I practiced forever but on the spot she wasnt able to perform at her party. This year she could blow them out several times on different cakes and different days.
  • She can tell you what things she is allergic too (mostly) and what things she has "special" only that mommy makes
I think thats all I can think of for now. But she is pretty amazing to me at 2. She does and says things that just shock me how smart and what a good memory she has. I try really hard to appreciate each day and each moment I have with her as she is growing up so fast and I will never get back the moments of her being a baby, but I love being able to do so much more and communicate with her more every day. Plus she is just the cutest little peach you have ever seen! Happy Birthday to my little Pumpkin Doodle. Mommy loves you to the moon!

Lots of photos!

I pulled my favorite photos out of the over 1700 that Carmen took and came up with these two slide shows for you all. If you want to see more photos from Callie's birthday party or Easter, here are the links. Also this are full size photos, so you can order or download them from shutterfly as well. Thanks again for capturing our days memories in photos Carmen!

Callie's birthday party


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

I am working on getting all the photos downloaded from her birthday and Easter still, there are A LOT! So bear with me as I just have a sample again for today. In the next few days I'll give you a bunch of awesome photos that Carmen took. Thanks Carmen! I love them all but it's not as fast as my iphone snapped photos to drop on the blog.
Anyways CLlies celebration weekend continued with Easter. She was excited the Easter bunny left her a basket and had fun finding the eggs in our front yard in her pajamas. I didn't snap any photos this morning as I was exhausted. Yesterday I Definately over did it as I was up half the night unable to sleep with contractions and just plain uncomfortable. I took it easy today and didn't do any lifting or jumping and am feeling back to normal.
So I didn't take photos. We went to Toys R Us to trade in some duplicate presets and Callie picked out a new Doc sofa! We let her open all the presents again and take them out of the boxes which was like Christmas morning. Then at nap time both Callie and I caught up on our sleep. In the afternoon we went back to Grandma and Grandpas for Easter celebrations including BBQ, Easter egg hunting, jumping in the jumper again. Bubble blowing, and playing. Callie had another great day playing with all her family. They all have to go home tomorrow morning :( but we enjoyed having them to party with us all weekend! Tomorrow is Callie's actual birthday and Juan and I will be home to spend the day with her after her 2 year check up in the morning. And so the celebrations continue....
Keep on the look out for posts of ALL the pictures from te weekend coming soon.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Doc Callie's Birthday Party!!

Today was Callie's 2nd Birthday Party! All themed Doc McStuffins. Boy did we have a great day! I can't even thank everyone enough for making this such a perfect day. Callie had the time of her life and enjoyed every minute.
I owe a HUGE thank you to Grandma and Grandpa for hosting this fabulous party and for taking care of everything for me. And to all our family who helped put this party together as well. It's couldn't have been any better and it made it so much easier on me as a 9 month pregnant momma. I enjoyed all of it and only wished we had more time to enjoy each person who came to this special day. Here is a sneak peek of the party, thanks to Carmen for the quick sharing of these photos, we will have many more tomorrow.
I love this little girl to the moon and am so glad she had such a great birthday party. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family!