Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jose Montaño fundraising 5k

We participated in the 2nd annual Jose montaño 5k fundraising walk today. Jose was a very special boy who lost his battle with cancer. It was my pleasure to know him as he was an amazing and giving kid despite all the odds being against him. His family has continued his mission and legacy even after he is gone. You can read tons of news articles on this inspirational little guy if you just google his name.
So we set out to walk in the 5k early in the morning. There were quite a few CCS folks there too. I only walked half of the 5k as I had two kids and a cut on the back of my heel. After they had a clown doing face painting and balloons and music. 
We stayed even later as I let Callie play on the playground for nearly 2 hours. She had somuch fun and D was pretty well behaved too. She fell asleep in the car in the way home. She slept 3 hours! But then when she woke up she refused to eat and said she was still tired then didn't feel good. She just layed around on the couch and became worse and worse until she had a fever and was vomiting. This is the first time she has ever thrown up from being sick besides as a baby. I gave her a bath and watched cartoons most of the afternoon and daddy rushed home to be with her. She threw up some more and still didn't want to eat. Eventually she had a Popsicle and crackers and seemed much better at bedtime. What an odd illness to go from totally fine to so sick and then ok again in just a few hours. I hope she is feeling better tomorrow but she will stay home from school with daddy either way.

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