Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Busy Wednesday

Callie is finally back to her regular self, well almost. She's crabbier than usual and not eating up to her typical amount but overall much better. She is headed back to school tomorrow.
Today we had a doctors appointment for Diego's last 4 month old vaccine. Then went grocery shopping and Callie played on the bubble wrap that the water system was packed in which was a lot of fun but quite noisy. In the afternoon went to Lowes to get a new kitchen faucet and some supplies for installing my new reverse osmosis water filtration system. Callie loved the sample bathtubs and toilets. I had to tell her more than one the toilets done work they are just to look at! And lastly on the way home stopped to feed the ducks. Callie wanted to eat the stale bread and cried when we fed it all the the ducks as she wanted some. Oh Callie....It was a jam packed day but we had a lot to do after a few days of resting and recovering.

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