Friday, September 5, 2014

Four month checkup

Today Diego had his four month check up. He weighed in at an even 16 lbs and 25 inches. That's about 50% for height and 60% for weight. Mostly the visit was about deciding how to treat his reflux. We decided on zantac for the first week. 50% of kids respond to zantac. If after a week we don't see improvement we will switch to a proton pump inhibitor, Prilosec or prevacid. The goal is less crying and more sleeping  but this can take time to heal. I'm hoping this really helps him as I'm desperate for some rest after 4 months. We picked up his medicine and started tonight but it takes days to start working.
Callie behaved through the appt, I gave her lollipops so she wouldn't talk while the dr was and it worked. We were planning to go see a kids band after but the appt took too long so instead we had a picnic and played at the water park.
D was fussy today probably from his 2 vaccines and now we have to go back 3 more visits to finish those up. All that's left is splitting up the one he had a reaction to the first time. Hopefully he doesn't have a reaction again.
I went to have a massage this afternoon since my back has been killing me. I had way more knots than anticipated and now I'm sore from my massage! But it was relaxing for an hour to listen to peaceful music and lay in the dark. Hopefully she worked some knots out and I feel better tomorrow.

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