Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sweaty Sunday

It was a hot day today, over 90 degrees. I spent the morning trying to keep both kids happy. Callie was overtired and crabby all morning. However at one moment they were both peacefully watching Mickey Mouse club from their highchairs. Nice!
Also Diego learned to play with his elephant and can pull it and make it wiggle which he really enjoys.
And I snapped a photo of him today sucking his thumb. This is a first as it's usually his fingers but not his thumb. I hve a similar photo of Callie somewhere but she's younger. I'll have to start a comparison side by side of some similar photos we have soon.
I'm hoping to be in bed very early as I have to get both kids ready and off to Grandmas before 6 am tomorrow for work. We hope daddy is having fun in his football trip but we sure miss him at home. Bedtime tonight was two screaming children. I literally just left CLlie in her room to go take care of screaming Diego. Luckily she put herself to sleep quickly. I'll still have to check to make sure she is in her bed. Hoping the night cools down as it's still hot even with all the fans and windows open. I swear each year it gets hotter. One of these days in going to need AC. But we enjoyed it for the afternoon visiting grandma and Grandpa and wishing them a happy grandparents day or as Callie calls it, grandma day! I don't know what we would do without them. Love all our grandparents near and far.

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