Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday football

Callie and D had on their Charger jerseys to cheer for the game today. Having D in his jersey reminded me of the photo of Callie in the bumbo in her jersey so I took a few of Diego in the same position. Callie was a LOT chunkier and they were about the same age. I think they weighed about the same but Diego is longer.
Also I got some of the two of them together in their matching jerseys. I tried to get one with two kids smiling but instead I got Callie making all kinds of odd faces.
Either way the Chargers won!! Callie was cheering Go Chargers for football Ames later in the day that weren't the chargers and couldn't understand why we told her it wasn't daddy's team anymore. Also she couldn't understand why you put your arms in the air to signal touchdown as she says you should touch down to the floor not up. Well that makes a lot of sense but I can't explain why we have the symbol.
I combined the photos into little collages so it's easier to see them together. Let me know if you like that or not.

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