Sunday, September 14, 2014

Go Chargers!

Sunday football day today.i didn't actually see more than 10 minutes of the game as I was busy with the kids, but either way they won.
It was hot hot hot today. In the morning before it was too hot, Callie swam whole D and I played in the shade on the deck. After nap time we just had to. Get out of the house as it was 94 degrees. I guess that was better than the 100 I predicted but still very hot.
We went to the Chula Vista library for the first time as we always went to the County library instead of the city one. It was really great. The kids library is more separate and private so if the kids are loud it's less disturbing. There were a lot of kids there, probably because everyone wanted to be in the AC. They had a pet gecko, cool pirate treasure chest, a boat that holds all the kids computers ( all have awesome kid friendly games like Dora, Calilou, Curious George, Clifford, etc) and a LOT of books. We had a fun time and made friends with another little girl who pretended to read stories to Callie and just played with her. They also had these really cool paintings of Chargers girl and boy where you can put your head through. I'll have to try to get another photo that's less blurry another day but still cute.
After we went to Marshall's and Callie picked out a Halloween costume. I tried to talk her into a bumblebee with wings and a tutu but she insisted on her choice. I will leave you all hanging to see what that is.... She said she wanted to be a tiger, but they didn't have that and sheforgotall about it when she saw this costume. Let's see if anyone has the winning guess. She's already wearing it today, so hopefully it lasts until Halloween or we will have to get another costume!
Then I was brave and took both kids out to dinner at Daphne's. My goal was to be easy and stay cool, but it didn't go too smoothly. D was out of the house too long without a good nap and he had a meltdown while Calliehad to pee twice during dinner so I had to manage both him crying and getting her on the toilet all while stepping away from our dinner. We survived, are fed and stayed cool but I think the other customers probably thought I was nuts. For 5-10 min it was really bad but then it all settled and by the end of dinner everyone was happy and behaving :)
It was a very short one day weekend for me when I am used to 3.5 days usually, but tomorrow I will only work a half day so it won't feel too bad. Hopefully the heat goes away soon as I can't take it. Otherwise we will have to get at least one small ac unit and just hang out in Callie's playroom all the time.

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