Thursday, September 25, 2014

First full CIO night

Well cry it out went better than I expected. Diego cried initially at bedtime and then fell asleep after 15 min. He woke up two hours later to eat and I fed him as he didn't eat much at bedtime because he was so tired. After that he woke up again in 90 min. At that point we started cry it out as I was not going to feed him again. He cried, screamed rather, at the top of his lungs for a full 30 minutes until he fell asleep sobbing. I felt bad and wondered if he was really hungry, but he was asleep again so I went back to sleep too. He woke up 90 min later but by then it had been nearly 3.5 hrs since he last ate, the longest stretch he had ever gone. So I picked him up fed him and put him back to bed. I should mention that he goes right back to sleep after I feed him without a single fuss. Then he slept another 3 hours, and then he slept until I woke up for work at 5. So he did really well for his first night. It's the most sleep either of us has gotten in months. Granted I was still tired and took a nap today but I am still catching up.
Tonight he is crying again but hopefully it will be even shorter than last night. His naps were longer today but again his evening nap didn't go well but he fell asleep in his car seat at dinner out at Souplantation. I don't know why but the bustle of a busing restaurant always puts him to sleep. Before I even finished writing this post Diego is asleep, 7 minutes of crying and I gave him his pacifier and a stuffed bear and he went right to sleep. Wow! This cry it out thing is actually working and fast! Pretty soon I might have a regular baby that sleeps, fingers crossed.
I took these photos of Callie and D Wednesday playing blocks together. Callie doesn't want to share but lets him have the car and I was impressed by his ability to push it around.
Also I put together Callie and Diego's photos from 4 months in the same exact spot on my bed so you can see the comparison. Callie was quite a bit chunkier and stronger to hold her head up as D is propped on a boppy pillow. I see some resemblance but they look more different than I thought they would. Callie had wayyy more hair too. I think it's their eyes nose and eyebrows that are the most similar, but very different head shapes and skin coloring.

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