Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cry It Out

Diego is officially starting sleep training. He is a terrible sleeper with short naps and very frequent night wakings. Tuesday night I was up with him 7 times after bedtime. He can't go back to sleep without nursing even though he's not hungry and barely eats. I've been putting him down in his bed rather than rocking him to sleep but then pat his back so I've really just traded one thing for another. The rolling over issue is also still there but he can roll to his side and is comfy there.
So last night I started cry it out. It's modified slightly in that you go in and soothe without picking up at 7, 14, and 21 min if necessary. At bedtime he's sleepy and wasn't too bad. With his pacifier he was asleep in 15 min. But to be consistent it applies to naps too. Today he cried for 30 min before falling asleep for 45 which is a little better than his usual 30 min nap. But his late afternoon nap he screamed for 50 min so he never got a nap. That means a crabby afternoon and exhausted bedtime.
I don't expect him to sleep through the night but will be working on extending time between feeds, hoping for at least 4 hours. So now I'm wiring this while he cries it out in his crib nearby. Let's see how long he cries now, he's very tired so I predict less time. UPDATE: at 7 min I gave him his cow and pacifier to hold and he went right to sleep. Hopefully that's not starting another issue, needs to have paci to sleep. Cross that bridge when I get there.

Here are photos of him sleeping which make him look like an angel. I think I snap all these photos because it calms me despite his terrible screaming to bed.hopefully in a few weeks he will be a pro and know how to put himself to sleep. For the next few days or weeks though it's going to be rough, lots of crying and not a lot of sleep.

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