Thursday, September 25, 2014

Callie's first chore

The other day I was cleaning up and putting away the dishes while Diego was taking a nap. Callie walks right over and says mommy I help you with the dishes and takes the silverware basket out. She started dropping silverware in the correct drawer but just putting over the edge as it's over her head. Instead I said here let me get the organizer tray out for you so you can do it like a big girl. Just match up the forks, spoons and knives and showed her where each one goes. Then she miraculously did it, every single one! Here she is in action as I had to get a video. I told her it was her first chore and she was such a big helper to me. Of course because she is way to smart she says for helping can I have some gummy bears because I did a good job? How could I say no? I gave in. I'm thinking of starting a simple chore chart and getting her to start helping out with some basic cleaning tasks. I figure if she is willing and it's still fun to start it as part of the routine as soon as possible. I think I finally have her cleaning upher toys better as I threatened to give all the blocks that didn't get cleaned up away to other kids that would want them more and then she picked every one up. That probably wasn't the best idea because I actually want to get her to choose some old toys to donate to start her learning about helping others and selflessness, but for the time being it worked for the clean up. Sometimes my mouth works faster than my brain on planning the next step and manipulating her actions with my words. And sometimes I think she still outsmarts me!
These are all photos fromWednesday when I took the kids to Balboa park puppet theatre and to the playground. Callie had a hard time sitting still through the puppet show but still said she liked it. I doubt I would go back for at least 6 months until I think it would be more enjoyable for her. But for a quiet Wednesday it gave us something to do to get out of the house.
And on update for today, Diego received the Dtap vaccine without incident today which was good news AND even better he went to bed tonight with almost no crying! Cry it out is definitely working and he is sleeping better at night with less and less crying. I still need to work on naptime, specially the late afternoon nap but we are getting there.

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