Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wiggly man

Just this week Diego has started moving around. We put him to sleep on his belly and he moves all around the crib a seven rolls over. Usually when he rolls over its on accident and he cries because he didn't want to roll over. I've had to remove the wedge from under his bed because he just rolls down the hill now. And I think this weekend I'll have to put the side of the crib back on. He wiggles himself into my bed sometimes right over the crack! This morning he was head first creeping his way into my bed. I don't mind when I'm right there sleeping with him but I can't leave him alone upstairs now that he can wiggle his way out.
Ever since I hurt my back bathing Diego in the shower I started putting his bath right on the kitchen counter. It's actually quite nice as it drains right down the sink and I can feed the dogs or pack the dishwasher while standing with him in the kitchen. He loves the bath and is amazed with his feet lately. He holds them and puts them to his mouth. I couldn't get a photo of feet to the mouth or else you had a wide open crutch shot but here he is happy boy.

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