Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday at the Zoo

For the first time in a few weeks we had a whole day with no plans and all family members home. We decided to let Callie choose and she picked the zoo. It was actually a cooler morning, less than 80 degrees and slightly overcast, which was so nice compared to earlier in the week.
We wandered and saw a few animals but Callie started complaining her ear hurt and she was tired so we didn't stay too long. She's had a cold for most of the week so I think it's sinus pressure in her ear. I'm hoping it's not an ear infection but she doesn't have a fever so for now I am just trying to clear the congestion. By the afternoon she was acting totally fine and wasn't touching her ear or saying it hurt as much.
Her favorite thing at the zoo today was the photo booth lol. I know not even anything to do with the animals... I am cheap and refused to pay $5 for a photo but snapped a selfie of all of us in the booth!
Even though Callie is sick we still had a good time and when the zoo and parking are free since we are members you don't feel obligated to stay just enjoy as much or as little in this case as you want.

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