Friday, September 12, 2014

Thank goodness for family

Ive been at a conference all day for the last two days. Thank goodness for family as Nena has watched both kids and fed the family for the last two days. Norma and Mari also came to help and play with the kids and instead of them being upset I had to work they were excited to go to Grandmas house (well maybe not D he doesn't have an opinion yet).
Mari sent me photos today of the kids, doing yoga, making tortillas and just smiling! They had a good day!
Meanwhile I'm off learning and networking as mch as possible. Tomorrow is the last day and I'm ready as they are long long days of absorbing info.
In other news Dirgo has been in zantac for 1 week with no improvement in his reflux. So today I followed up by phone with the pediatrician and are switching drugs to prevacid. Because he's an infant and we need a liquid suspension I had to find a special compounding pharmacy to make the medicine. I ran out from the convention to pick it up and we started tonight. It's melon flavored which is better than peppermint of the last one but he still hates it. He's pretty good at spitting it out so I have to get sneaky to administer it. Hopefully this one works! I'm tired and ready for sleep training but I can't until the reflux is managed. Oh the lack if sleep gets to you... Night night at 8 pm.

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